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Obama & Flunky Van Jones Celebrate Gay Marriage, But Quiet on Homosexuality Causing AIDS, & Killing Black Men

By Walter L. Hilliard III


The truth is a hard thing to see and repeat for a Black person in a racist country because as a Black man, woman or child, you are “behind enemy lines,” subject to covert and overt racial attacks every single day when you turn on your television or walk out your front door. Sure, your oppressor will substitute “nice” words like “micro-aggressions,” “bias,” and “diversity,” when he’s forced to talk about race, but don’t be confused — and make sure you pay attention to reality: the absence of Blacks in management at your workplace, the “Whiteout” of sane Black people on TV, and the dead Black bodies of Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, and Mike Brown, all laying on the ground, dead. Black people are “behind enemy lines” and under attack.

Warning! Warning! America! Bruce Jenner’s Psychosis Acceptable, Black People’s Skin Color Not, Snoop Also Called It

I’m tripping about how the media and America is happily accepting Bruce Jenner’s sex change, but every time the police murder another Black child or adult — everything’s a damn debate in White America.  Why can White America (most do, according to polls) accept Bruce Jenner’s sex change, or transgender people, but they can’t accept Black people?