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The Heart of Racism – Projection!  & R. Kelly, Kaepernick, & Pitino’s Black Coaches Get Blamed

By Walter L. Hilliard III –

So why doesn’t former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick have a job?  Let’s just go right to the heart of the truth, the heart of racism: he doesn’t have a job because he dared to point out America’s darker side, anti-Black racism, particularly the worst kind, police brutality/murder.  And so the behavior of NFL owners and mainstream American Haters, whether it’s Kaepernick or any other Black person who dares raise the issue of racism, is predictable: they are always  “projecting,” a psychological concept, their very own racist, guilty feelings (that Blacks are troublemakers and lie, cheat, steal, etc. — everything they’ve done to gain and maintain power) ONTO Kaepernick.

If you bump your knee on a chair, the pain occurs because of the nerves in your knee (or the negative emotions, stereotypes or beliefs one may hold inside about Black people), not the chair, or the Black people, you’re blaming for being in your way.  And, no, mainstream America, minorities are not stealing your jobs or anything else – the rich, the Power Elite, are, and they continue to ship them overseas.  Yes, you know the White guys that run Wall Street and their millionaire and billionaire owner bosses, the oligarchs, right?

If you really want to be honest, thinking critically, how can most Americans, mainstream White Americans, not be racist (Biased?  Prejudiced?  Same difference) – whether conscious of it or not – if they, too, are all born, bread and raised in a system built on White supremacy and/or racism, be it the media, education system, workplace, etc., for the last 400 years?   And how many times in school, the workplace or just watching a TV show have Black people, the victims of racism, been blamed for calling out someone or bringing up the issue of race?  A lot.  In the case of Kaepernick, other socially conscious Black Americans identify with him and feel like White America (and not all Whites disagree with Kaepernick) is basically saying:  “How dare Kaepernick take a knee and stain the beloved sports and flag we hide our racism behind and bring attention to the ‘reality’ of police brutality?  Who in the hell does this ‘boy’ think he is?”  So only someone drunk with power, arrogance, and no respect for Black life would criticize Kaepernick.

And let’s be clear that racism affects us all, but Black Americans can’t be racist because racism is about power and White America has the social, legal, economic, etc., power to carry out its prejudice (to pre-judge).  Sure, Black people can be prejudiced, but not racist.  For example, if a Black person has a legal dispute with a White person, chances are he’s going to be dealing with a predominantly White police force, White attorneys, White Judge, and so on, who doesn’t identify with him or her.   This is oppression from every angle.

But I digress, kinda  . . . . !


So one morning I stumble into the kitchen to get my second cup of coffee, while peeking in on sports talk show Mike & Mike, who happened to be paying homage to Hugh Heffner right after his death.  Show hosts Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic pondered the question of whether or not Heffner had lived a full life?  Golic asked who Hefner’s first cover model was?  All the while I’m thinking of how R. Kelly was being trashed in the media regarding his supposedly kidnapping and brainwashing several young women.  But, you see, ol’ Heff is honored as an American icon for doing the same thing R. Kelly is doing, shacking up with young women.  In fact, Heff’s girls, those like Kendra Wilkinson Baskett, even received spin-off shows and built their careers based on so called sexism or exploitation.  Why wasn’t Heff considered a dirty old man?


So let’s consider the concept of PROJECTION in more detail, but first define the term as I see it:    When someone, Heffner or White people, in general, behaves in a certain way – or has the desire to – that may be looked upon in an unfavorable light, they may associate this behavior with other individuals or groups, while not acknowledging their own behavior or ambitions.   Thus, the mainstream media bashes R. Kelly, or Black people, in general, for practicing behaviors they practice or desire to on a much larger scale.   So Heffner shacking up with young girls is clean, normal and the “White Thing” to do, but R. Kelly shacking up with young girls or women is dirty and outrageous – the “Black Thang” to do . . . ?  It’s plain hypocrisy and based on stereotypes.

White America has to face it’s deviant sexual appetite – remember, they are the culture that brought us homosexuality from slavery on through to the contemporary gay rights movement.   It was White America that decided it was a good idea to discuss “Johnny has a boyfriend” to little kids, on through to Hollyweird’s daily proliferation of sex, sex, sex.

