Stephen A. “Coon” Smith Attacks Kaepernick For Not Voting

By Walter L. Hilliard —

So blabber mouth Stephen A. Smith of ESPN’s First Take goes in on Colin Kaepernick this morning because Kaepernic said he didn’t vote.  Then Heckle and Jeckle, Smith’s co-hosts Molly Qerim and Max Kellerman, joined in, parroting Smith’s whining about Black ancestors dying for the right to vote.  It was obvious that their voting and historical knowledge was limited to campaign slogans.

Smith called Kaepernick every name in the book, especially calling him dumb.  And he whined about loving President Barack Obama, and that Obama was right to chastise Blacks for not voting.

Okay, I could go on and on about the Cooning Smith does on a regular basis, but let me get right to the point:

Our Black ancestors died for justice, and only identified the right to vote as a way towards progress because they believed voting would bring about justice.

Well, the vote has failed to bring justice for Black people.  Black men are being shot down dead in the street at alarming rates.  What have the democrats done about it?  Nothing.

The voting system is a corrupt system created by a power elite — the landed aristocracy — who intentionally made the system to protect their wealth and power by preventing the masses from taking control of the country through voting or elections.  The Electors of the Electoral College are people who are “supposed” to vote based on the votes of the masses.  How do they do this?  By way of the Electoral College, using electors who are ex politicians, business men, ex mayors, etc. — people committed to party politics.  Over 150 times electors have not cast votes as they were pledged to do.  In 2000, Al Gore won the popular vote, but ended up losing the presidency.  Hilary also won the popular vote and still lost.  Now I’ll bet you most people don’t know how you can win the popular vote and not win the election?  Crazy!

If you give someone something for free, why would they pay you for it?  The democrats have been taking advantage of Black people since the 1960s, especially, knowing they don’t have to do anything for Blacks and they’ll vote “democrat” because they’ve been bullied with these “vote or die” campaigns or lies that you’re a nobody if you don’t vote and you should just shut up.  I’ve always responded to this by telling people that I’ve always went into the community — including starting and running mentoring programs for no pay — and helped the people the politicians we vote for are supposed to help but don’t.

Democrats have done little to nothing about Black unemployment that is almost always double the national average of Whites.  Democrats have done nothing substantial about police brutality.  Democrats, in fact, were responsible for mass incarceration of Black men — see Bill Clinton’s 1994 Crime Bill, especially the Three Strikes law.  Democrats have done nothing about Black men killing one another in these inner cities, knowing these men have no access to a quality education or jobs.  The democratic president, Barack Obama, has done nothing about the killing in his own home city of Chicago.  Chicago’s mayor, Rahm Emanuel, is a democrat.  Every time Obama and Hilary were asked about what they would do about Black issues, they started double-talking about diversity, pulling the okeydoke, discussing gay rights, women (really White women), Latinos, etc..  Remember, Obama told Black people “A rising tide lifts all boats,” in other words, yaw git-in where you fit-in, but he spoke out for, as well as took action on behalf of, gays, women, Latinos.

Black people have been duped by a Black Misleadership Class of politicians, athletes and entertainers who are only worried about maintaining their power, wealth, and media access.  These bougie Black people don’t speak for us.  Clinton had Obama, Jay Z, and Beyonce shamelessly supporting her.  Obama is simply only worried about Trump and the republicans undoing his legacy, especially Obamacare.  And Beyonce and Jay Z had to guilt-tripped and chided to finally start getting involved in helping Black people.

I could go on, but I won’t.  Stephen A. Smith, do your homework before you “whore yourself out/your vote” to the democrat plantation masters.  Black people will continue to suffer until they withdraw their votes from the democratic party, organize and come up with an agenda, present it, see what happens — and if the democrats, or any other party, doesn’t deliver, we’ll take our votes elsewhere until someone supports a Black Agenda.

Mr. Smith, that’s Game!  Set!  And Match!