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Isaiah Washington Mentions White Supremacy & Angry Cops Are On the Hunt And Want Retribution

By Walter L. Hilliard III

After hearing about comedian Chris Rock being stopped (and he took selfies showing the approaching police car in the background) for the third time in seven weeks by the police, actor Isaiah Washington tweeted on April 1st, 2015:  “I sold my $90,000.00 Mercedes G500 and bought 3 Prius’s, because I got tired of being pulled over by Police.  #Adapt@Chris Rock.”

And of course this caused a firestorm of backlash on Twitter and all over the Internet.  Washington even had to go on CNN and tell Don Lemon that he didn’t necessarily mean that he was suggesting people tolerate racism, but I’ll get to what he was really saying later.  Washington also suggested that Chris Rock might want to visit the police station and ask the police why he’s being stopped.

Reading between the lines of the situation, it’s obvious that Black actors or Black men in nice cars are still being harassed by the police in different affluent areas in and around Hollywood.  During a video clip played on CNN, Rock is riding in a car with comedian Jerry Seinfeld as the police bear down on them.  At one point, Rock, laughing, mentions how many times he has been stopped by the police and that he’d be scared if he weren’t with Seinfeld.  But Washington didn’t think it was funny, although he said he appreciated the comedy.

So why haven’t these Black entertainers and other Black men come together, secured a lawyer, and confronted the police or filed a class action lawsuit against the police, who are obviously racially profiling them?  It appears they’re afraid of the police and are simply used to being stopped.  And this is what I have a problem with– the reason Black people still have so far to go to overcome the unrelenting amount of racism we face is because most of us lack what I call a “Black Social Consciousness,” a lack of awareness of Black problems and/or the courage to do something about these issues.

Fortunately, after much prodding by Lemon, Washington revealed the raw truth about what’s going on with racism and Black men being stopped by the police, including the fact that he hasn’t been stopped by the police in four years, since he started driving a Prius.  His concern was that when he was driving his Mercedes, a cop pulled a gun on him when he had his three-year-old son and six-year-old daughter in the back of the car, and both were terrified.

After Lemon kept prodding him for more answers about his tweet, Washington really got “real” saying:  “We [Blacks] are in a situation where we have to survive under extreme circumstances . . . where people [cops] are angry . . . for those who are practicing White supremacy, uhhh . . . they’re at war, they’re on the hunt, and they’re angry– they want some kind of restitution and retribution . . . so we have to really go about the business of having some serious, serious conversation of how to survive . . . . but if we don’t survive, then we don’t live to fight another day, and that is what I was saying by ‘adapt.'”

Yup!  That’s what I always tell my son and his friends– don’t reach for your phone, become belligerent, get out of the car; be professional and we can go to the police station and deal with the cops and what happened later.  And it’s a shame we have to even have this conversation.

Obama Supports Mandatory Voting, Of Course He Does, It’s All About Maintaining Elite Control

By Walter L. Hilliard III


Why would you vote or believe that we have anything but a government and corporate system that operates like an organized crime family? Corporate Pigs, Bankster Gangsters, almost ruined our economy, stole our pensions and investment money, and made trillions doing it until the bottom fell out— but President Barack Obama even told us, to our faces, that he was not going to send anybody to jail. Why? Well, because the Bankster Gangsters funded his elections. And the rich folks and corporations that really run the country even give money to both crime families, the RepubliCons and the DemoRats, just to cover all their bases.

Where is this great capitalistic democracy we’ve been taught about? Not here in America.

That’s right, America is not a “real” democracy or the type of capitalistic system you’ve been led to believe. Our country is built to serve the rich and strings mainstream America along by dangling the “American Dream Carrot,” dividing and conquering the masses with racism (convincing Whites that Blacks, especially, and Latinos, too, are a threat to their achieving the American Dream), facilitating the Transplanting of Officials (politicians and business people taking jobs in one another’s profession), interlocking directorates (corporate leaders sitting on multiple and the same boards), and so on and so forth.

Quite some time ago, really in the 1980s when I was a college lad, I figured out how our elitist system – led by those like the Koch brothers and their “kind” – the Power Elite, if you will, “buy” candidates, as do special interest groups and lobbyist. In fact, I believe President Barack Obama raised about $800 million to win the 2008 election and nearly a billion dollars to get elected in 2012. But it’s rarely mentioned how our voting system, based on an electoral college (business and political power brokers) that was put in place (by the likes of the landed aristocracy and others) over a century ago to prevent the masses from taking their power or changing their system. And today, the elite use athletes and celebrities to put “guilt trips” on us – “Vote or Die,” “Rock the Vote” – if we don’t vote for these Political Pigs.

If you are aware of what goes on during most elections, particularly the presidential election, then you know the corporate media works with both the Democratic and Republican parties to keep other groups or candidates from other parties off the TV and out of their debates. Thus, the masses of viewers really only see the two major party candidates and their agendas presented to them.

So fewer voices helps both of the major parties maintain control, along with their corporate supporters or special interest groups. Additionally, higher voter turnout almost always favors Democrats, who tend to get much more support from minorities, which should make minorities question how it is that their condition has not substantially improved when compared to mainstream White America over the years? Democrats have been in power longer than RepubliCons in recent times if you count Bill Clinton’s eight years, Bush’s eight years, and then Obama’s two recent terms.

Think about it—both the DemoRats and RepubliCons love the current system, although they’ll complain but never make significant changes, because they each have a 50-50 chance of always winning the most powerful office in the land, the presidency. Those are unbelievable odds. But people have sensed how corrupt politics are for decades, which has led to only about half (in bigger elections like Obama’s, the largest turnout since 1960: 56 percent turned out in 2008) of the voting age population turning out for most elections.

So don’t believe the hype about voting—it’s really a sham.