In another example, Louisville Head Basketball Coach Rick Pintino, who does share some blame, gets trashed in the media for his assistant coaches (all Black, yeah, what else is new?) allegedly passing on money to recruits or their families.

But what also really got under my skin was when I watched one sports news report airing a  telephone interview with Dick Vitale, the college basketball hoopla mascot, who went into a rage, calling the situation with Pitino and Louisville sleazy and a black eye on their beloved college basketball sport; however, Vitale forgot, I suppose, to rage on about the causes of these transgressions: the NCAA, as well as thousands of colleges, businesses, coaches, administrators, and so on, benefiting from the exploitation of mostly poor Black kids, many of whom can barely feed themselves outside of the school cafeteria.  So the NCAA, its head coaches and the rest of the clan exploit the Black players, take the “real” money, the big bucks, then investigate and charge three “assistant” Black coaches for getting caught doing what they do on a monolithic scale, in full view.

And not to be outdone in regards to American institutions exploiting those who are vulnerable, the FBI used an Asian agent, serving as a frontman to deflect any appearance of racism or racial profiling, to hold several well-televised press conferences, discussing what the coaches were charged with: conspiracy to commit bribery and solicitation of bribes and gratuities.  Yes, when there’s Black people to charge, criminal justice goes all out.  The same thing happens with low level Black drug dealers and gun runners who are paraded across the television screen, but the White men way up the chain who control the drug trade or manufacture and sell the guns are rarely publicized. And, oh, let’s not forget the CIA, the most dangerous drug dealer ever, starting the Crack Epidemic that annihilated the lives of thousands upon thousands of young Black men and women?  The reality is that most drug-dealing, drug-use and abuse occurs in the suburbs where prescription drugs have caused an epidemic.

Now that’s P-R-O-J-E-C-T-I-O-N!  To the Tenth Power.


Knick’s Jackson & Yuppie Fans Want Porzingis, The Great White Hope?  Hype?  Not Melo

By Walter L. Hilliard III –


Nothing gets as close to the truth like sports.   No, sports is not reality or “truth personified,” but it can be pretty damn close when it comes to the rawness, the true grit of performance, of merit.  And let’s let’s not forget that in sports the cream often —  in comparison to other areas — rises to the top, Black, White, or otherwise, but not always.

Enter NY Knick’s team President Phil Jackson of Los Angeles Lakers and Chicago Bulls championship fame, the man who rode the coattails of a couple of the greatest players in history of the NBA, including Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan — Jordan being the greatest player, ever.

But that was then, and this is now.

Universal Soul Power Podcast: Castro’s Cuba, Not Miami’s

By Walter L. Hilliard III –

Wisconsin BBaller Calls Out Campus Racism

By Walter L. Hilliard III –

So Colin Kaepernick’s courageous stand against police brutality and the mistreatment of Black Americans continues to spread and influence the minds of young people.  Black kids, and some White and Brown kids, are taking a knee and even speaking out against racism.  But most Black pro athletes don’t take a knee or say anything about how Black people are being treated; thus, how ashamed should these grown ass men be when young kids are “taking a knee,” while they are too chicken to do anything.

Nigel Hayes, a senior Wisconsin University basketball player, called out his school’s leaders on Twitter, asking them to step up and take action against the racism minority students are facing.  “Black athletes are loved during competition, but then subjected to racial discrimination in our everyday lives,”he said.  He also mentioned a football game at Wisconsin in October when a fan dressed as a caricature of President Barack Obama (mask) with a noose around his neck.

Stephen A. “Coon” Smith Attacks Kaepernick For Not Voting

By Walter L. Hilliard —

So blabber mouth Stephen A. Smith of ESPN’s First Take goes in on Colin Kaepernick this morning because Kaepernic said he didn’t vote.  Then Heckle and Jeckle, Smith’s co-hosts Molly Qerim and Max Kellerman, joined in, parroting Smith’s whining about Black ancestors dying for the right to vote.  It was obvious that their voting and historical knowledge was limited to campaign slogans.

Smith called Kaepernick every name in the book, especially calling him dumb.  And he whined about loving President Barack Obama, and that Obama was right to chastise Blacks for not voting.

Okay, I could go on and on about the Cooning Smith does on a regular basis, but let me get right to the point:

Our Black ancestors died for justice, and only identified the right to vote as a way towards progress because they believed voting would bring about justice.

