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Freddie Gray, No Justice, No Peace! Prosecutors Drop Last Three Cases

By Walter L. Hilliard III

Without wasting time about this issue, although I totally value Freddie Grays life – the Criminal Just-us (Black people will be convicted) was never going to hold the officers that killed Gray accountable.

Gray was injured by the police on April 15th, 2015, after being chased by Baltimore policemen on bikes.  He was only 25 years old when he later died in the hospital.

You see, Gray was hurt and his paralysis was setting in when the three White police officers chased, man-handled him, and put him in the van – the issue of the van ride causing his injuries was bogus.  Listen to him moaning and screaming on the tape, and watch them drag him and put him in the van because he couldn’t stand up straight.  Nonetheless, everyone bought into the police and media delusion that the race of the officers was not an issue.

So, right before our very eyes, the criminal justice system, or police and prosecutors, and the mainstream media pulled the okeydoke on Black people.

Okeydoke executed!  Game!  Set!  Match!

The case was always a farce, and now prosecutors have dropped the cases against the remaining officers because the courts would not convict the first couple of officers hauled into court.  Now the police union, media, and criminal justice system is going after the Black prosecutor, Marilyn J. Mosbey, to put who they see as the N-word in her place so she never tries anything like this again.  They hated the fact that she expressed sympathy for Gray and the victims of police brutality, but the system, especially prosecutors and media almost always happily express sympathy for the police and nobody says anything.

I mean, who really believed the cops would be held accountable for killing Gray?  Cops never held accountable for anything, all around the country, ever.  And when they are, the numbers are so minuscule it’s insignificant, and all they do is get fired when they are rarely found to have caused someone’s death.

A solution will only arise when Black people have enough and you see more vigilantes take the law into their own hands and the masses of Blacks start tearing things up.  Of course things will get worse before they get better because the police will not change until they have to change.  Yes, it’s sad to say but the police will not stop killing Black people until they experience more and more so called terrorism against them and rioting from Blacks.

No justice, no police!

Houston, We Have A Problem

By Walter L. Hilliard III

I was lying in bed watching television when I came upon CNN showing a picture of Whitney Houston, who had reportedly died just hours before.  I was shocked.  Eventually, as the evening wore on, tears rolled and rolled down my face, endlessly, and I was unable to sleep much that night.

I don’t want to recite Whitney’s great songs.  I want to get some meaning from her life, her spirit.  I’ll remember not only her voice, but also the spirit behind her voice; that’s where her soul lives, and that’s where we all connected with her.  Whitney voiced the love we all have inside, but could not bring to life in a way in which everyone around us would truly know.  That’s what she did for us; she took us in her arms, through her voice, and took us where we could not go alone.

In the 1980s, when Whitney was a rising star, I was going through high school, college and the first set of new, serious relationships in my life.  Whitney makes those moments in my life more profound when I look back.  She gave meaning where the meaning would be less or even forgotten.  She is a part of all our lives, all of us who’ve ever heard her voice.

When I first saw her in a video, I believe it was “You Gave Good Love,” it was that innocent, beautiful face and that skinny body that I remembered most.  But it was her voice, her soul, that touched me and I have never been the same.

So what does it all mean, not just the love, but also her struggles with relationships and drugs?

For one, we cannot blame former Bad Boy Bobby Brown, like CNN’s Pierce Morgan tried to do during several interviews; however,  during one interview, Smoky Robinson refused to take the bait and told him we are all responsible for ourselves.  Smokey said Whitney was a joy from the time he met her as a young girl until her passing.

Media reports mentioned Brown, performing with his group New Edition in Mississippi when he received the news, told the audience he loved Whitney and was overcome with grief while singing “Tenderoni,” having to ask the audience to help him through the song by singing it with him.

But let’s be clear, which most of the media has yet to do, Jennifer Holiday said she knew and was with Whitney and other singers in NY during the 1980s and Whitney was using drugs (Holiday insinuated that the main drug was cocaine) then, long before Bobby Brown came into her life.

So there it is, just what I had suspected and heard rumors of all along — that Whitney started using drugs before Brown came along, and one may assume she was possibly the wilder one of the two.

Also, what about Whitney and Brown’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina?  How could a mother take her own life and leave her child alone in the world?  Well, only drugs can do something so horrendous.  However, as I had suspected all along, Whitney’s death was an accident.  But she had to know that prescription drugs and alcohol were a bad mix, and she appeared to be drinking quite a bit leading up to her death.

