Brady Cheats, Minor Criticism, Bonds ‘Allegedly’ Used Steroids And He Suffers ‘Media Lynching’

By Walter L. Hilliard III


Barry Bonds suffered a Media Lynching at the hands of the mainstream media for allegedly using steroids, but Tom Brady, who is White, has been treated with “kid gloves” since he’s been accused of cheating, having the equipment guys illegally deflate game footballs to his liking. And we cannot say it’s not that big deal because he’s a quarterback and his entire performance depends on his throwing the football; thus, if he’s specifically changing the game ball to his liking, outside of the rules, that’s wrong.

Additionally, Bonds, if he did use steroids, was simply a part of a crowd of over 100 Major League players, half currently (at the time) on MLB rosters, and over half who were MLB players and moved back and forth to the minor leagues.  And the players I’m talking about were those that were found to using steroids based upon random drug tests, so we can assume that the numbers would be a lot higher if everyone were tested.  Jose Canseco said that 80 percent of baseball players used steroids.

The NFL also previously changed the rules because of the Brady and the New England Patriots substituting patterns. And who can forget their being found guilty of filming other competitor’s practices. Brady and the Patriots won games, including Super Bowls because of this if you consider they wouldn’t have even made it to the Super Bowl in some instances.

Bonds was the “Michael Jordan of baseball,” and one may argue that Tom Brady is the “Michael Jordan of the NFL” for his era. Thus, Brady isn’t quite Bonds, who is arguably the greatest baseball player of all tie, but he’s as close as you can get, again, for his era. Brady has been to six Super Bowls and has four wins. Bonds is not only the greatest hitter in baseball history, he’s also an eight-time Gold Glover.

So watch the White analyst like Bob Costas, Mike Lupica, and others, treat the White Brady. I guarantee you they will not trash his baseball records, say he should never be put into baseball’s Hall of Fame, or otherwise. And Bonds was probably the greatest baseball player (and still is in my book) ever before he’s alleged to have used steroids to increase his home run totals.

And don’t forget how the White soccer superstar Hope Solo continued playing for the national team when she was charged with assault. The media barely made a whisper about her, but they eviscerated the reputation of Ray Rice, who was kicked off his team and out of the NFL for hitting his then fiance.

Phony A$^ Hypocrites!