Obama & Flunky Van Jones Celebrate Gay Marriage, But Quiet on Homosexuality Causing AIDS, & Killing Black Men

By Walter L. Hilliard III


The truth is a hard thing to see and repeat for a Black person in a racist country because as a Black man, woman or child, you are “behind enemy lines,” subject to covert and overt racial attacks every single day when you turn on your television or walk out your front door. Sure, your oppressor will substitute “nice” words like “micro-aggressions,” “bias,” and “diversity,” when he’s forced to talk about race, but don’t be confused — and make sure you pay attention to reality: the absence of Blacks in management at your workplace, the “Whiteout” of sane Black people on TV, and the dead Black bodies of Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, and Mike Brown, all laying on the ground, dead. Black people are “behind enemy lines” and under attack.

As Black people, the only real assimilation is your “black mind” buying into an American Agenda that serves White power or supremacy at your expense, including the Black soldiers who risk their lives for us all, but get shot down in the street by the police.  And what about the  million Black men racially profiled for prison and the forgotten ghettos?  We have to stop pretending we’re loved and respected.

So, I recently watched Political Analyst Van Jones praising President Barack Obama on CNN, yes, the Obama that forced him to resign from his administration position (Jones pissed off conservatives and supported Mumia Abu-Jamal, bringing too much heat onto “Obama the Scarecrow”) years ago, really sacrificing him to avoid continued conservative criticism.  Jones is a democratic party “spayed and neutered” Negro who now serves as a non-angry, “always plays nice” go-to media guy.  Well, I thought Jones was going to cry as he railed on about how this “new” Obama was finally speaking his mind after years of running from conservative bullies.  Jones and others believed that Obama had, maybe, his best week ever, mainly because Obamacare was upheld by the Supreme Court, and his support of gay marriage paid off with a Supreme Court victory. But even more people were impressed with Obama’s emotional funeral speech (for the nine slain Blacks in Charleston, South Carolina), a speech that included his singing “Amazing Grace,” after chastising confederate flag supporters.

But back to Jones — of all the dangerous, unassuming Democratic Party Uncle Toms, Van Jones is one of the worst. Sure, he points out and discuses the tragedies of racism, but because of unrelenting support for Democrats, he has become the manifestation of a Black Liberal Mascot.  He is permanently addicted to a party that continues “using” Blacks for their vote, while disguising the liberal policies of those like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, whose policies, along with RepubliCons, and indifference to Black issues have devastated Black America for the last 25 years.  And what triggered me to write this article was Jones, during a CNN interview, once again, comparing same-sex, gay rights marriage to Black Civil Rights.

Pi$% off, Van Jones. Never in your mainstream, boot-lickin’, “I can’t wait for CNN to call me back in,” Uncle Tom life will a Black’s history of lynching (over 4,000), police brutality, and mass racial discrimination be equivalent to homosexuality and the gay lifestyle.   White gays, the “drivers” of the gay movement, benefit from White privilege, and I know of no big diversity program they have gone through that means that they are any less racist than the masses of Americans.  And why do Blacks owe gays some sort of special treatment?  Even Richard Pryor chastised for gays for expecting Blacks to support them years ago, and nothing has changed.  In fact, many gay Blacks are upset because gay Whites are so racist towards them, especially on dating sites.  But what can you say, a lot of Black people, those like Jones, can’t get enough of White folks smiling at them and allowing them to be in their presence.



Again, there’s a huge difference between being Black and being gay: no one knows who you sleep with unless you want them to know, but when my Black face walks out the door, I can be shot down by a cop, followed in a department store, denied an apartment, and so on.  The 400 years of genocide Blacks have suffered in America will never be equivalent to what people’s sexual desires or habits are.  Just because people who practice a behavior, homosexuality, that only under 10 percent of the population practices doesn’t mean that they should be able to make the other 90 percent of the population comply with their beliefs or behavior, including the right to marry.  I cannot begin to comprehend their lifestyle when America continues to be unmoved in ridding our society of racism.  The country “moves hell and high water” for gays, but Black people still can’t walk the streets without being shot dead just because they’re Black.



So get the .  .  . out of here Van Jones!

You never hear Jones or other liberals discuss how Bill Clinton’s Crime Bill (included mandatory minimums and Three Strikes law) and welfare reform (based on the Black Welfare Queen lie), which facilitated states with masses of Blacks to carry out harsher welfare reform against Black inner city populations than predominantly White and rural populations.  And you never hear liberals discuss Black wealth tanking to it’s lowest levels under Obama, or his ignoring of Black issues while cheerleading for White gays and White women,  because Black gays and Black women could never have motivated him to support their issues.

But worst of all, Jones, Obama, and their fellow liberals will never tell you that Blacks, who are about 13 percent of the population, make up about 43 percent of AIDS cases when their cheering for gay rights. Obama even shined gay rainbow colored lights on the White House after the Supreme Court decision. How can you have a situation where Black men are dying from AIDS and the fastest rising group of new AIDS cases, but you’re supporting homosexuality/gay rights? How do these Black men, who are automatically role models to young Black boys because of their media profiles and power, cheer a behavior that is causing the genocide – along with abortions and mass incarceration – of people who look just like them?

Obama and Van Jones are “cut from the same liberal cloth,” and their cowardly motivation for pushing gay rights is about being “go along to get along” Negro Democrats.  And if they really cannot make the connection between Black male genocide and homosexuality, that’s even worse because that’s just plain dumb . . . but not unusual in a society that “teaches” Black people how to think.  They are both so docile because they know Whites are threatened by Black males, and especially aggressive Black males.



So never underestimate the power of White supremacy and its ability to socially engineer the minds of human beings.  And Van Jones and Barack Obama are perfect examples of grown ass Black men with socially engineered minds.  And it’s all based on the fear of White supremacy:  “Stay in your place, boy, or else . . . .”