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Cosby, A Rapist?  Every Black Man, Famous Or Not, Is Just One Accusation Away From Being Infamous.

By Walter L. Hilliard III –

Yes!!!!  Cosby is FREEEEEEE  . . . for now, anyway.

So Andrea Constand, a former Temple University basketball staffer in 2004, said during that time Bill Cosby drugged and molested her.  (But she also said she went to his home, said she wasn’t feeling well, and requested the Benadryl he gave her.  So which Constand can we believe?  I suppose it depends on who she’s talking to and on which occasion?)

Judge Steven T. O’Neill, who facilitated Cosby jurors having to deliberate for 52 hours over six days (he was really creating the circumstances under which they’d be pressured into convicting Cosby), called a direct witness to Constand’s lies “hearsay” and did not allow her former roommate’s, Marguerite Jackson, direct conversation with Constand — conversation into court, a conversation that would reveal that Constand to be a liar and opportunist who sought and was able to get Cosby’s money and attention.  Jackson claims  she and Constand were watching a report about Cosby being accused of sexual misconduct and Constand claimed she had a similar experience but had kept it to herself for some time.   However, when Jackson told her that the situation she experienced was serious and she needed to report it, Constand quickly came clean and said she really had not been drugged and sexually assaulted, but if she were to claim she had been, she could actually profit from the accusations.  Jackson claims Constand said she was going to “Get money, go to school, and start a business.”

Some time later, according to Constand’s one-time roommate, she saw a report in which Constand was claiming that Cosby did drug and sexually assault her.

But the lies, contradictions, and shenanigans didn’t end there for this trial — “Black Man Ambulance Chaser” Gloria Allred was even kicked out of courtroom, twice, because she was caught mouthing to a witness what to say during the trial.

The fact is, Constand told three different stories about what happened to her to different police departments.  Constand got on the stand (and so did her mother) and was told that she made three different police reports, one to Canadian police, a contradictory story to a Pennsylvania police department, and a third different statement was given to the district attorney who’s tried to convict Cosby — a politically ambitious district attorney who actually won his political race for district attorney based on his promise to go after and prosecute Cosby if he were elected to the position.

Constand also made statements that contradicted her abuse accusations as we came to find out that she had actually visited Cosby with incense, had romantic dinners, and even accepted several cashmere sweaters.  Constand’s statements on the year Cosby supposedly assaulted her were also off by a wide margin.  And she was asked that if she’s a lesbian why didn’t she mention that to Mr. Cosby?  And why was she having so much “quiet time” with Cosby, even spending romantic time by a fireplace?  But even worse, phone records reveal that Constand called Cosby over 50 time, as well as tried to get her parents tickets to a his shows — again, after he allegedly molested her.

And so it is that the Montgomery County White Supremacist DA Kevin Steele and the criminal justice system did manage to drag Bill Cosby into court and put him on trial by illegally overriding laws, sealed records, manufactured lies, collusion, and so on.  Isn’t it just amazing how institutional racism operates when its pawns have been born, bread and raised on racism, including the media, cops, juries, judges, and prosecutors?

Black people have to stop being distracted by Bill Cosby’s criticism of the Black community years ago (particularly his 2004 Pound Cake speech at an NAACP awards ceremony in D.C, a speech in which he criticized Black America for it’s materialistic, self-destructive behavior) as if that makes it okay to let White Supremacy’s Black stereotyping media lynch Cosby based on the biggest 400-year-old lie — that Black men are rapist.  And not only is this fantastical lie ruining the lives of Black men every day, but the media wants us to believe that even one of the world’s richest, most famous Black men decided to not only rape one White woman, the most ridiculous, rarest crime a Black man could ever dream about, wake up, and then dream about committing, but to rape, or molest, 10, 20, 30, 40 or more White women.

Fuckin’ absurd!  What are his accusers smoking?

What are we smoking?

Yes, Cosby has unfairly criticized the Black community at times, but he has given millions to the community, including Black universities, in particular.  He has also given us a historic show, The Cosby Show, that changed how many around the world perceive Black people.  My biggest criticism of Cosby has always been that if you’re going to criticize Black people, then also call out Hollyweird for its racism.  Don’t pick on poor Blacks, the most vulnerable, while weaseling your way out of standing up to your phony White executive buddies in Tinsel Town.

