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Even Judge Joe Brown Noticing Trend Of Effeminate Black Men

By Walter L. Hilliard III

So I’m scrolling through Youtube looking for a video and I come across Judge Joe Brown getting into arguments with different brothas who were acting unruly in his courtroom, talking back to him and and even swearing.  But he handled all of them — “waxed ’em” all like only Judge Brown can do.

But what really “caught my ear” was when one particular knucklehead in one of the videos was mouthin’ off, flailing his arms, flicking his neck around and talkin’ slick, Judge Brown went at his manhood and started lecturing him and telling him that he was really “acting like a girl . . . standing like one . . . acting like a punk.”

Video Of Cosby On Black History, Motivation For Set Up? Sinbad Said Cos Was Disliked — Too Powerful

Mainstream America Against Whippings, Until Black Mom Gives Son A Beatdown

By Walter L. Hilliard III

Funny! White America and its media suddenly loves and agrees with corporal punishment because they saw a Black mother, Toya Graham, slapping her son, Michael, upside the head on national TV after she came across him throwing rocks at the police during an escalating protest by out-of-school students– students who were angry about the Freddie Gray  brutality incident in Baltimore.  I would have thought they would see the incident as an example of Black-on-Black crime?

PODCAST (Click Here): Atlanta Teacher Mafioso?


By Walter L. Hilliard III, MS Psychology (Specialization: Media Psy.)

To Beat or Not to Beat, White Paternalism Will Not Work when Disciplining Black Kids


Blah!  Blah!  Blah!!!

By Walter L. Hilliard III



I’m sure many of you are overwhelmed and disgusted with all of these “Biff White Guy” and “Buffy White Girl” talking heads endlessly pontificating on how bad Black NFL players are, day after day on TV.

Whether it’s a cop or a judge in the criminal justice system, your White boss at work or a White female teacher considering your Black child for detention, when White folks “gots decisions to make” about Black lives, we know we’re about to be in BiiiiiiiiG, Big Trouble!

The reality is that Black people are “behind enemy lines,” at war in America with racism, under a system of White Supremacy, and they are 400-year-old survivors because most do sternly discipline their kids under great duress from the system. If a Black child doesn’t learn discipline and doesn’t have a parent that will “whip dat a#* or fight his or her teenage child on the spot, if necessary, that parent knows that child will be out of control, killed by the police or destroyed in so many other ways by mainstream America.  Black parents know that it’s hard enough surviving just being Black, so when you’re Black and causing trouble, America is definitely going to come after you.

Maybe the Minnesota Vikings Adrian Peterson went too far in beating his son, but most Black parents would be in jail for the beatings they’ve dished out over the years, when we know they shouldn’t be. Bonita Jackson, Peterson’s mother told the Houston Chronicle, “I don’t care what anybody says. Most of us disciplined our kids a little more than we meant sometimes . . . . but we were only trying to prepare them for the real world . . . . When you whip those you love, it’s not about abuse, but love.”

Black people live in a different culture than Whites – most of us cannot afford to send bad kids to psychotherapist or child psychologist. So it was funny to listen to White Bread Attorney Lisa Bloom telling a southern Black female attorney during Roland Martin’s “NewsOne Now” show that beating Black kids is wrong, quoting research on beating and/or discipline. And I say let Ms. Bloom march down to her local hood or “one pay check away” Black suburb to discipline a Black child by threatening to sit him in a corner or trying to talk to or lecture him or her about bad behavior – and they’ll drag her a#% into the street after they’re done laughing at her and talking back.

And this is the problem with the media’s current chastising of Black athletes like Adrian Peterson, Ray Rice and others – they’re rampant White paternalism is moot. They have racial issues with how they perceive Black people, and not only do the statistics show that most Whites are biased, at best, racist, at worst, regarding their relationship with Blacks, but a 400 year history of abusing Blacks reveals they have no credibility to judge our behavior.

So to Lisa Bloom and all of the other TV Talking Heads lecturing Black folks about beating their children – shut up and work on your race problem. With yaws record, it will be at least another 400 years before you can tell Black folks anything.




It’s the George Zimmerman Acquittal One Year Anniversary, & He’s Still Free & Trayvon Martin Is Still Dead

Trayvon MartinBy Walter L. Hilliard III


July 13, 2014 is the one year anniversary of the George Zimmerman acquittal verdict, a verdict in which Zimmerman was acquitted of charges that he wrongly killed teenager Trayvon Martin. This is the same Zimmerman that walked out of the courthouse on that day and remains “strapped” with more guns, fights with his girlfriend, and more run-ins with the law – all adding up to another big internal or emotional explosion in which he’s sure to kill again.


