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The Past

Whether you want to spend your life worrying or reminiscing about the past or not, know that you can never run fast and straight looking backwards.

Defining the rest of your life based on a pleasant past picture in time may give you a temporary ego boost today, but you also drag you shortcomings along and cast a shadow of limitation over your potential.

You must always look forward and chase your imagination to begin to even tap your potential.

Remember that the only people that live in the past – bragging or whining about it – are those who are disappointed with the present and afraid of the future.  WLH III


I remember sitting on the bench during my junior high school basketball division championship game, happy for my team but angry about not starting, believing I was a victim of the coach playing the favoritism game.   So when called upon, I refused to enter the game, doing what I felt I had to do.  (Some teammates also followed suit.)

And I didn’t get a trophy when they were handed out later.  But I’d do it all again.  I can live without awards, but I cannot live without my integrity, my self-respect.  And I went on to start in high school, finishing out my senior year as a starter on a 19-5 team as a co-captain.

So what do you believe in or stand for?  In our world too few stand for anything, and fall for whatever their bosses, society, or whomever, expect them to do even at their own peril.  Life is too short to live for somebody else.

And the clock ticks, and . . . many souls, with heads bowed, pass on, and so on . . . and so, too, will we one day . . . .

In regards to our country, America’s  support in the wake of Haiti’s tragedy has shown that we often stand for what’s right; however, where were the media reports about our history of denying Haitians citizenship or sending them back to Haiti when they washed up on our shores, while allowing in Cubans and Europeans?

To be prosperous as individuals and as a country, our behavior, as well as our country’s policies, should be a reflection of the most positive aspects of our souls.

We need to focus less of our energy on blindly supporting political parties and being materialistic, and spend more time using our talents to uplift others, a mindset that is timeless and builds spiritual foundations in people on which communities and societies stand forever.

And the clock ticks, and … many souls, with heads bowed, pass on, and so on…. and so, too, will we one day….

I admire Bill Gates for his charity work, not his wealth.  His good deeds led me to discovering that he worked so hard he often slept in his clothes, got back up in the morning and went right back to work.

When is the last time you’ve worked like this on your dreams?

Have you realized that the clock is ticking, and … many souls, with heads bowed, are passing on, and so on…. and so, too, will you one day.

So what can help us navigate our often difficult Earthly Terrain, as a country and as individuals? Authenticity.  I define authenticity as Spiritual Truth, an all-consuming positive consciousness that always tells us to Do the Right Thing and support one another’s well-being – if we “listen” to our intuition.  And going to church, praising the Lord, and then discriminating or hurting someone is not living authentically.

In terms of relationships, and the 50 percent divorce rate, consider the inauthentic nature of so many unions when considering how few of us remain friends after the relationship ends.  Even worse, ask yourself how many “happy” couples do you know?

And drugs, alcohol, sex, and friends cannot take the place of you having to work through the world’s negativity or your own emotional issues.

More Novocain, Please!!!?

Since the beginning of civilization, the foundation of prosperous human interaction has always revolved around self-respect and respect for others.  And where there is little or no respect, people perish.   See Hitler’s Germany, for one.

Our spirits are perfect, but our behavior falls short so acknowledge your spiritual perfection and never give up on your dreams.  And remember that “trying becomes an excuse for not doing.”

Because the clock is ticking, and many souls are passing on, and so, too, will we one day . . . .

The world needs what you have to offer.  In fact, you should be “loving your work” and “working your love” so when it’s all said and done, you’ll be so tired that death will be nothing but an opportunity to rest.

And the clock ticks . . . .


How To Change Your Life

Most of us live our lives being externally-directed instead of internally-connected; in other words, too many of us are watching and chasing the “Joneses,” when we really should be pulling down our “mental shades” and minding our own business.  If we are going to experience happier, more productive lives, it would be to our advantage to work on removing the “emotional cobwebs” of our past by confronting our insecurities, thus, building and polishing our self-esteem – the floor and foundation of our very own mental dwellings.  Besides, a little bit of housekeeping never hurt anyone.

So the important question to ask is:  “How Can I Change – or Improve – My Life?”

Well, let’s first consider a few things  . . .

Understand that your conscious mind, able to operate with the exactness of a computer keyboard, can be used to reprogram your unconscious mind (CPU: Central Processing Unit), which will automatically reproduce (print, in terms of your behavior, exactly what went in).  Unfortunately, for most of us, this happens to be very negative; thus, Garbage In, Garbage out (GIGO).

What exactly would you like to dispose of at this time???

Always question your beliefs; be open to change; listen without defending, speak without offending – and improve the quality of your life, as well as the content of your character.

When it comes to how you live your life, ask yourself what type of person you are – one of those people who does nothing (the lazy); the type of person who does a little (maintains a job, is a decent parent); or are you one of the few people who dares to do great things?