Let this be a warning to all Black men — that if they, White supremacy, America, it’s masses, media, and criminal justice system could do this to Bill Cosby, imagine what they can do to you and me?  Well, actually, we all already know — the system has been railroading Black men (usually with forced plea bargains, even when innocent) for 200 years, and you never hear about most of the brothas they buried under the prison.  In fact, cases overturned by DNA are twice as likely to involve Black men who have been wrongly convicted.

So if Bill Cosby is a rapist, the first question you have to ask is who is he raping?  (White women?  Hmmm . . . really, I don’t know any Black man that has ever raped a White woman, especially a rich one?)   Where is he raping them?  (Wellllll . . . I wonder what kind of woman goes alone to a man’s hotel room or house?  Maybe an actress or someone looking for favors Cosby could do for them.)   And if he’s a millionaire, why does he need to drug and rape women when he could simply buy their cooperation?  (Uhhh, many of them actually did get money and other favors — and some came back, over and over, again and again, to get raped?  Lie!  Lie!  Lie!)  And why didn’t any of them go to the police until years and years later?  Decades later?

Is it because, maybe, they weren’t raped?  Where are the witnesses?  What kind of luck must a rich Black man have to rape, drug, molest, etc., 10, 20, 30 or more women — practically all White women, and not a one get up and go to the police?

Fucking absurd!

If Cosby or any man raped a woman, I’d be the first in line to send his ass to prison (and why does anyone that supports Cosby even have to say this at all, duhhhhh?).  But when the accusers and the system is a manifestation of White supremacy, a system that shoots Black people down dead in the streets, and still denies culpability, well, it’s like believing in what a room full of bank robbers teaching an ethics class have to say.

Let’s just tell it like it is:  racism is a mental illness — it’s a distorted perception, delusion, blaming the victim, denial, and fears or phobias.  These are hallmarks of racism and they characterize the psyche of White supremacy to a T, especially in the case of how it has socially engineered the White masses to perceive Black people.  Thus, as I’ve said before, you could only be mentally ill to believe that a Black man in or out of Cosby’s shoes could rape, drug or molest 30, 40, 60 White women (the few Black women are sprinkled in like pepper so White America can say the issue is not “racial”) in America, the most racist country on the planet and in the history of the world, and not one, not a one, women get up and go tell the police at the “alleged” time of the rape.

Silly boy, silly girl, no way!


NFL Analyst ‘Hacks’ Already Belittling Clemson’s Black QB, Will 49er’s Shanahan Follow Suit?

By Walter L. Hilliard III –


Yup, the San Francisco 49ers new head coach, Kyle Shanahan, new general manager, John Lynch, and the team’s ownership, are just about ready to run a Black QB, Colin Kaepernick, out of town so I’m betting they don’t select Clemson’s Deshaun Watson — unless he absolutely blows them away in his interview, at the combine, or other workouts.  In fact, Bleacher Report has San Francisco drafting North Carolina’s White QB — Mitch Trubisky–  ahead of Watson.  And Bleacher report projects Watson not even being drafted until the 20th spot.

But Mitch Trubisky?  Who in the hell is that?????

Watson is a national champion and the best QB on tape and in real life coming out of college, even smashing super team Alabama in this year’s National Championship game.  The Cleveland Browns, who have the first pick in the draft, may draft a defensive end or a quarterback, some believe.  But what’s so funny about this is they have a Black quarterback, Robert Griffith III, and many are saying Colin Kaepernick, one of the few other Black quarterbacks in the NFL, may be headed to Cleveland — or even Buffalo to replace yet another Black quarterback, Tyrod Taylor.  Are you starting to get the message here . . . that a few desperate NFL teams may even bring in or consider bringing in other over-achieving Black quarterbacks to replace their quarterbacks, but only because the White quarterbacks on the market are so horrific!

Hmmmmm . . . . ?

So Watson must blow the 49er’s away in his interview . . . but this is what Black people have to learn — you can never please most White folks, for long, anyway, whether it’s your performance review at work or you’re trying to be an NFL quarterback.  The so called NFL analyst and talking heads will continue to cast doubt on Watson, the Heisman Trophy runner-up in 2016.

Mark my words — it’s not a given that Watson will be drafted in the top three, even though all of these teams need a quarterback.

