Trump’s ‘Race Card’ Playing No Worse Than Hilary’s

By Walter L. Hilliard III

So I watched some of Donald Trump’s 8/25/16 speech in New Hampshire about the differences between him and political adversary, Hilary Clinton.

Nothing really surprised me but I did raise an eyebrow about Trump’s references to “racism.”

As racist as he is, I must say that Trump was right on point about Hilary Clinton and the democratic party having done nothing for inner-cities or African Americans.  Trump said about a third of Black children are still in poverty and Black teens have a 58 percent unemployment rate.   But he was also correct when he mentioned that Hilary and her democratic gang are allowing immigrants into the country who are taking jobs away from Blacks.  This prompted my memory about a story in NY city where a restaurant would only hire Latinos and a occasionally a light-skinned Black person.  He also talked about over 2,000 people in Chicago being shot this year.  The only thing missing from his comments was also calling out President Barack Obama by name, in addition to Hilary.

I have been saying for quite some time that the democrats have been in power, presidential power, since the early 1990s with Clinton being elected two terms and Obama being elected for to terms, and the democrats have done nothing about Black unemployment, poverty, corporate welfare, or Black people being killed by the police and one another.  The Clinton’s were also responsible for welfare reform and the Crime Bill, including the “Three Strikes” law, that devastated Black America.

But less be clear, Donald Trump is just as racist as Hilary Clinton — he just doesn’t smile in your face and say all the right things Black people like to hear.  And Trump doesn’t go on Black talk shows like Bill Clinton went on Arsenio Hall[‘s show to play the saxophone in the 1990s or sing Black spirituals in Black churches like Hilary does today.

Talk about playing the Race Card, though . . . ?  Trump must have said the word “racism/racist” 50 times or more.  And Trump, who has kept accusing Hilary and democrats as portraying him and conservative Americans as racist, made sure to mention his favorite political issues during his speech: building a wall between the US and Mexico, as well as blocking Muslims from coming into the country.   He also rambled on about the police not being prejudiced and dismantling the gangs and/0r cartels (code language for Black gangs and Latino gangs and cartels), as well as the Clinton’s and their Foundation pulling in over $60 million from corporate donors.

Hilary went on TV after Trump’s speech and accused Trump of discriminating against Black employees when he ran his Trump Plaza casino, pulling Black dealers off of the floor more frequently than White dealers.  She also said he/his real estate company discriminated against Blacks and Latinos by marking their applications with the letter “C for colored,” denying them housing.  My own research reveals that four of his employees verified the discrimination occurred,  and that Trump was following through on his father’s orders not to rent to Blacks.  And three doormen said they were instructed to deflect Blacks away when they came to rent apartments.

All of the aforementioned drama, along with the system being rigged, is exactly why I don’t vote — and so you have to “choose the lesser of two evils,” and like Malcolm X said, why choose evil?  You have to be crazy to vote for either of these racist parties, especially if you’re Black.  From the rigged electoral college to both parties being controlled by a corporate and wealthy elite, the vast majority of people in this country have little or no power, especially in presidential elections.  And when much of White America had almost had enough and revolted by way of the Occupy Wall Street movement, they didn’t have the fortitude to follow through and demand change.  And Obama didn’t put one corporate pig, the pigs that almost tanked our economy in 2008, in jail.