Retiring Eric Holder Said It: Black People, You’ve Been ‘Had’ And Your Civil Rights Have Been Given To Gay Whites

By Walter L. Hilliard III

So retiring Attorney General Eric Holder, the nation’s Top Killer Cop, gave his final speech raving on about his, as well as his pappy’s (Obama), work with the LGBT community and said their issue is the main Civil Rights issue of this century.  What about Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown and all the Black people killed by the police?  What about their rights?  Holder’s Justice Department did nothing about their Killers.  So the “We’re a nation of cowards when it comes to race” Attorney General Holder is “all talk and no action.”


Black people, are you “listening” to what this “fraud,” Holder, is saying?  Obama and his administration don’t give a damn about Black people– they care about gay Whites.


Yes, what happened to Black Civil Rights? Ain’t we still locked up, in mass?  Ain’t we still being shot down in the street by policemen who walk free?  Ain’t we still being racially profiled anywhere and everywhere?  Ain’t we still looking for jobs?


He said nothing about that.  All he mentioned was voting, but nothing about Black people, continuing on the “never say ‘Black'” American tradition carried about by Black leaders, hoping to maintain their superficial professional “integration” with Whites.  They use the word “diversity” to keep White America comfortable from their nightmare of Black radicals seeking revenge for being mistreated.


And who is replacing Holder, Loretta Lynch, whom some call a “tough prosecutor.”  That just means she was extra tough on her own Black people, currying favor with “the system.”  What do I always say?  Black people don’t rise to the top of predominantly White professions unless their ass-kissing Tokens, in other words, they’re reputation is based on how much they distance themselves from us.


The only thing worst than an Uncle Tom is an Uncle Tom with power.


F@#k you, Eric Holder!  And don’t let the door knob hit you . . . . .