If you dispute what I’m saying about Watson’s situation, or that Black quarterbacks are not preferred in the NFL, mainly because of racism or the fact that practically all NFL teams would rather have a White quarterback be the “face of the franchise.”   The quarterback is also considered to be the “brains of the operation” or team — and we all know the stereotype that “Black people are less intelligent than White people.”  I you believe race has little or nothing to do with the quarterback position, tell me why the NFL is 75 percent Black and only three to six of the 30 quarterbacks are ever Black?

The numbers just don’t add up.

If Colin Kaepernick were White, he’d still be in San Francisco.  He’s the most qualified quarterback on the open market.  And despite having some ups and downs, like all quarterbacks, he lead his team to a Super Bowl and two NFC Championship games.

I will be positing a statistical study that was done in recent years regarding Black quarterbacks being benched and treated differently than White quarterbacks, but in the mean time, like I said about the 49ers and Kyle Shanahan: the 49ers will only select Deshaun Watson as their first pick in the draft if he “blows them away” . . . mark my words!

Sixers Count Sevyn Singer Out For Anthem And Players Ain’t Happy

By Walter L. Hilliard III

So I’m watching NBA analyst Stephen A. Smith doing an interview about the Philadelphia 76ers pulling a Black female R&B singer named Sevyn Streeter from singing the National Anthem minutes before she was set to step on the court. Why?  Because they happened to notice she was wearing a shirt that said “We Matter.”

Maybe you don’t know this but Philadelphia has a racist history, despite the fact that nearly half of the city’s population is Black (44 percent, to be exact).  The city is very segregated.

Sevyn went on social media to tell her story in a video, saying:  “I was angry, extremely, extremely angry, and disappointed and honestly brought to tears by all of it. It broke my heart,” Streeter said. “Honestly, I was very excited about being able to perform the national anthem. I was really looking forward to that.”   The Sixer players only discovered what happened later.

During his interview, Smith rambled on about how the Sixer organization has a “right” to do whatever in the hell they want to and that if the players want some of the billions of dollars coming down the pike from the TV contract, they will, and I’m paraphrasing here, shut the hell up so they can just collect their checks.  This “Negroes need to be quiet when the White man is paying them a lot of money” routine is an ongoing theme with Smith, depending on the day because other times he’s talking about the freedom of speech.

Coon Smith needs to realize that this is 2016, not 1816, slavery’s over, and not all Black people are willing to “stay in their place” because the White people who are paying them might get upset.  Seventy-five percent of NBA players are Black and if LeBron James and the rest of the brothas in the league decide they’re unhappy, they can go find new owners for a new league they can form together.  I’m sure new domestic and foreign owners will line up to step in, work out a new TV contract with the player’s approval — and all other NBA-related businesses will follow them to the new league.  The players are the stars, the driving force behind the NBA and sports media, not the NFL’s owners or the ESPN owners Smith “shucks and jives” for.

I remember Mr. Big Mouth wasn’t so tough when he was made to apologize to America for a comment he made about women not provoking men to commit domestic violence.  The comment was taken out of context by a White female analyst on another show, Michelle Beadle of Sports Nation  Beadle went on Social Media and twisted Smith’s words, leading to a firestorm of criticism against Smith.  You should have seen Mr. Tough Guy Smith whimpering and apologizing like a little bitty puppy dog.  But you better believe that if someone Black had twisted his words and got him in trouble, he would have went ballistic.  And the powers that be at ESPN wouldn’t have cared.

When Smith realizes that slavery is over and stops kissing his White bosses asses, he’ll realize that Black people like Nat Turner, Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jim Brown, and others spoke up or took action to make things better for the rest of us.  And they absolutely expect us to continue doing the same for those that will follow us.

Remember Mr. Stephen A. Smith, you can run from responsibility, but you can’t hide forever.

Unaware of Racism, Naïve Janelle Monae Believes ‘Love,’ Fans, & Money are Most Important

By Walter L. Hilliard III –

Why is it that Black people can accommodate any other group or belief but the belief in Blackness or Black Unity?  It’s probably because Blackness often causes fear in the minds and hearts of the White mainstream.  In fact, many even laugh about two Blacks talking at the water fountain appearing to be a gang meeting to White folks, but there’s more truth to it than not – and that’s sad.