Holiday also mentioned that she had spoken with Whitney over the years and Whitney was unhappy about having lost her voice, at least the voice or vocal range that had made her a star.  Holiday said she tried to get across to Whitney that there were many things she could do to repair her vocal chords and sing, successfully, in a different range.  A trained opera singer, Holiday told Whitney she could help her, but Whitney just didn’t seem focused or willing.

Of course, you cannot save anyone from themselves; you can help them — but you can’t save them.  They have to save themselves.

Ultimately, I think Whitney was so great, so admired and loved, that she became distraught when her voice and career began to fade.  None of us can know what it’s like to have been the famous Whitney Houston, and then have it all go away.  How would we react?  Maybe we wouldn’t have been strong enough to survive or live as long as she did?  But it appears that she became too attached to the love and admiration that fame brought her.  Who wouldn’t?  The lesson is that we should all be reminded to love ourselves; we must be internally connected and not outwardly directed.  No one can love you better than you and suicide is the worst form of self-hate, to take your own life.

If Whitney had taken her own life, I wouldn’t have wanted to be angry at her, but a part of may have been.  Having helped people all my life, I learned early on that you criticize and hate the behavior, not the person.  And what if there really was foul play involved in her death?  A record executive in a room above Whitney’s said she heard a man’s voice yelling 20 minutes before Whitney was found dead.   Still, nothing’s going to bring her back.

So what’s the lesson for all of us?  I don’t know, but I suspect it has something to do with our appreciating “the moment” and enjoying life.  Larry King, who called into CNN shortly after her death, said:  “Whitney’s death is a reminder that we’re all here on borrowed time.”

So true . . . .

Hopefully, we all embrace Whitney’s voice, her spirit, once again, and walk away from our grudges, and continue to take the first step of our own journey toward living the life of our dreams.  The fact is you cannot take your possessions or your attitudes with you when you die.  And the past is gone; the future is but a dream.  All you have is the here and now so live.  Live your life and love yourself.

Top 5 Ways To Make Black History

1.  Be Black. No more denial about who you are.  You’re Black, not multi-this or multi-that?  When Officer Harassment stops you, he doesn’t care if yo’ mamma’s mamma’s mamma — or yo’ daddy is light or White.  And, besides, denying your Blackness ain’t cool, it’s silly.  Ain’t nobody a 100 percent anything anymore so just because your mother or father is of another race doesn’t mean you’re any more multi-racial than any other Black person.

2.  Be Down with Team Black. Being Pro Black isn’t about being anti-anyone or anything else; it’s about working on behalf of Black people in need — and we all need.  Truth be told, there are some White folks more down with Team Black than Black folks.  They understand our plight more than some Black folks do, and they know that we are all “connected.”

You can try to “fit in to get in” with the other folks at work, hoping for a pat on the head or to feel like you’re “better” because you think you’ve crossed some sort of Color Line.  However, it’s not only about being phony when you’re priorities revolve around White folks validating you, it’s cultural suicide.

And don’t ignore Black people in your workplace (a lot of Black people do); speak up when someone says something racist; help your people when they’re being discriminated against; and mentor the young Black folks.  Many of them are so crazy acting because we’ve failed them, we haven’t raised them right or helped them.

3.  Leave the Plantation. There should only be two kinds of Black people working on the American Employment Plantation: those Black folks planning to leave, and those leaving today.  Everything in life is what you think it is.  If you think you cannot leave your job, then you can’t and you probably never will.  If you really think you can, you will.

If something inside of you — maybe your Soul Brotha Spidy Senses — doesn’t pick up on several of the ways you and/or your talent is minimized or undervalued on the American Employment Plantation, then you are already defeated.

4.  Energy. Cut back on the fried foods, the Soul Food, or cook and eat in new, healthier ways.  Cut back on the drinking and leave the drugs alone.  Racism already makes us crazy so why in the hell would we be doing drugs?

5.  Stop Being Scared of Everything.  Have you seen all those folks take to the streets in Egypt and those other middle east countries?  So what’s wrong with Black folks doing the same?  Why are we so damn scared of White folks?  If you scared, say you scared — then demand justice until you get it.

