American ISIS Police?

By Walter L. Hilliard III

If I am a victim or a member of a victimized group, what is the difference between an ISIS member or an American policemen when they both kill for discriminatory reasons, whether it be because of religion or race?  But what’s worse is that we here in America have a government-sponsored terrorist organization that knows it can kill any Black person, anywhere at anytime for any reason– and face no repercussions.  All he has to say is, “I thought my life was in danger.”

So why does the mainstream media never criticize cops who kill Black people, but criticizes ISIS?  I don’t support ISIS or what they do, and I don’t support murderous cops.  However,  the police are presented as saviors, above the law, able to get away with anything when it comes to abusing Blacks.

I wonder what Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Danroy Henry Jr (his killer, Officer Aaron Hess, later received an award after killing Henry), and Sean Bell were thinking when they took their last breath?

What if mostly Black cops were going into White or mixed neighborhoods, beating up or killing White children, teenagers, and adults?  What would happen?

All hell would break loose.  So why is it okay for White (and Black) cops to kill Black people?