Warning! Warning! America! Bruce Jenner’s Psychosis Acceptable, Black People’s Skin Color Not, Snoop Also Called It

I’m tripping about how the media and America is happily accepting Bruce Jenner’s sex change, but every time the police murder another Black child or adult — everything’s a damn debate in White America.  Why can White America (most do, according to polls) accept Bruce Jenner’s sex change, or transgender people, but they can’t accept Black people?

Even before I became a therapist (mental health), I knew that the number one feat in life is to accept and love your “self.” And when you don’t accept and love yourself, all hell breaks loose. But even worse than this is when the mentally ill/racist get control of an industry like Hollywood, the most powerful aspect of the media, and they use their trillions of dollars to assault the minds of the world and make the abnormal and sick appear to be normal.  These sick, racists in Hollywood (don’t ask me or them if they’re racist, just look at their product and their “Whites only” award shows) have the nerve to preach acceptance when they’re nothing but a bunch of “intellectual juveniles” who still can’t believe their eyes and see that the country is almost half minority and the White population of the world is only about 10 percent.  Where are the Black folks (ghettoized on “Empire”)?  Where are the other minorities?

In 2012, the DSM V, psychiatric diagnosis “bible,” changed “Gender Identity Disorder” to Gender Dysphoria, which the American Psychiatric Association admits was a political move to detach a negative stigma linking the aforementioned disorder or diagnosis with transgender individuals. Thus, like the organization did bowing to political pressure from gay White men in 1973, the American Psychiatric Association continues to reveal that it’s not research, socialization and/or experience that serves as the foundation for its diagnosis— it’s the politics and the “public opinion winds,” which is always about White power.

The fraud of Bruce Jenner, who now calls himself Caitlyn and admits that his media campaign is motivated by financial gain, as well as his desire to be a woman. A transgender guest on CNN mentioned the physiological hormonal issues that can lead to individuals having a desire to be transgender; thus, this should be indicative of the need for mental health or psychiatric support. Additionally, the transgender community struggles with a high suicide rate once individuals seeking surgery actually do get it. The issue is they still feel a “mismatch,” which indicates that these issues should be dealt with through counseling, not gay rights propaganda about cultural acceptance .or politics.

Jenner is also said to have received over a million Twitter followers in an hour, and he has a reality show coming out this summer. Yes, finally Jenner gets the attention he so longed for, to be publicly “adored” like the girls and women in his family. Check him out on the “Kardashians,” he was always walking around like he was jealous, left out, not admired like the females in the family.


Well, the mind is powerful and can imagine anything, including Hitler’s dream to annihilate Jews or Jenner’s dream to annihilate his masculinity. And people’s minds are so afflicted with 400 years of American murder, mayhem, racism, greed, and sexual perversion that they can’t even sanely distinguish Jenner for what he is – sick.

What you are witnessing is an escalation of the beginning of the end of America, mainly facilitated by the “politically correct” media – except when it comes to anti-Black racism – led by its Hollyweird arm.

Not once will you see the mainstream media even question whether or not Bruce Jenner is mentally ill? Why not? Of course it’s because he’s White, and White America has embraced it’s proclivity for male homosexuality. Bruce Jenner’s pathological narcissism, low self-esteem and depression can also be traced to his fall from being adored by the world as an Olympic champion in the 1970s. Think about it, once his heyday was over, he was no longer in the limelight until he became the “last banana” on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” emasculated by his powerful, mogul wife, Chris Jenner. But this isn’t Chris’s fault, Jenner’s issues, I’m sure, started a long time ago and are his issues alone. He says he’s not gay, but just watch, sooner or later he’ll be dating a man.

What always disturbs me is how pathologically racist America is, including the gay Hollywood community that proliferates racist Black images and excludes Black power and participation in Hollywood.   The White power structure, gay and straight, has been able to pass gay marriage policies in only one state in 2000 to over 30 states in about 10 years, which shows you that White America decides what is and isn’t acceptable, legal, American, right, and wrong.

Yes, being gay is fine, however, being Black is still “wrong” in America and around the world.

I could go on, but I think you get my point: America can accept anything and anybody as long as they’re White – even if a grown ass man says he wants to be a damn woman, but they still can’t accept Black people. This just goes to show that America’s racist mind is just as sick and twisted as Bruce Jenner’s —  that’s why they accept him, but will never accept Black people; they are mentally ill: distorted perception, fearful (phobia), denial of reality, delusions of grandeur, placing blame on the victims.