Our Civil Rights glory days are so long gone we cannot even remember them.  But when are we going to demand something be done about our being the last hired and first fired, the prison Industrial Complex, double and triple unemployment?  When are we going to demand Hollyweird and these Black networks (Blackyweird, Buffoonerywood) show us respectable images?

You’re only hear on earth for a short period of time, and you can’t take all your stuff or your job with you when you die — so stop running from a bogeyman who’s only chasing you because he knows you so damned scary.

And stop talking about what you’re gonna do one day and just do what you have to do to be successful.

Should Kardashian Sistahs Get Some ‘Love’ For Having A Brotha’s Back?

I was recently drawn to a picture of the Kardashian Family on a major website.  And even though it’s 2011 it was unusual to see a Black face, Lamar Odom (Los Angeles Lakers), among such a high profile White family — even though he’s famous among basketball fans.

(For those of you who may not know, Odom married Khloe Kardashian not long ago.)

Of course the family picture is beautiful, but I never hear the mainstream media talk about the diverse-minded attitudes of the women in the Kardashian family, particularly Kim and Khloe, both of whom have dated and married Black men.  It’s not unusual for Blacks to accept Whites into their families – we’ve done so throughout history, for the most part, so the Black angle wouldn’t really be a significant media story.

“I could be boning a White guy in the middle of the street, and they [the media] wouldn’t say anything.”

This is what a frustrated Kim Kardashian told her sister during a recent show after reading media rumors that followed her showing her soon-to-be opened NY store to friend Kanye West.  All he did was run over and check things out after she called him.  Obviously, Kim’s well aware of the media’s racism and infatuation with Black-White romance and/or sex.   Thus, it appears that Miss Kim has had enough of the — let’s be brutally honest —  “N*#%@# Lover” media report insinuations and upcoming show highlights reveal her dating practically all White men.

This is still America, and if you don’t believe we’re a racist country, look at the Tea Party signs on television.   Look at how Hollywood still has a Whiteout going when it comes to minority actors and shows.  And the list goes on and on.

Now, let’s be real, Black women might have an issue or two with any praising of Kim and Khloe for being diversity role models because many of the sistahs didn’t even like Reggie Bush, Kim’s ex-boyfriend, being put on the cover of Essence Magazine awhile back.  And quiet as kept, many sistahs are livid about Odom, and any wealthy Black man, taking their wealth into a White marriage.

Nonetheless, it really must be difficult for a high profile White female in America to date a Black man?  Yet the question has to be asked: would Kim or Khloe date an “average” Black man?

I’m not quite sure?  But I believe Kim got married at 19 to a brother, music producer Damian Thomas.  He was 29 and they divorced when she was 23.  If they didn’t date or like Black men before they were famous, I’d doubt they’d do so now with the world’s microscope hovering over them on television?  Neither Kardashian sister needs any man’s money.

For 400 years Black folks have known what it’s like to be discriminated against and we’ve always accepted those from other races into our families, so why should we view the Kardashian sistahs any differently.

I say we open the door and welcome the Kardashian girl’s on into our home.

The Man Said ‘Get ‘em’ And Racism Said, ‘Got ‘em’

The passive-aggressive behavior of intellectually dead Black folks playing the Apologist or Silence Game, not speaking Truth to Power about Racism, has put one foot of the Black community in a grave and they’re trying to drag in the last foot that stands on the will and determination of those of us who refuse to be quiet, lie, quit, or die.  W.L. Hilliard III

Suspect Number One:  Deion Sanders, an outspoken former NFL great I once respected, and Kanye West, rapper extraordinaire, committed two heinous criminal acts against the Black community recently.  Playing mainstream America’s Denial Card for them, Sanders said, “We can’t play the Race Card,” when he was put on the spot to respond to White writer John Feinstein’s comment that Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan was treating his Black Pro Bowl Quarterback, Donovan McNabb, in a racist manner and should be fired.

Shanahan had benched McNabb with about two minutes left in a big game and implied McNabb had cardio issues (he’s fat and lazy), didn’t know the two-minute offense (dumb), and that he had to cut the playbook in half (dumber).   Feinstein believes Shanahan leaked the “playbook” comments to reporter Chris Mortensen, who broke the story.  However, McNabb’s six Pro Bowl trips and appearance in five NFC championship games speak for themselves.  Not to mention, Michael Vick, the NFL’s top rated passer, said he’s a much better player this year because he copied McNabb’s study and work habits when he backed up McNabb in Philadelphia last season.

