Cop Kicks Black Man In Face, Delusional Attorney Joey Jackson Speechifies About Good Cops

Walter L. Hilliard III


Racism is really a mental illness, characterized by a denial of reality (Black person: “Uhhh, the cops keep killing unarmed Black people”; White person: “Well, they must have done something?”), perceptual distortion (cop: “The neighborhood is full of thugs, and I shot him because it looked like he was going for a gun”), phobia or fear (Black face appears: amygdala part of brain activates and implicit bias/prejudice results in Whites/cops illicit behavior), grandiose delusions (Mike Brown’s killer, Darren Wilson, said Mike Brown looked like a demon), and so on.

But the only thing worse than racism is Black self-hate. For example, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, during his “Situation Room” show, rolls a tape of a Dover, Delaware, cop kicking a Black man in the face while he’s complying with an order to get down on the ground. Yes, the brotha was on all fours and the cop hauls off and kicks him, breaking his jaw— and he was cleared by a grand jury in 2013, a grand jury (convened by Beau Biden, Vice President Joe Biden’s brother). The cop was arrested this week, only because the video just went public and new Attorney General Matt Denn decided to bring the case forward a second time.

So where’s the self-hate?

Well, Joey Jackson, a Black CNN analyst and criminal defense attorney, repeatedly said the cop “’Appears to be . . . [kicking the man in the face]“ but he wouldn’t fully acknowledge what the cop did was wrong. Obviously, Jackson is a Black man and shameless Uncle Tom to the tenth power. His only concern is staying on TV, doing his periodic “Two Minutes of Fame” everytime they call him for a legal issue segment.

Looking perplexed about Jackson’s indifferent, “cold” response to the video, fellow legal analyst Jeffry Toobin, who happens to be White (well, he’s actually Black and “passing”), said “I like cops, too, but this looks criminal.”
Joey Jackson, as a Black man, I just want to say: “F#^k You!” For all the Black men out here.
Dumb Ass!!!!

And I just have one question: “So, Joey, if a cop kicked your pappy or your son in the face on video tape, in clear view, you’re telling me that you’d give a speech about “good cops” and then only say: “It appears to be . . . . ?”


My goodness!  Black people . . . no wonder it’s been 400 years and we’re still scared up upsetting White folks by calling out racist behavior.