Yes, here we are a year later and neither President Barack Obama, the media, or any racial incident has forced the nation to talk about race in any sort of serious way.


And Florida has done nothing about the Stand Your Ground Law; however, what’s really racist and absurd is that in cases in which Whites kill Blacks in “Stand Your Ground” states (31 states have “Stand Your Ground” laws), Whites are 354 percent more likely to be cleared of murder than are the Blacks who kill Whites. So “Stand Your Ground” is nothing but another aspect of American Law as it pertains to the murdering of Black people as justifiable homicide.


State sponsored terrorism against Black men continues, as was the case in Chicago recently where Chicago cops, yet again, killed two Black men and said, in both incidents, the victims were reaching for their waistbands for weapons.


When will Black people wake up and realize what’s going on? I mean, really, even Ray Charles could see this.

Are Will and Jada Smith Letting Hollywood ‘Homosexualize’ Their Children?

Willow SmithBy Walter L. Hilliard III –

What has Hollyweird done to Will Smith?   I cannot tell if his daughter, Willow Smith, is a boy or a girl when I look at picture of him — or her?

Will comes from a decent, two-parent home and from what I know of his background, he was a good kid.  But it appears that his Hollywood experience is similar to the old story of the Midwest girl going to Hollywood and getting “turned out” by the wolves (in the case of Smith, his value system was “turned out”), being abused on the casting couch and ending up on, what’s that place? — Hollywood Boulevard — and then she starts Ho-ing, like Will has done by way of some of his movies, and now he is allowing Hollyweird to “turn out” his children.

Yes, Will, it appears, has become an Intellectual Ho, selling his soul to the Hollywood Devil who hates Black people, thus, he’s become an “acceptable” Negro, joining the Scientology cult – giving them his money, instead of the needy Black community – playing gay roles, leaving his children intellectually unsupervised, and devoid of a Black Social Consciousness, never talking about racism and how Blacks are treated in Hollywood or America.

Yeah, I know who you are, Slick Willie!

And, he’s not being a man to Jada Pinket-Smith because she’s also running buckwild. I mean, have you seen the anorexic-looking Jada since she’s become more and more a part of Hollyweird?

I had been thinking that Will, and Jada, were letting Hollywood turn their kids into homosexuals, having seen strange looking pictures where I couldn’t tell what their gender was. In fact, I went ballistic when I saw his daughter, Willow Smith, had a tongue ring, originally known as being a lesbian sexual stimulation tool.

What the hell is wrong with Will and Jada?

But, as I’ve touched on, this is the same Will who was brought to Hollywood by Quincy Jones (also brought lesbian Queen Latifa to Hollywood), whom some have said was the facilitator of a Black homosexuality rink, and so Will ends up doing a film playing a homosexual in “Six Degrees of Separation,” only to be talked out of kissing another man (he used a body double) by Denzel Washington. However, in an interview, Smith later said that his only regret was that he didn’t kiss the man in the movie. But he did kiss the White dude in his movie “Hitch,” trying to satisfy his inherent drive to submit to White men, the power brokers, in Hollywood, to show he wasn’t homophobic.

What about being a role model to Black boys, Will, showing them how to be strong, heterosexual Black men? What’s wrong with that?

This man, again, whom I’ve never heard talking seriously about racism, is Hollywood’s bitch. And what he fails to realize is that when he’s gone, the Black community will not be impacted because he has had no socially redeeming value to the community other than the private stuff he’s done at his school (in the name of diversity, which means fewer or no Blacks).

Come on Will, kissing the behinds of Hollywood folks who cannot stand Black people . . . ? That’s weak!


Africa and Uganda Strike Back At Obama’s Extortion-Like Paternalism and Gay Rights

By Walter L. Hilliard III –


“Obama, leave us alone. Homosexuals have no room in Uganda.” This is what a sign held by Ugandan children said, as they laughed and celebrated President Yoweri Museveni’s signing of Uganda’s anti-homosexuality bill before a world TV audience.


No, I don’t agree with locking up first-time offenders for 14 years, but President Barack Obama’s Gay Freight Train is running over the world’s rights and must be stopped.