Suspect Number Two:  Kanye West, put on trial before a mostly White Today Show audience, allowed Matt Lauer, the show’s host, to bully him into apologizing to George Bush for his controversial “George Bush doesn’t care about Black people” comments regarding Bush not sending in troops to help the mostly Black Katrina victims for a week.  Caught off guard, West tried to fight back by getting nasty with host Lauer’s rude crew running tapes while he was talking, but Lauer floored West and he was out for the count when he apologized.  Later, West cancelled his Today Show concert.

So what is the “real” secret regarding how Sanders and West both became so “drawn out” or cowardly and willing to throw Black people’s plight with racism “under the bus”?

Well, Sanders “Got milk” from his momma and Got Strong, Got Attention in grade school and high school, so he Got Scholarship and Attention in college where he Got Separated from the Black student campus movements, then he Got an Agent, Got a NFL Contract, Got Celebrity, and “Got Got” by The Man’s Racism and is now scared to Speak Truth to Power.  Sanders, like most Black athletes, is not trying to cause controversy on the set of his TV job or jeopardize his endorsements.  You see, Neon Deion always loved the bright lights of the media.

And West?  How did he “Get Got”?

West also Got Milk from momma, Got Attention as a writer-producer, Got a  Record Deal, Got Game, Got Awards, Got Controversy, and then “Got Got,” after having initially achieved my Black Speaking Truth to Power award for telling the world Bush didn’t like Black people.

The bottom line is whether you’re famous or just an everyday Black man or woman at work, you must overcome your fear to Speak Truth to Power about racism, and do so when Whites are listening and watching.

Thus, the intellectual and spiritual test – the highest test there is – for an authentic, Real Black Man (or Woman) worth his weight in gold is: does he Speak Truth to Power?

So . . . do you?

A Black ‘Soul Check, One-Two,’ On the Social Consciousness Spike ‘n Perry Mic

You Get What You Pay For So Pay Spike’s Price, or Get Perry’s Buffoonery.

In Life you get what you pay for and Black folks have chosen apathy, materialism and entertainment over activism.  We lack the social consciousness or motivation to do anything significant about our dismantled family units, double unemployment rate, on-going poverty, or our exclusion from TV and Film (other than playing buffoons).  And when we do get a “decent” show like, say  “Undercovers,” most of us look for flaws and don’t support it.

Only the truth can set you free, and the truth is that too many Black folks are great at talkin’ loud, but doin’ nothin’.

You know, an empty can always makes the most noise?

Case and point:  I participated in an online vote on a Black website asking which filmmaker I prefer, Spike Lee, or Tyler Perry – two filmmakers whose works represent polar opposites.  Upon clicking on the results, I disappointingly discovered Perry won with 69 percent of the vote to Spike’s 29 percent.

The vote results reflect the some in the Black community’s corrupted mindset and is another example of why our families and community has deteriorated over the last 30 years or so.  The vote results also reveal that we cannot be taken seriously and do not have the mental fortitude to overcome our dire circumstances or fight racism.

Is that an empty can I hear rolling down the street?

From “School Daze” to “Inside Man,” Spike’s movies are complex, while Perry goes for laughs in drag.  Just one of Spike’s messages: be a man Black man; Perry’s message:  Black boys, you can be a girl if you want to.  One must conclude that even those Black’s who were educated and technologically adept enough to read an online survey and vote, obviously cannot differentiate the importance of Spike’s work from Tyler’s buffoonery.

How did we get here?

Part of the reason is that there are no Black leaders we can trust anymore.  Tavis Smiley doesn’t want to discuss why he led Black folks to sub-prime loans with Wells Fargo.  A large number of our pastors are nothing but pimps, and Black people at Pastor Eddie Long’s church even stood and cheered after discovering that it’s more than likely that he abused young Black boys.  Disgusting!  And Al Sharpton is quieter now that he’s been placated and given a seat at Obama’s table.  Not to mention that Spike, who often criticizes Perry and others, designed a logo for Absolute Vodka (as if we need more Black alcoholics).

Additionally, the NY Times reported that from 2004 to 2008, the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) collected about $55 million from corporations and unions, including the exploitative rent-to-own industry, and spent more on its annual dinner party, $700,000, than it did giving out scholarships in 2008.  And some CBC members were giving scholarship money to their families.

