Freddie Gray, No Justice, No Peace! Prosecutors Drop Last Three Cases

By Walter L. Hilliard III

Without wasting time about this issue, although I totally value Freddie Grays life – the Criminal Just-us (Black people will be convicted) was never going to hold the officers that killed Gray accountable.

Gray was injured by the police on April 15th, 2015, after being chased by Baltimore policemen on bikes.  He was only 25 years old when he later died in the hospital.

You see, Gray was hurt and his paralysis was setting in when the three White police officers chased, man-handled him, and put him in the van – the issue of the van ride causing his injuries was bogus.  Listen to him moaning and screaming on the tape, and watch them drag him and put him in the van because he couldn’t stand up straight.  Nonetheless, everyone bought into the police and media delusion that the race of the officers was not an issue.

So, right before our very eyes, the criminal justice system, or police and prosecutors, and the mainstream media pulled the okeydoke on Black people.

Okeydoke executed!  Game!  Set!  Match!

The case was always a farce, and now prosecutors have dropped the cases against the remaining officers because the courts would not convict the first couple of officers hauled into court.  Now the police union, media, and criminal justice system is going after the Black prosecutor, Marilyn J. Mosbey, to put who they see as the N-word in her place so she never tries anything like this again.  They hated the fact that she expressed sympathy for Gray and the victims of police brutality, but the system, especially prosecutors and media almost always happily express sympathy for the police and nobody says anything.

I mean, who really believed the cops would be held accountable for killing Gray?  Cops never held accountable for anything, all around the country, ever.  And when they are, the numbers are so minuscule it’s insignificant, and all they do is get fired when they are rarely found to have caused someone’s death.

A solution will only arise when Black people have enough and you see more vigilantes take the law into their own hands and the masses of Blacks start tearing things up.  Of course things will get worse before they get better because the police will not change until they have to change.  Yes, it’s sad to say but the police will not stop killing Black people until they experience more and more so called terrorism against them and rioting from Blacks.

No justice, no police!