Wake the F*#@ Up, Black People! Oxygen Bringing Gay Black Male Dance Team To Your TV Screen

By Walter L. Hilliard III


(After I wrote this piece, I couldn’t bring myself to post such a disgusting picture of effeminate Black men in dancing tights on my blog.  I just couldn’t do it– and then visit my blog, write, and proliferate such terrible, terrible images.)


Oxygen, the racist network that brought us the “Bad Girls Club,” a mostly Black cast of fussin’, cussin’, violent, Hoodrats, decided not to broadcast rapper Shawty Lo’s “All My Babies’ Mamas” after a massive public backlash; however, the network has recently green-lighted yet another blow to the image of Black men:  “The Prancing Elites Project.” This hot mess is about a Black dancing drag queen team wearing tights. Absurd!

I have one question, “Why isn’t there a gay show with White homosexuals dancing around in hot pants but there is a Black show?” I’m sure in their twisted logic, gay White men would never degrade themselves in such a way.   Yeah, being Black is hard and dangerous, but I love it and couldn’t imagine being anything else, however, it’s quite obvious that Black homosexuals like those who compose this dance team are delusional and being used by the White supremacist media to further disparage Black people.  The reality is White America and the world are looking at these Black men and saying, “See, now I don’t feel threatened by those images of Black men, but they are pretty disgusting.  Black people have no self-respect.”  Not that I care what they think but I do care what young Black boys think.  These Black men hate themselves, otherwise, they wouldn’t be trying to be something they’re not– a freakin’ female dance team.  Wow!  Imagine how bad you have to hate yourself as a Black man to want to be a girl?  This is one of the things racism does to Black men, such that they don’t want to be a Black man.

This show is a “hot ghetto mess,” and is degrading to Black people and especially to Black men. You’d never see the White equivalent of this show because Whites haven’t been oppressed like Blacks and so the minds of gay Whites, however “twisted” they are, still do not reach such a pathological level of self-hatred and shamelessness as is the case with these Black dancers. Whites would not tolerate such garbage being proliferated, trying to destroy White families and the minds of young White boys; and it’s Black boys, the ones White cops shoot down in the street like dogs, that they’re afraid of and are hell bent on destroying. Imagine not only Black people watching a bunch of Black men dancing like women, but think about the hatred and disgust this would generate in the minds of White cops seeing the ads or the show?

When you see Black men, who are already despised and suffer from terrible racist stereotypes, behaving like these men, Black men are viewed as being subhuman, beyond what they already are, and that’s hard to do.

Young Black men are the fastest growing group of AIDs cases, and Black women are next. America keeps about a million Black men in prison at any given time, exposing them to prison rape and homosexuality (situational homosexuality).

I’m just wondering why Black people haven’t stormed Oxygen’s studios and given those executives and producers a serious beat down.