Black folk’s insanity is also revealed by way of our blind support for President Obama (received over 90 percent of Black vote), who refuses to put Race/Racism on his agenda, much less do anything politically for Black people (told the CBC, “no special treatment”).  It’s been 40 or 50 years since the civil rights movement and we’ve regressed as a people, outside of a few Blacks making more money and superficial “firsts” like a Black president being voted into office.

The bottom line is we, Black people, are really the leaders we’re always looking for.  So step up or step off and be quiet.

Why Do We Watch?

Hollyweird and advertisers will continue to feed the Black community an abundance of comedies like “Norbit” and “Big Mammas House” as long as they see that we prefer the Intellectual Low Road.

Even Black networks – BET, Centric TV, and TV One – who are supposed to uplift us, fill their programming schedules with reruns like “Martin” and “Sanford & Son” from 15 to 30 years ago.

Hey, Mr. Hollyweird, did you say just throw them Blackies some old cans and they’ll relate to the empty noise every time?

Most Black folks are so disconnected from their spiritually conservative roots that you can turn on any type of media outlet and even hear Blacks like Russell Simmons calling other Blacks homophobic.  Well, uhhhhhhhmmmm, isn’t that being heterophobic?  But such is the “twistedness” of Black people.  Our priorities need to focus on a Black Agenda that fights racism, because you cannot hide being Black or avoid the daily, immediate, dire consequences of racism.

Also, Black women are going to have to give up the bogus Down Low Black man myth meant to further destroy the Black male image, like is being done by the “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”  In fact, there are more men wearing heels and dressed like women on that show than straight men. Glamorizing Black men in heels and halter tops will not rebuild our decimated Black family units.    Black men in heels cannot “chase” down racism, nor do they want to.

And putting Antione Dodson, the effeminate Black caricature, on the BET Awards shows Black people have lost their damn minds.  Or are they just shuckin’ and jivin’ for their Viacom Plantation Owners?

Say, Mr. Mainstream, are you really so threatened by Black intelligence and talent that you have to go out of your way to find and glamorize our emptiest cans to degrade us?

Tell me, why should other communities respect Black people when we don’t respect ourselves?

Our we have become such a jaded people that we are now comfortable with being walking contradictions with no manners or class.  For example, I just watched a video of Charlie Murphy telling a Grambling University audience – “Fuck You” and drop the check he received from the college on the stage after they started booing him.  But they had it coming to them.  Unfortunately, you can’t be nice when Black folks are on the Black-on-Black Put Down warpath.

Similarly, I’ve been appalled at the criticism of Toni Braxton after her second bankruptcy filing.  For some strange reason, Black people who don’t have any talent or have never achieved anything, actually pride themselves on ridiculing and booing successful Blacks who’ve achieved more than they ever will in their entire lives.  This has always amused me.  You can’t do better, but have so much to say.   Toni Braxton faces ridicule, and the “teenager breast signing” Nicki Minaj is a role model and contemporary hero.

Uhhhmm, is anyone going to pick those cans up?

Too bad for our Black children.  We have failed them.  The ghettos remain; most Black people are still acting like cowards in the workplace; and we still cannot get along.

Shame On Us!!!

After awhile, mainstream America is going to feel like there are too many “empty cans” lying in the Nation’s Street, and somebody’s going to come through the Black Community to clean up what they see as the rest of the garbage.  In fact, the Prison Industrial Complex has been cleaning up by locking us up for 30 years.

Yes, Black people should really be worried.

What You Want Is Waiting For You To Arrive

Little minds are always looking for big moments to shine their personal inadequacies onto you.  W.L. Hilliard III

Persistence is your best friend when it comes to getting what you want.  But to persist, you have to find inspiration from within over the long haul of life.

And sometimes you have to create the drive you need from nothing; you must repeatedly talk to yourself and dream your dreams, seeing them clearly in your mind’s eye.  Create a collage that reflects what you want your successful life to look like; watch inspirational TV shows; and surround yourself with people who want to see you succeed.

Yes, you must be cautious about who you share your dreams with.  Even if those you believe in don’t believe in you, don’t be bitter or hurt; know that their energy is simply a challenge for you to continue.  Ask yourself if you’re so weak as to allow someone other than yourself to determine your worth?  Because if you’re that easily discouraged, you’re not even “in the game”;  you’re actually a fan standing on the sidelines of life.