Warning! Warning! America! Bruce Jenner’s Psychosis Acceptable, Black People’s Skin Color Not, Snoop Also Called It

I’m tripping about how the media and America is happily accepting Bruce Jenner’s sex change, but every time the police murder another Black child or adult — everything’s a damn debate in White America.  Why can White America (most do, according to polls) accept Bruce Jenner’s sex change, or transgender people, but they can’t accept Black people?

Kevin Hart’s ‘Cooning’ Enable’s ‘Get Hard’s’ Racist Director To Do What He Does

Walter L. Hilliard III


“Get Hard,” starring Kevin Hart and Super Cornball Will Ferrell, reflects a resurgence of explicit media racism, ushered in with the election of President Barack Obama in 2008. And Hollywood, maybe the most racist American media institution, continues to reveal how shamelessly racist they really are through the eyes of “Get Hard” Director Etan Cohen in his directorial debut.

Born to a family of Orthodox Jews, Cohen’s choice to direct such a movie reflects the hypocrisy of at least Hollywood’s Jewish community and their racist attitudes towards Blacks. In fact, most of the studio heads working in Hollyweird are Jewish. So you don’t have to ask them what they think of Black people— their television shows and films speak for themselves.

“Get Hard” is a film about a rich White guy who has committed a crime and has to go to jail. So what does the White guy do? He finds a random Black man, who happens to be washing his car, to teach him how to survive in jail.

I figured that Cohen had a history of racism so a little bit of research revealed that he gained his experience in Hollyweird as a writer for crass, racist shows like “King of the Hill,” “Beavis and Butt-head,” and “Tropic Thunder,” a movie in which Robert Downey Jr., who is White, played a Black character or, I should say, played a character in “Blackface,” literally.

You know, I write a lot about how racist Hollywood is because Hollywood is, well, very racist. But what has always bothered me is that so many Jews are behind this industry’s racism— so many that even a Jewish writer made light of how “Jews run Hollywood” in an article years ago.

And so many of the agents, producers, etc., are Jewish that one wonders if Jews, as a group, of course, are even more racist than the gentiles or Whites in Hollywood. I mean, how often do we hear about the holocaust and even how Jews participated in the Civil Rights Movement. In fact, some Jewish writers are complaining about the movie “Selma” not showcasing Jews who directly supported the Civil Rights Movement.

Nonetheless, the question must be asked, where are the so called good Jews and why don’t they hold the others accountable?

Because they don’t give a damn. So why do they get so upset when Minister Louis Farrakhan calls out the Jewish community for its history of exploiting the Black community, including during slavery?

I would say I expect little out of Will Ferrell and it doesn’t surprise me that he’d do a racist movie, but I have to also say the same about Hart, who is Hollywood’s biggest Uncle Tom since, maybe, Martin Lawrence and even Eddie Murphy. When you’re a Black man who’ll let another Closet Gay, Shaquille O’Neal, hump on your butt for a comedy skit, well, you’re a whore who will do anything to coon for Hollywood. Even fellow comedian Mike Epps called him out about his “feminine” behavior and the fact that he let Hollywood “play him” like they do so many Black men willing to “go along to get along.”

Like Steppin’ Fetchit, Bojangles, Eddie “Buckwheat” Murphy, Martin Lawrence and other lesser known Black comedians, they were all willing to “sell their souls” for money, but not a one them, as far as I know, especially regarding Murphy and Lawrence, ever had or has anything to say about anti-Black racism or do anything about it.
So what good are they to the Black community?

Wake the F*#@ Up, Black People! Oxygen Bringing Gay Black Male Dance Team To Your TV Screen

By Walter L. Hilliard III


(After I wrote this piece, I couldn’t bring myself to post such a disgusting picture of effeminate Black men in dancing tights on my blog.  I just couldn’t do it– and then visit my blog, write, and proliferate such terrible, terrible images.)


Oxygen, the racist network that brought us the “Bad Girls Club,” a mostly Black cast of fussin’, cussin’, violent, Hoodrats, decided not to broadcast rapper Shawty Lo’s “All My Babies’ Mamas” after a massive public backlash; however, the network has recently green-lighted yet another blow to the image of Black men:  “The Prancing Elites Project.” This hot mess is about a Black dancing drag queen team wearing tights. Absurd!