Hell No, I Won’t Vote, And Neither Should You

By Walter L. Hilliard III –

“I freed a thousand slaves.  I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.” Harriet Tubman

I just wanted to throw up watching LeBron James shamelessly plugging Hilary Clinton as she and Trump go down to the wire for the presidency.  Tell me what in the hell does he know about voting, other than what the democrats have force-fed Black people to help get them into office over the last gazillion years?  Not to mention the “Jay Z, Beyonce” concert the other day.

What’s also quite amusing is how LeBron was so enthusiastic when he demanded Black people vote (Hilary was standing off to the side, smiling), but he was running scared when Tamir Rice was shot like a dog in the street at the park.  You see, he was worried he might step on mainstream America’s toes then.

I also have to say that I got into it with a family member who flipped out on me because I’m not voting for Hilary — even if I only vote to stop Trump.  I basically asked her why would the democrats ever do anything for Black people when we always give them our vote for free?

And so it will be another 100 years before Black people get anything significant from the White liberal democratic party — that is unless the country breaks out into a racial/civil war or we resort to terrorism and they’re forced to the table to save face.  How much more mistreatment must Black people bear before they have had enough?  How many more dead bodies do we need to see in the street?  What have the democrats done to stop Black men from getting killed?  Obama won’t even send in the National Guard into Chicago, but I guarantee he would if thousands of White males were killing one another. How many more Black men need to be put in jail?  How many more Black kids in poverty (38 percent) and yet there still aren’t any jobs for the brothas in the hood?  How is it that America continues to diss Black America right to its face and yet Black people still run out and vote for President Obama and Hilary Clinton, both of whom have done nothing but smile at Black people?

Hell no, I won’t vote!

Our Black ancestors didn’t die for the vote — they died for justice, which they thought we’d receive from voting, but it hasn’t happened.  The ghettos are thriving; almost a million brothas are in jail; Hollyweird still treats us like Black Sambos; the police shoot us dead in the street, and get paid leave, like Colin Kaepernick said; Black men are the fastest rising group dying from AIDS while the democrats push for gay rights harder than anyone; and Black people took the brunt of the the housing market collapse, and the democratic president, Obama, did nothing.

Look, as I’ve said a million times, Black folks complained several years ago about Obama ignoring us, and we complained loudly to our Black Caucus/congressional reps.  What did Obama do about our complaints?  He went to the Black Caucus annual dinner told them and the Black masses:  “Stop cryin’ . . . . Take off your bedroom slippers . . . . Shake it off.”  And you know how the mostly Black crowd responded?  They clapped and cheered for him, too cowardly and obedient to put Obama in his place.  They’re like Bougie Robots, too scared to “open a can of whip ass” on this “Black folk hating,” punk azz president who belittles Black people in front of White folks every chance he gets.  And you know he’s bad if “Messy” Jesse Jackson accuses him of talking down to Black folks because no one’s sold out more than Jesse . . . well, except for Al Sharpton and, definitely, Condoleezza Rice.

Dumb azz Negroes!  Maybe Black people just don’t deserve fair treatment?   How can we be doing so bad for so long, and run right back out and vote for the democrats, every time?

Let me just say this, Black people, if you don’t lay down, then people can’t walk over you.

Shaquille O’Neal Racially Profiles, Arrests, & Interrogates Kaepernick’s Movement

By Walter L. Hilliard III

Silence speaks loudly, always has, always will.  And Shaquille “Shaq” O’Neal never, ever says anything about Black social issues, especially pertaining to the police.  If he has, I haven’t heard it.

Dead Black bodies lie in the streets while Shaq has built a legacy of “hamming it up” on TV like a child — he’s a buffoon, but his net worth is said to be in the neighborhood of $400 million.  Why is he so quiet about Black issues? Does he need another $400 million before he speaks up on behalf of Black America?  I suspect this Manchild doesn’t even know any better and couldn’t string together a coherent thought about Black social justice and racism if wanted to.  And America rewards Black “boys” who know their place, boys like Shaq and Charles “Stephen from ‘Django'” Barkley.  Riff and Raff are always on the ready when the TNT cameras turn on, smiling on cue, “play squabbling,” and jumpin’ up to git in a quick “coon dance” to keep Massa Ernie Johnson Jr. and the TV audience entertained.