The vast majority of your friends, family and associates simply cannot relate to what you’re trying to accomplish because chances are they’ve had their own dreams and have given up on themselves, so if they cannot inspire themselves, how in the world are the going to inspire you.

Thus, you are going to have to “do you.”  You are going to have to think yourself through disappoint; carry on past criticism; and turn away from distractions and adversity to overcome the obstacles that count on you to fall victim to delusion and self-doubt.

Your Higher Power uses Tough Love to help you build character and is not going to take it easy on you so stop feeling sorry for yourself and get up off of the ground.  There will always be those you believe to be “better,” as well as those you think are “worse” off than you are.

Remember, the longer you stay on the “ground” in life, the longer your enemies get to laugh at you and kick you when you’re down.

What you desire is guaranteed; however, whether or not you get to where you’re going depends on how deep into your soul you’re willing to dig and how much “drive” you have.

. . . And when you get there . . . you will be able to see farther . . . and farther . . . until you get what you want.

I know you can do it, but do you know it?

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta & Other Black Shows Continue Hollyweird’s Black Men In Drag Tradition

By Walter L. Hilliard III

Black men, because of their strength, intelligence, and sexuality, are the most vilified and attacked men on the planet, whether it’s the police committing another “justifiable homicide, or it’s  the media and Hollyweird, among others, showing how much they fear and hate us by “castrating” our image.

As of late, Hollyweird fears the Black man’s sexuality so much so that they routinely showcase Black men as women, carrying out the most extreme effeminization process  of the Black male image I’ve seen in years.  Add to this, the limited number of times any Black man appears on the movie or TV screen, period.

By putting Black men in dresses and heels, and having them switch around on screen and act like women (see Rupaul, for example), they are sending the message to the world that the Black man is really less than a man.

It seems for a lot of Black women, a Black man is not good enough to be her man, but he can be one of her “girlfriends.”  Lisa Raye has her effeminate cousin living with her on her TV show.  Monique has an effeminate Black man that is seen switching around in the opening intro of her nightly show.  Fantasia has her effeminate assistant guiding her career every moment during her program.  And on Brandy and Ray J’s show, Brandy parades around with her effeminate Black male friend and her girlfriends.  Not to mention, Oprah just did a follow up show with a Mr. Down Low autho.  And a lot of angry Black women maliciously and wrongly cast an air of suspicion around many Black men of being on the down low and blaming them for the aids epidemic, which is really caused by intravenous drug use and individuals having multiple sleeping partners.

What’s going on?  I thought Black women were looking for mates?   Maybe if some of these women running around with gay men spent more time with straight men, they could find husbands.

And if Oprah hates Stedman so much that she won’t even marry him, then why not go ahead and dump him instead of taking out her hostilities on Black men, in general, by doing these dumb down low shows, or shows like the one she did telling Black women to go marry White men?

And how is a Black man in heels going to protect the Black woman, take care of her, or otherwise?

Some Black girls have even given up on Black men and dress and act like men themselves, pimping other Black girls, calling themselves Studs.  And other Black girls have decided they’d rather date and mate with other Black women, and call themselves Fems.  And these are just two of the names they use.

Really . . . ?


I mean, uhhhmmm, like, don’t we have a community to save, or something?  I think some of us simply have way too much time on our hands.

Anyway, years ago, I can remember enjoying kicking back and watching The Cosby Show. I thought Theo was cool (well, maybe not?), Bill was funny and insightful, and Phylicia Rashad was beautiful and sexy.  These Black role models were probably the best we’ve ever seen on television, no matter what your race.

Now fast-forward to the premiere of the 2010 Atlanta Housewives, which was really Black insanity on steroids and to the tenth power.  As the show flowed from housewife to housewife, it was obvious that Bravo would be expanding upon its previous character assassination of the Black male image, a Black man who was once viewed as the head of the Black family and the king of civilization.

Yes, three or four of the star housewives parade around with gay men like they’re accessories all of the time.  And these grown men carry purses, wear fingernail polish and make up.  During one show, one of the men even wore a shirt that revealed what appeared to be small breasts.  In fact, some of the gay men on the show have larger roles than some of the straight Black men.

What’s wrong with these materialistic Atlanta broads?  How do they explain their romping around with these men to their sons?

Well, they don’t care, obviously.  They think they’re celebrities, but they’re really being exploited by Hollyweird, which isn’t an issue to them, I’m sure, because they’re “gettin’ paid.”  And we all know a lot of Black people will do anything for money.