I have one question, “Why isn’t there a gay show with White homosexuals dancing around in hot pants but there is a Black show?” I’m sure in their twisted logic, gay White men would never degrade themselves in such a way.   Yeah, being Black is hard and dangerous, but I love it and couldn’t imagine being anything else, however, it’s quite obvious that Black homosexuals like those who compose this dance team are delusional and being used by the White supremacist media to further disparage Black people.  The reality is White America and the world are looking at these Black men and saying, “See, now I don’t feel threatened by those images of Black men, but they are pretty disgusting.  Black people have no self-respect.”  Not that I care what they think but I do care what young Black boys think.  These Black men hate themselves, otherwise, they wouldn’t be trying to be something they’re not– a freakin’ female dance team.  Wow!  Imagine how bad you have to hate yourself as a Black man to want to be a girl?  This is one of the things racism does to Black men, such that they don’t want to be a Black man.

This show is a “hot ghetto mess,” and is degrading to Black people and especially to Black men. You’d never see the White equivalent of this show because Whites haven’t been oppressed like Blacks and so the minds of gay Whites, however “twisted” they are, still do not reach such a pathological level of self-hatred and shamelessness as is the case with these Black dancers. Whites would not tolerate such garbage being proliferated, trying to destroy White families and the minds of young White boys; and it’s Black boys, the ones White cops shoot down in the street like dogs, that they’re afraid of and are hell bent on destroying. Imagine not only Black people watching a bunch of Black men dancing like women, but think about the hatred and disgust this would generate in the minds of White cops seeing the ads or the show?

When you see Black men, who are already despised and suffer from terrible racist stereotypes, behaving like these men, Black men are viewed as being subhuman, beyond what they already are, and that’s hard to do.

Young Black men are the fastest growing group of AIDs cases, and Black women are next. America keeps about a million Black men in prison at any given time, exposing them to prison rape and homosexuality (situational homosexuality).

I’m just wondering why Black people haven’t stormed Oxygen’s studios and given those executives and producers a serious beat down.

Isaiah Washington Mentions White Supremacy & Angry Cops Are On the Hunt And Want Retribution

By Walter L. Hilliard III

After hearing about comedian Chris Rock being stopped (and he took selfies showing the approaching police car in the background) for the third time in seven weeks by the police, actor Isaiah Washington tweeted on April 1st, 2015:  “I sold my $90,000.00 Mercedes G500 and bought 3 Prius’s, because I got tired of being pulled over by Police.  #Adapt@Chris Rock.”

And of course this caused a firestorm of backlash on Twitter and all over the Internet.  Washington even had to go on CNN and tell Don Lemon that he didn’t necessarily mean that he was suggesting people tolerate racism, but I’ll get to what he was really saying later.  Washington also suggested that Chris Rock might want to visit the police station and ask the police why he’s being stopped.

Reading between the lines of the situation, it’s obvious that Black actors or Black men in nice cars are still being harassed by the police in different affluent areas in and around Hollywood.  During a video clip played on CNN, Rock is riding in a car with comedian Jerry Seinfeld as the police bear down on them.  At one point, Rock, laughing, mentions how many times he has been stopped by the police and that he’d be scared if he weren’t with Seinfeld.  But Washington didn’t think it was funny, although he said he appreciated the comedy.

So why haven’t these Black entertainers and other Black men come together, secured a lawyer, and confronted the police or filed a class action lawsuit against the police, who are obviously racially profiling them?  It appears they’re afraid of the police and are simply used to being stopped.  And this is what I have a problem with– the reason Black people still have so far to go to overcome the unrelenting amount of racism we face is because most of us lack what I call a “Black Social Consciousness,” a lack of awareness of Black problems and/or the courage to do something about these issues.

Fortunately, after much prodding by Lemon, Washington revealed the raw truth about what’s going on with racism and Black men being stopped by the police, including the fact that he hasn’t been stopped by the police in four years, since he started driving a Prius.  His concern was that when he was driving his Mercedes, a cop pulled a gun on him when he had his three-year-old son and six-year-old daughter in the back of the car, and both were terrified.

After Lemon kept prodding him for more answers about his tweet, Washington really got “real” saying:  “We [Blacks] are in a situation where we have to survive under extreme circumstances . . . where people [cops] are angry . . . for those who are practicing White supremacy, uhhh . . . they’re at war, they’re on the hunt, and they’re angry– they want some kind of restitution and retribution . . . so we have to really go about the business of having some serious, serious conversation of how to survive . . . . but if we don’t survive, then we don’t live to fight another day, and that is what I was saying by ‘adapt.'”