Before Shaq was an honorary cop riding around in police cars with his Po-Po brothers, looking like “Bozo the clown” on a ride-along,” this rich Black guy, this NBA Hall of Famer, was born a Black boy to a Black mother and father.  And it was Black people who gave their lives so that he could integrate with White corporate America and make the millions of dollars he has made.

When sports talk host Rich Eisen asked Shaq about Colin Kaepernick’s flag protest, he rambled on and on about the following:  “My father was a military guy so I’m all about the flag and the military . . . has this always been something he wanted to do, because there’s always been social injustice against the African American community since I was a little boy . . . ? Has this always been his thought process . . . ?  When you do things like this, you can offend a lot of people . . . whatever path you choose, make sure you’re passionate about it . . . we as people just need to respect each other  . . . one bad piece of fruit in the fruit basket should never taint the whole fruit basket.”

I would ask Shaq when is the right time to protest, exactly?  In his case it would be never.  In fact, Shaq said everything but “I don’t give a damn about the police shooting no damn Niggaz.”  But we definitely got the message.

It’s also funny that Shaq and Charles Barkley have spoken out on behalf of the gay community, but not Black people. Black people “get their a@$ to kiss.”

Shaq also distanced himself from Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, whose name was Chris Jackson when the two played together at LSU.  Abdul-Rauf also sat  in 1996 during the National Anthem because of his being a devout Muslim (he later made deal with NBA to stand in prayer with his head bowed).   Shaq said, “I only saw Chris on game days . . . I talked to him a couple of months ago . . . it was very, very short.”

Shaq finished up his interview with Eisen promising that if he loses a bet they made regarding his favorite team’s performance this year, he would come to Eisen’s show in a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader suit with pom-poms and a blonde wig and bend over with his butt in Eisen’s face.

Gross!  And what is it with this coon’s proclivity for dressing in wigs and women’s clothing?  He’s done it for years.  Check the Internet.  No wonder so many of young boys think they’re girls.

Yup, Shaq is who you thought he was — a buffoon to the tenth power.

Trump’s ‘Race Card’ Playing No Worse Than Hilary’s

By Walter L. Hilliard III

So I watched some of Donald Trump’s 8/25/16 speech in New Hampshire about the differences between him and political adversary, Hilary Clinton.

Nothing really surprised me but I did raise an eyebrow about Trump’s references to “racism.”

As racist as he is, I must say that Trump was right on point about Hilary Clinton and the democratic party having done nothing for inner-cities or African Americans.  Trump said about a third of Black children are still in poverty and Black teens have a 58 percent unemployment rate.   But he was also correct when he mentioned that Hilary and her democratic gang are allowing immigrants into the country who are taking jobs away from Blacks.  This prompted my memory about a story in NY city where a restaurant would only hire Latinos and a occasionally a light-skinned Black person.  He also talked about over 2,000 people in Chicago being shot this year.  The only thing missing from his comments was also calling out President Barack Obama by name, in addition to Hilary.

Even Judge Joe Brown Noticing Trend Of Effeminate Black Men

By Walter L. Hilliard III

So I’m scrolling through Youtube looking for a video and I come across Judge Joe Brown getting into arguments with different brothas who were acting unruly in his courtroom, talking back to him and and even swearing.  But he handled all of them — “waxed ’em” all like only Judge Brown can do.

But what really “caught my ear” was when one particular knucklehead in one of the videos was mouthin’ off, flailing his arms, flicking his neck around and talkin’ slick, Judge Brown went at his manhood and started lecturing him and telling him that he was really “acting like a girl . . . standing like one . . . acting like a punk.”

Trump Equals Chaos, Chicago Rally Sign of Things to Come

By Walter L. Hilliard III –

“I’d like to punch that guy in the face . . . . Get ’em the hell outta here.”  This is just some of the language Donald Trump has used during the Republi-Con primaries, capturing the imagination of America’s most racist elements — when, in actuality, he’s just another rich guy who doesn’t give a damn about the White middle class or people of color.  How does he get away with this?  It’s an old trick — drill the masses for 12 years in grade school on American White History and Civics Classes, with patriotism thrown in as common theme, for good measure, but of course, and then use the mainstream media to reflect Whiteness and brainwash everyone that minorities, especially Blacks, are their problem — not the Wall Street Corporate Welfare Piggies.