Philosophy:  All life is in the head.  In English: But if your “head” is a mess, then your life is probably a mess, too.

We’ll prepare for weeks for a big night out or sit and watch TV all night, but so few of us will bother to spend, say, $7 on a self-help book and schedule 20 minutes to read it each day.  It seems like the Pleasure Principle is working overtime in far too many lives.

There’s something wrong with this picture . . . ?

Change is gradual in its process, but instant in its results!

So, how can you change your life?  The following pointers will give you a foundation on which to build your continuing Life Change Program:

Write down what your purpose in life is and review it periodically. Your purpose should ask the following questions:  Who Am I (and not just your name, or just the fact that you like long walks in the park)?  Why Am I Here, on Earth?   I believe that our Higher Power put everyone here for a reason, and this reason always includes our using our talents to help others.

Develop a “Goal Plan” with deadlines/dates. Doing this will help you decide what it is that you want from life and provide you with ongoing direction.

Write a description of the type of person your want to be. And what your mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, family, career, financial, and recreational goals are.  Also, write down why you want what you want?  What your biggest obstacles are?  And how you can overcome them?

Change the picture you have of yourself (your identity) by using creative visualization to help you reprogram your mind. Willpower is only temporary, so let your subconscious mind (dictates your behavior) help you change naturally by closing your eyes and visualizing the new Super You, starring in your own soon-to-be-released true story blockbuster.

Talk positively to yourself (positive affirmations) everyday. Counteract every negative thought or word with a positive response or affirmation, in the present tense, said with Emotion.  For example:  “I am happily improving my relationships with others by listening more and speaking less.”

Read, read, read positive material everyday . . . and when you’re done, read some more (books, magazines, etc.). If your day is full, then read in the morning or at bedtime or on the subway or bus. You eat everyday to stay alive, so read positive stuff to nourish your brain and keep it alive, sharp and growing.

Evaluate and Make the Necessary Changes In Your Environment. This is all about filling your environment with positive people, places, and things.

Take Good Care of Yourself. Exercise and eat healthy foods.  Maintain a low-fat, low-salt and low-sugar diet.  Moderation is the key, so if salt or sugar is listed in the first three ingredients of the food you buy, then there’s probably too much of it.

Write Down Your Thoughts In A Journal As Often As Possible. This will provide you with the ongoing insight into who/where you were, who/where you are, and who/where you will be, helping you to organize your thoughts which will automatically help you deal with your problems more effectively.


  • HAPPINESS is a byproduct of good living, not something you go out and get.  After all, happiness is what life is all about, ultimately.
  • SUCCESS is relative.  When things don’t go your way, regroup, count your blessings and loosen up your criteria for success.  Also, remember to rejoice in the success of others.
  • PERFECTION: We are all perfect; it is our behavior that usually falls short.
  • GROWTH/CHANGE: Life is all about living, loving and learning, and so growing.  This mean s that mistake are necessary.  Also, don’t worry about changing others.  They’ll change as you change your thoughts about them.

Never let the memories of yesterday rule today’s thinking or you will kill tomorrow’s dreams.  Walter L. Hilliard III

Pep Talk: Let’s Talk

Sure you can.  I know that you can because you’re here, on earth.  You’ve made it to this point, and I believe in you.  I know that you have what it takes.  There have been many before you and after you, but never anyone quite like you.  I suggest you stake your claim on this planet and do something with your life.  Wouldn’t you agree?  It would be a travesty if you were to leave this world and the lives that you’ve come into contact with the same.  Everyone has a sphere of influence and the lives you touch will touch others.  There is greatness in you – even if you refuse to acknowledge it.  And you know what, I know that you at least suspect that you can do great things.  I know that you’ve had moments of inspiration that signaled to you that you could do whatever you set your mind to.  Sure, there will be critics, there will be those that laugh at you, but wouldn’t you like to prove them wrong?  Wouldn’t you like to show the people that have doubted you all along that you could make something of yourself?  Wouldn’t you like to get the last laugh?  Can you imagine the look on their faces when they see that you’ve risen above their death sentence?  Of course you would.  Others can make it tougher for you to succeed, especially if you need something from them, but they cannot decide your fate.  What resides within you is greater than anything or anyone that could ever hope to stop you.  If a door closes in your face, go under it, over it, or around it.  And if that doesn’t work, knock it down, or pound on it until you leave this earth.  Let them carry you away.  Others might say you’re crazy, but they’ll have to respect you because you never backed down or gave up.  And with each door that you get through, you’ll learn something new about yourself, as well as what it will take to knock down the next door.  If life were too easy, it would be quite boring and you would never appreciate hard work.  There’s only one way to succeed, and that’s’ to do whatever it takes and do it for yourself because you deserve the best.  You will find a way.  I promise you.  All you have to do is decide on what you want and go get it.