Super Critic Chris Carter Tells Rookies To Have A Fall Guy, ‘An Empty Can Always Makes The Most Noise’

By Walter L. Hilliard III


Yes, it’s true – just look around and you’ll see that it’s always “the empty can that makes the most noise,” the one who has “perpetrated a fraud” more than the people they criticize.

And no “empty can,” or ex-Black athlete outside of Black Athlete Plantation Overseer Charles Barkley, has bashed more Black athletes for their White Sports Media Masters than Chris Carter. From Vince Young, who was Blacklisted for crossing a White coach trying to ruin his career, to Ray Rice, Carter continues making the rounds to all of the sports talk shows to eviscerate the character of any Black NFL player who makes a mistake, saying all the things the White analyst want to say, but usually can’t because they may be called racist.  Not that this really stops most of them, anyway.

So a video is making the rounds showing Carter at the NFL’s annual rookie symposium telling the rookies: “Just in case yaw not gone decide to do the right thing, yaw’ll got a crew . . . have a ‘fall guy’ in the crew.”

Yup! Yaw should have known Carter, a former drug addict who has taken on a “holier than thou” persona since retiring, was a low-down, so-down “snake in the grass” a long time ago. I knew he was because I saw how quickly, and with the precision of an Uncle Tom surgeon, he’d always “be on the ready” to ruthlessly criticize Black athletes for any transgression over the years. But most people missed this because they don’t pay attention to the more subtle aspects of how racism, or White supremacy, operates. You see, there has always been a great deal of animosity among mainstream America, and especially the White guys who dominate the sports media, about young Black men in the NBA and NFL being paid large amounts of money that most White guys don’t feel these young Black athletes deserve. No, they have no problem with the billions these player’s talent generate for the White owners and all of the White-owned ancillary businesses, including the mostly White cheerleading teams, however, when a Black kid “gets paid” all they want to know about is how many gold chains, cars, and houses he’s going to buy?  Check out the interviews if you don’t believe me.

In fact, the NFL and NBA are the only major sports to have age limits that must be met before young players can enter their leagues. Why? Of course it’s because these leagues are both about 75 percent Black. No cares about or takes on a paternalistic attitude regarding the young players entering tennis, baseball, golf, or hockey – sports composed of predominantly White athletes.

So here’s to you Chris “Black Two-Faced” Carter: “Shut the hell up!”

Damn hypocrite!!!!