Hey, the nails and hair gotta Get Did, girlfriend.

When Black men occasionally do get a big screen role, they’re playing women.

Think about most of the major Black male stars – most of whom are comedians, which Hollywood prefers – they’ve all played women characters before: Chris Rock, Chris Tucker, Tyler Perry, Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Wesley Snipes, Jamie Fox, Marlon Wayans, Sean Wayans, Damon Wayans, Kennan Ivory Wayans, Ving Rhames, and the list goes on.

But one of the most disappointing comments I’ve read was that Will Smith said he wished he had really kissed the actor opposite him in Six Degrees of Separation (the Hollywood media was on his case for awhile), instead of the director having to use camera tricks and another actor.  I think Will has been in Hollyweird for far too long.  Apparently, Denzel Washington had advised him against kissing another man.  At the time, Smith also felt kissing a man wouldn’t have went over well with his Philly buddies.

Uhhh, ya think!?

A couple years ago, Black director extraordinaire John Singleton said:  “There’s nothing but comedies, and I’m tired of all these Black men in dresses. Every other movie has a Black man in a dress, from the Madea movies to Norbit to Big Momma’s House. How come nobody’s protesting that? They call them family movies, and nobody’s telling the little kids that it’s kind of different for a man to wear a dress.  I’m just saying that it comes to a point where, if that’s the only types of images they’re seeing, how is that informing upon Black men in America? “

Black kids are confused because Black people are confused.  Since slavery our traditional family unit was our strength and has enabled us to survive, but our families started to gradually deteriorate throughout the 19th century after desegregation and because of alcohol, drugs, materialism, gender role confusion, and so on.  Even marriage is not a valued tradition in our community anymore.  In fact, 43 percent of Black women have never been married.

It seems that the Black community’s demise has always been because of our following or imitating the White mainstream’s behavior, from abusing alcohol to using drugs; however, we are a smaller community, we do not have their resources and we’re already at the bottom of the societal totem pole.  And which way can you go when you’re already down?

Richard Pryor’s angry friends once yelled:  “Which way is up, sucker” to him after he sold out to The Man in the movie Which Way Is Up?

I don’t think a lot of Black people can answer this question.



I remember sitting on the bench during my junior high school basketball division championship game, happy for my team but angry about not starting, believing I was a victim of the coach playing the favoritism game.   So when called upon, I refused to enter the game, doing what I felt I had to do.  (Some teammates also followed suit.)

And I didn’t get a trophy when they were handed out later.  But I’d do it all again.  I can live without awards, but I cannot live without my integrity, my self-respect.  And I went on to start in high school, finishing out my senior year as a starter on a 19-5 team as a co-captain.

So what do you believe in or stand for?  In our world too few stand for anything, and fall for whatever their bosses, society, or whomever, expect them to do even at their own peril.  Life is too short to live for somebody else.

And the clock ticks, and . . . many souls, with heads bowed, pass on, and so on . . . and so, too, will we one day . . . .

In regards to our country, America’s  support in the wake of Haiti’s tragedy has shown that we often stand for what’s right; however, where were the media reports about our history of denying Haitians citizenship or sending them back to Haiti when they washed up on our shores, while allowing in Cubans and Europeans?

To be prosperous as individuals and as a country, our behavior, as well as our country’s policies, should be a reflection of the most positive aspects of our souls.

We need to focus less of our energy on blindly supporting political parties and being materialistic, and spend more time using our talents to uplift others, a mindset that is timeless and builds spiritual foundations in people on which communities and societies stand forever.

And the clock ticks, and … many souls, with heads bowed, pass on, and so on…. and so, too, will we one day….

I admire Bill Gates for his charity work, not his wealth.  His good deeds led me to discovering that he worked so hard he often slept in his clothes, got back up in the morning and went right back to work.

When is the last time you’ve worked like this on your dreams?

Have you realized that the clock is ticking, and … many souls, with heads bowed, are passing on, and so on…. and so, too, will you one day.

So what can help us navigate our often difficult Earthly Terrain, as a country and as individuals? Authenticity.  I define authenticity as Spiritual Truth, an all-consuming positive consciousness that always tells us to Do the Right Thing and support one another’s well-being – if we “listen” to our intuition.  And going to church, praising the Lord, and then discriminating or hurting someone is not living authentically.