And I must say that when I saw the African children in Uganda holding up signs dissing Obama, the most powerful man on the planet, Black or White, I loved it. I was proud because, finally, Black people – even in Africa – are standing up to someone who doesn’t even like Black people.


Uganda’s backlash occurred because Obama recently criticized and threatened the government to not sign an anti-homosexuality bill; however, Museveni and government officials, like the powerful Africans they are, not only passed the bill, but Museveni also said they will work with the Russians if the US is uncomfortable with their position. (Uganda gets about $400 million from the US.)


Now that’s Keepin’ It Real! And what Uganda was really, really saying to Obama was: “Yo, you bougie, Harvard-educated Uncle Tom, you don’t run this, here. Just because you dupe them Black Wannabe Negroes in America to vote for you and kiss your ARSE – even though you don’t give a damn about them. You got it twisted! You can’t run game over here because we sittin’ on the cradle of civilization, Mother Africa, the Mother of all mankind. Word!”


What Obama is doing is committing extortion, abusing his office and power to force compliance with his personal and political views, bullying African countries like Uganda, Black colleges (required to do gay rights events or get no federal student loan money) and anyone who doesn’t jump in line with his gay agenda.


How silly, a Black man with an imperialistic, Eurocentric mentality, single-handedly destroying America’s foreign policy with our African allies over gay rights.


The World Bank, a Eurocentric institution, has jumped in now and is withholding $90 million that’s supposed to help Uganda’s healthcare system. They probably received a call from Obama. In response, a Ugandan spokesman said the World Bank “should not Blackmail its members.” Demark and Norway, two super White countries also don’t Like Black people, are also taking action against Uganda.


I mean, these countries, like Obama, must really love homosexuality. The World Bank President Jim Yong Kim has also threatened that multinational corporations may be discouraged from doing business in the country. This should tell you that many government’s and/or their people are used to sexually exploiting African people. What’s not known by most is that large numbers of young African soccer players often move from Africa to Europe to play on low level teams and take their shot at making it big in soccer, but the vast majority fall short and get stuck in Europe and are forced into homosexual prostitution rinks to survive — rinks run and frequented by White men seeking sex with young African males.


But you won’t hear about this in the “Lamestream” world media. No, the pervert connection to homosexuality and the exploitation of Black men is always left out and you’re accused of discrimination against gays if you bring it up. Meanwhile, White Americans, Europeans and others are forcing homosexuality on Black men. Imagine that, that the international slave traders and colonial exploiters are lecturing Africa on moral grounds. Some nerve.


Disgusting perverts!


Aids, which is caused by homosexual behavior (then passed on to females), intravenous drug use, etc., is ravaging Africa (and American Blacks are the fastest growing group of new aids cases in the  United States) but no one ever talks about this. President Museveni also had scientist study and report that there was no legitimate research or evidence proving that one is born gay. But the research in the US and around the world says the same thing – and the “gay gene” theory has no scientific bases.


Who does Barack Obama think he is, lecturing and threatening African leaders about gay rights when he doesn’t say a damn thing about how Black people in America are treated? And Black men, who are about six percent of the population, make up about 50 percent of those who are incarcerated in local, state, and federal prisons. So who in the hell is he to tell Africa what to do when he also refuses to prosecute even one of the Bankster Gangsters that ruined our economy in 2008? Not to mention, the U.S.  government and most of our citizens act like teyt don’t even like Africa, anyway.


Obama is a hypocrite and the sooner his Black a*^ is out of office, gone, the better. He even pulled his “Yaw better accept gay rights” stunt at Mandela’s funeral ceremony.


I also watched an interview in which a White female reporter asked an Ugandan government official if Uganda was trying to eradicate homosexuality? The official responded that the purpose of their anti-homosexuality law was to protect the institution of marriage and stop the promotion of homosexuality.


This is all I’ve been saying, stop promoting homosexuality, especially to Black children. I really don’t care what people do in their bedrooms – I might not like it, but the point is that the gay community wants to indoctrinate the world with their sexual practices, which should be private.


A Ugandan newspaper also published the names of the “Top 200” homosexuals. You may say this is wrong, but what we’re really talking about is “morality” and justice, and isn’t it just as wrong that the American gay rights movement, which is really a White-driven movement, is “using” Black males and females to “come out of the closet” – those like Michael Sam, Jason Collins, Robin Roberts — to do their dirty work and knock down barriers when most of these gays don’t even like Black people.  How do I know?  Well, look no further than the fact that they have the nerve, the sheer gull, to compare their plight to the Black Civil Rights movement and a people who have experienced, and continue to, 400 years of death and destruction at the hands of their oppressor because of the color of their skin.  Being gay and being Black are not the same thing; gay rights is not the same as Black Civil Rights.


