Hell No, I Won’t Vote, And Neither Should You

By Walter L. Hilliard III –

“I freed a thousand slaves.  I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.” Harriet Tubman

I just wanted to throw up watching LeBron James shamelessly plugging Hilary Clinton as she and Trump go down to the wire for the presidency.  Tell me what in the hell does he know about voting, other than what the democrats have force-fed Black people to help get them into office over the last gazillion years?  Not to mention the “Jay Z, Beyonce” concert the other day.

What’s also quite amusing is how LeBron was so enthusiastic when he demanded Black people vote (Hilary was standing off to the side, smiling), but he was running scared when Tamir Rice was shot like a dog in the street at the park.  You see, he was worried he might step on mainstream America’s toes then.

I also have to say that I got into it with a family member who flipped out on me because I’m not voting for Hilary — even if I only vote to stop Trump.  I basically asked her why would the democrats ever do anything for Black people when we always give them our vote for free?

And so it will be another 100 years before Black people get anything significant from the White liberal democratic party — that is unless the country breaks out into a racial/civil war or we resort to terrorism and they’re forced to the table to save face.  How much more mistreatment must Black people bear before they have had enough?  How many more dead bodies do we need to see in the street?  What have the democrats done to stop Black men from getting killed?  Obama won’t even send in the National Guard into Chicago, but I guarantee he would if thousands of White males were killing one another. How many more Black men need to be put in jail?  How many more Black kids in poverty (38 percent) and yet there still aren’t any jobs for the brothas in the hood?  How is it that America continues to diss Black America right to its face and yet Black people still run out and vote for President Obama and Hilary Clinton, both of whom have done nothing but smile at Black people?

Hell no, I won’t vote!

Our Black ancestors didn’t die for the vote — they died for justice, which they thought we’d receive from voting, but it hasn’t happened.  The ghettos are thriving; almost a million brothas are in jail; Hollyweird still treats us like Black Sambos; the police shoot us dead in the street, and get paid leave, like Colin Kaepernick said; Black men are the fastest rising group dying from AIDS while the democrats push for gay rights harder than anyone; and Black people took the brunt of the the housing market collapse, and the democratic president, Obama, did nothing.

Look, as I’ve said a million times, Black folks complained several years ago about Obama ignoring us, and we complained loudly to our Black Caucus/congressional reps.  What did Obama do about our complaints?  He went to the Black Caucus annual dinner told them and the Black masses:  “Stop cryin’ . . . . Take off your bedroom slippers . . . . Shake it off.”  And you know how the mostly Black crowd responded?  They clapped and cheered for him, too cowardly and obedient to put Obama in his place.  They’re like Bougie Robots, too scared to “open a can of whip ass” on this “Black folk hating,” punk azz president who belittles Black people in front of White folks every chance he gets.  And you know he’s bad if “Messy” Jesse Jackson accuses him of talking down to Black folks because no one’s sold out more than Jesse . . . well, except for Al Sharpton and, definitely, Condoleezza Rice.

Dumb azz Negroes!  Maybe Black people just don’t deserve fair treatment?   How can we be doing so bad for so long, and run right back out and vote for the democrats, every time?

Let me just say this, Black people, if you don’t lay down, then people can’t walk over you.