In terms of relationships, and the 50 percent divorce rate, consider the inauthentic nature of so many unions when considering how few of us remain friends after the relationship ends.  Even worse, ask yourself how many “happy” couples do you know?

And drugs, alcohol, sex, and friends cannot take the place of you having to work through the world’s negativity or your own emotional issues.

More Novocain, Please!!!?

Since the beginning of civilization, the foundation of prosperous human interaction has always revolved around self-respect and respect for others.  And where there is little or no respect, people perish.   See Hitler’s Germany, for one.

Our spirits are perfect, but our behavior falls short so acknowledge your spiritual perfection and never give up on your dreams.  And remember that “trying becomes an excuse for not doing.”

Because the clock is ticking, and many souls are passing on, and so, too, will we one day . . . .

The world needs what you have to offer.  In fact, you should be “loving your work” and “working your love” so when it’s all said and done, you’ll be so tired that death will be nothing but an opportunity to rest.

And the clock ticks . . . .


The Color of Beauty Documentary: Sometimes You Really Don’t Get What You Pay For

When you get a chance to, watch “The Colour of Beauty” video that features Renee Thompson, a stunning Black model who exemplifies a “steel like” tenacity to succeed that all people, and particularly Black people, should model.  Her resilience and desire to succeed in the face of constant rejection from the “few Blacks allowed” modeling industry is even more admirable because her profession is based on her looks, her Blackness, yet she has made a tough living as a professional model for years.

Beverly Johnson, the first Black model to grace the cover of Vogue Magazine, shared her opinion about the modeling industry’s lack of diversity during a CNN interview:   “It’s disgusting, unforgivable, and it shouldn’t be tolerated.  It’s a sad old story.”  Beverly also mentioned she was having a flashback because the industry is the same as it was in the 1970s when she was at the top of her career.  And that everyone in the modeling industry needed to be “enlisted” to make changes.

I believe the message to Black women is that they must not only be more conscious of their fashion purchases, but they have a responsibility to at least go do some level of research about the designers, magazines, and advertisers that are directly and indirectly related to their fashion purchases, be they clothing, handbags, magazines, and so on.  If you don’t see Black or minority faces in the publications you read, or you come across articles about racist company practices (for example, Google the company’s name with the word “racism”), you need to write a couple of letters or send emails — and make some phone calls and complain.  Also tell your friends to do the same.

Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, Tyson Beckford and others have spoken out and even met in regards to the ongoing “Blackout” in the modeling industry.

I was once looking through old pictures with a beautiful brown-skinned ex-girlfriend, who happened to be from NY.  I asked her why she never tried to become a model?  She said she had tried, but the industry gatekeepers  told her that her hips were too big.   She had curves but not like the curves you see on a lot of sistahs.

It’s shameful but racism consumes every area of Black life, not because we want it to, but because it does.  Some Black people seem to do their best to ignore racism, and will even criticize other Blacks who complain; however, pretending racism doesn’t exist in everyday life is insane.  You can complain and still work hard to change things or succeed.  When you repeatedly ignore racism, you begin to question yourself or internalize negativity as if something’s wrong with you.  This is bad for your mental and physical health.

The modeling industry uses “quotas of exclusion,” and they all participate in  finger-pointing in regards to who’s at fault for the lack of diversity, whether it’s the modeling agencies, casting agents, the designers, the advertisers, or whomever.  They’re all lame, and things will not change until you call it what it is — Racism — and do something about it.  The world’s population is over 80 percent people of color, and in the United States, minorities will be the majority by 2042.  Minority children are already two-fifths of all our country’s children under 18, but by 2023, minority children will be the majority of all children under 18.  So the modeling industry, like all American institutions that don’t welcome minorities, needs to understand that supporting diversity is good business.

Black women spend over $30billion a year on apparel, but when considering New York’s huge Fashion Week, Blacks were only 8 percent of the models in 2010 (an additional 8 percent were Hispanic and Asian); in 2008, women of color were only 13 percent of the models (6 percent Black; 6 percent Asian; 1 percent Hispanic); and in 2007, Fashion Week was virtually 100 percent White.  This is appalling.  It’s as if the modeling industry is stuck in the 1800s.

I would just say to Black women, it’s just like selecting the men you allow into your lives:  you make the choices so you have to accept the responsibility regarding how the relationship goes.  And if you “lay down,” the fashion industry will continue to walk all over you.