Yup!  That’s what I always tell my son and his friends– don’t reach for your phone, become belligerent, get out of the car; be professional and we can go to the police station and deal with the cops and what happened later.  And it’s a shame we have to even have this conversation.

Michael Rappaport Believes ‘Change’ is Good . . . for White Gentri-fiers?

RapaportBy Walter L. Hilliard III


I was always a little suspicious of Michael Rapaport, the loud mouth Jewish actor who starred in Spike Lee’s “Bamboozled” and likes to blab in “Black slang” and hob-knob, at least verbally, with Black entertainers and athletes, always acting like his “down,” like he’s Mr. New York. However, after listening to Rapaport’s own rant during a Huffington Post interview, a response to Lee’s rant about gentrification, my suspicions have come true: Rapaport is just another blabbering NY White guy (like Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg, a hip hop radio host, and yet another phoney making money off of Black culture) whose understanding and respect for Black people ends when he has to acknowledge anti-Black racism and its impact on Black lives.


It’s an old habit, same ol’ story: Black people are not worthy of any respect.


Rapaport’s response to gentrification was incoherent and non-substantive, making comments like “change is good” and referring to the concept of  “evolution” (Blacks having to move out and more well-to-do Whites moving in) as if it makes racism okay.  He also took a personal shot at Lee, saying, “I mean, Spike lives on the Upper East Side. If the people that donated money to Spike Lee’s last film saw the apartment that he lives in, they’d bug out. So I don’t know what he’s talking about.”


So the hell what he lives in a nice apartment!?


Yes, evolution and change have to do with racism and/or gentrification, or the police, fire companies, and new, arrogant, disrespectful White newbies (who wouldn’t even allow a concert in the neighborhood park because they were worried about too many Black people coming to the area) overrunning the neighborhood, acting racist towards Black people, forcing them out, and belittling Black culture.


You’d think Rappaport would have learned something about racism having also appeared in Lee’s movie “Bamboozled,” which was all about racism?


Dumb ass!


Just a Quick Thought On White ‘No Blacks Allowed’ Music, Billboard, Rolling Stone, The Grammys, Etc…..

rihannaBy Walter L. Hilliard III


I was recently reading a Rolling Stone magazine article on a Black website discussing the sudden death of Rodney Bryce, DJ E-Z Rock, of “It Takes Two” fame, a song he created with rap mate Rob Base and producer Teddy Riley, when I decided to check out Rolling Stones website. As I scanned the headlines I realized that there was only one person of color among the 50 or so faces on the main page. And that one minority face was that of murderer Aaron Hernandez, the former New England Patriot tight end charged with killing his Black friend, Odin Lloyd.



I mean, who does Rolling Stone think they’re fooling with their “Whites Only” website?  But, then again, Rolling Stone magazine is simply doing what the Grammys, Billboard, and all the rest of the music business are does, but rarely get called out for, maintaining White supremacy through the exclusion of minorities.



Few know or remember that Rolling Stone magazine would not even put James Brown on the cover – until he he got into trouble with the police in the 1980s and was sent to jail.  How do you not put James Brown on your cover?  Huh?  Really?  You’re that racist?  Wow!



Yes, we’re talking about James Brown, an icon and the Godfather of Soul, and a very controversial socially conscious (?) icon who once even stopped a riot in Boston at a time when riots were going on in 150 American cities around the country after Martin Luther King was killed in 1968.



Black people, yaw better wake up and realize that we’re still on a plantation, a plantation that glamorizes a few highly paid slaves.  These slaves,  the Kevin Harts, the Puff Daddys, and the Rihannas of the world believe they cannot do anything unless White folks allow them to, whether it’s their agents, lawyers, record companies, or whomever.  And let any of these celebrity slaves start speaking up about racism or try to use their wealth and high profile to demand an end to racism in their industries and the larger American society — well, you’d better believe you wouldn’t see them in the mainstream media anymore.



Ultimately, at least our Black athletes and entertainers have a great deal more wealth and/or resources than you and I do, or “average Black folks,” so if so many of us can speak up, taking risks, why can’t they?


I would say things would be better when the tired old racist move on, but they are always training the next generation of young Whites to believe they are “entitled” and supposed to rule over Black people.