Even Judge Joe Brown Noticing Trend Of Effeminate Black Men

By Walter L. Hilliard III

So I’m scrolling through Youtube looking for a video and I come across Judge Joe Brown getting into arguments with different brothas who were acting unruly in his courtroom, talking back to him and and even swearing.  But he handled all of them — “waxed ’em” all like only Judge Brown can do.

But what really “caught my ear” was when one particular knucklehead in one of the videos was mouthin’ off, flailing his arms, flicking his neck around and talkin’ slick, Judge Brown went at his manhood and started lecturing him and telling him that he was really “acting like a girl . . . standing like one . . . acting like a punk.”

Of course Bro’ man was hot and as he became more and more obnoxious, so did Judge Brown, eventually fining him and having the Po Po escort him out — with the possibility of his being locked up also hanging over his head.

But, again, what got my attention was when Judge Brown pointed out the effeminate posture the young man had taken.  Brown actually continued on and on about how he had been noticing a trend over the last 10 or 12 years of boys who were acting like girls or had feminine mannerisms.  It’s an alarming trend that has taken hold in the Black community because so many Black homes are headed by single females, and young Black boys are obviously picking up the behaviors of their mothers and sisters — and yet mainstream America is trying to “normalize” these behaviors by proliferating images of gay Black men on television.

I talk about this issue all the time because hardly anyone else does, and those who oppose the effeminization of Black boys don’t have mainstream media access.  America is scared of aggressive, heterosexual Black men so they are facilitating and encouraging our genocide through such abhorrent behavior.  It’s one thing to lock up millions of Black men, but it’s a whole different ball game in the same Genocide League when a society actually gets into the heads of young Black boys and successfully encourages them to believe that they can actually be girls or women — even to the point that they start having sex with one another.

Yes, you really, really have started to destroy an entire people when their men no longer even want to procreate with Black women and expose themselves to AIDS (young Black men are the fastest rising group of cases).  And this is  beyond evil.