Monthly Archives: May 2015

American ISIS Police?

By Walter L. Hilliard III

If I am a victim or a member of a victimized group, what is the difference between an ISIS member or an American policemen when they both kill for discriminatory reasons, whether it be because of religion or race?  But what’s worse is that we here in America have a government-sponsored terrorist organization that knows it can kill any Black person, anywhere at anytime for any reason– and face no repercussions.  All he has to say is, “I thought my life was in danger.”

Brady Cheats, Minor Criticism, Bonds ‘Allegedly’ Used Steroids And He Suffers ‘Media Lynching’

By Walter L. Hilliard III


Barry Bonds suffered a Media Lynching at the hands of the mainstream media for allegedly using steroids, but Tom Brady, who is White, has been treated with “kid gloves” since he’s been accused of cheating, having the equipment guys illegally deflate game footballs to his liking. And we cannot say it’s not that big deal because he’s a quarterback and his entire performance depends on his throwing the football; thus, if he’s specifically changing the game ball to his liking, outside of the rules, that’s wrong.

Cop Kicks Black Man In Face, Delusional Attorney Joey Jackson Speechifies About Good Cops

Walter L. Hilliard III


Racism is really a mental illness, characterized by a denial of reality (Black person: “Uhhh, the cops keep killing unarmed Black people”; White person: “Well, they must have done something?”), perceptual distortion (cop: “The neighborhood is full of thugs, and I shot him because it looked like he was going for a gun”), phobia or fear (Black face appears: amygdala part of brain activates and implicit bias/prejudice results in Whites/cops illicit behavior), grandiose delusions (Mike Brown’s killer, Darren Wilson, said Mike Brown looked like a demon), and so on.