Thank you very much!






Morehouse, Launching A LGBT Course, Really? These Ni%*$#* Have Gone Mad

By Walter L. Hilliard III –

So, we can’t even get Black History taught on an significant level in our schools and colleges, but we’re okay with LGBT classes?

To most, Black men are threatening for no other reason than their skin color.  Poor Black men are a threat to rob you and educated Black men are a threat on the job because they don’t fit the stereotype and must also be put in their place – their being educated and assertive is threatening to even Black people.


So, first of all when did it become a problem to be heterosexual?  And why are Black people not asking the question of why we are allowing the mainstream, as well as some Black men and women, to “turn out” our young boys and girls?  Why are we not asking why some of our young Black boys are taking on effeminate characteristics?  Why don’t we care?  Why aren’t we asking why our young girls are cutting off their hair, putting on baggy pants, and acting like boys?  Yes, why are we letting the mainstream, who would love nothing better than to see our demise and annihilation, glamorize our boys and girls switching gender roles?  I mean, if I see one more gay Black hairdresser, dancer, or assistant on TV I’m going to go crazy.


So the Effeminatization of the Black Male Train is at top speed with Obama supporting gay marriage, Ben Jealous calling Black people homophobes, and the Huffington Post and other media outlets hustling in an avalanche of gay Black columnist and stories.


Sometimes I want to give up on Black people, and I always try to watch the name-calling because I get so angry, sometimes.  Thus, my anger at Morehouse College.


I mean, what and why would some Negro Morehouse Administrator, college president or otherwise, come up with such an idea?


Apparently, Morehouse Safespace coordinator Marcus Lee partnered with Yale’s Jafari S. Allen to create the LGBT course and they were assisted with the launch by the Sociology Chair’s Michael Hodge.  So this is what older Black men have to offer young Black boys?  Why does Morehouse allow these kind of role models to teach young Black boys LGBT courses on their campus?  If I were an educated bank robber, should I also be allowed to teach courses on how to rob banks?  Where does it all end?


From reality shows highlighting gay Black men to the prison industrial complex targeting Black men to the gay police bullying Black athletes and entertainers to apologize – mainstream America, out of its conscious and unconscious fear of Black men, is rapidly teaching our young boys to change their sexuality.  And Black leadership, playing politics and the money game, is handing over our sexuality as fast as they can, including the Obama’s, Sharpton’s, Dyson’s, Harris-Perry’s, Jealous’, and others.


Our leaders are hucksters and traitors.  They could care less if our boys become girls and nary another Black child ever be born again as they laugh their way to the bank, smile their big watermelon smiles on MSNBC, and get their pats on the head from their mainstream plantation owners and producers.

Mayor Nutter’s Flash Mob Problem

By Walter L. Hilliard III

“You’ve damaged yourself. You damaged another person. You damaged your peers. And quite honestly, you’ve damaged your own race,” said Philadelphia’s Black Mayor Michael Nutter to Philly’s Black kids, who are believed to be largely responsible for flash mobs that meet and ransack stores, steal, or just loiter.  Some flash mob participants have even beaten people up, it’s reported; however, these attacks are not meeting the criteria of hate crimes because the issue of race as a motivating factor are much more subjective.  But there are many Whites that believe Philadelphia’s media is being too careful about accusing the Black kids of committing hate crimes.

Mayor Nutter continues:  “If you want Black folks, if you want White folks, Latinos, Asians or anybody else to respect you and not be afraid when they see you walking down the street, then leave the innocent people who are walking down the street minding their own damned business – leave them alone.  Cut it out.”


The problem is that Mayor Nutter oversees a city that has cut funding for programs that keep Black kids off the streets and out of trouble, especially at a time when these kids are not working and have nothing else to do.  I’m sure most are glad school is now back in session.  Most statistics place Black youth unemployment around 40 to 50 percent.  And Mayor Nutter, besides initiating a curfew for those 22 and under, is finally getting out and participating in weekend bowling and some other activities that some community leaders are facilitating to get the kids off of the streets.

But why didn’t he go mingle with the kids when the problem started?

Well, he was too busy keeping Philly’s establishment happy and safe.

But of course!