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Unaware of Racism, Naïve Janelle Monae Believes ‘Love,’ Fans, & Money are Most Important

By Walter L. Hilliard III –

Why is it that Black people can accommodate any other group or belief but the belief in Blackness or Black Unity?  It’s probably because Blackness often causes fear in the minds and hearts of the White mainstream.  In fact, many even laugh about two Blacks talking at the water fountain appearing to be a gang meeting to White folks, but there’s more truth to it than not – and that’s sad.

Warning! Warning! America! Bruce Jenner’s Psychosis Acceptable, Black People’s Skin Color Not, Snoop Also Called It

I’m tripping about how the media and America is happily accepting Bruce Jenner’s sex change, but every time the police murder another Black child or adult — everything’s a damn debate in White America.  Why can White America (most do, according to polls) accept Bruce Jenner’s sex change, or transgender people, but they can’t accept Black people?

Are Will and Jada Smith Letting Hollywood ‘Homosexualize’ Their Children?

Willow SmithBy Walter L. Hilliard III –

What has Hollyweird done to Will Smith?   I cannot tell if his daughter, Willow Smith, is a boy or a girl when I look at picture of him — or her?

Will comes from a decent, two-parent home and from what I know of his background, he was a good kid.  But it appears that his Hollywood experience is similar to the old story of the Midwest girl going to Hollywood and getting “turned out” by the wolves (in the case of Smith, his value system was “turned out”), being abused on the casting couch and ending up on, what’s that place? — Hollywood Boulevard — and then she starts Ho-ing, like Will has done by way of some of his movies, and now he is allowing Hollyweird to “turn out” his children.

Yes, Will, it appears, has become an Intellectual Ho, selling his soul to the Hollywood Devil who hates Black people, thus, he’s become an “acceptable” Negro, joining the Scientology cult – giving them his money, instead of the needy Black community – playing gay roles, leaving his children intellectually unsupervised, and devoid of a Black Social Consciousness, never talking about racism and how Blacks are treated in Hollywood or America.

Yeah, I know who you are, Slick Willie!

And, he’s not being a man to Jada Pinket-Smith because she’s also running buckwild. I mean, have you seen the anorexic-looking Jada since she’s become more and more a part of Hollyweird?

I had been thinking that Will, and Jada, were letting Hollywood turn their kids into homosexuals, having seen strange looking pictures where I couldn’t tell what their gender was. In fact, I went ballistic when I saw his daughter, Willow Smith, had a tongue ring, originally known as being a lesbian sexual stimulation tool.

What the hell is wrong with Will and Jada?

But, as I’ve touched on, this is the same Will who was brought to Hollywood by Quincy Jones (also brought lesbian Queen Latifa to Hollywood), whom some have said was the facilitator of a Black homosexuality rink, and so Will ends up doing a film playing a homosexual in “Six Degrees of Separation,” only to be talked out of kissing another man (he used a body double) by Denzel Washington. However, in an interview, Smith later said that his only regret was that he didn’t kiss the man in the movie. But he did kiss the White dude in his movie “Hitch,” trying to satisfy his inherent drive to submit to White men, the power brokers, in Hollywood, to show he wasn’t homophobic.

What about being a role model to Black boys, Will, showing them how to be strong, heterosexual Black men? What’s wrong with that?

This man, again, whom I’ve never heard talking seriously about racism, is Hollywood’s bitch. And what he fails to realize is that when he’s gone, the Black community will not be impacted because he has had no socially redeeming value to the community other than the private stuff he’s done at his school (in the name of diversity, which means fewer or no Blacks).

Come on Will, kissing the behinds of Hollywood folks who cannot stand Black people . . . ? That’s weak!


Risperdal (Breast Growth) Effeminizing Misbehaving Black Boys, Proven Targets for School Punishment?



B y Walter L. Hilliard III –


Not long ago I watched a video of a Black psychologist talking about the effeminization process of Black boys and how their being physically effeminized by an avalanche of drugs, including ADHD drugs.


I then asked myself if the over-medicating of Black children for behavioral issues is a new type of Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, a travesty in which 399 of 600 Black male sharecroppers seeking treatment for syphilis were deceived by doctors into thinking they were being treated, but actually weren’t receiving the needed drugs.   The comparison is more about government deception and the abuse of Black people.  The Tuskegee study was conducted by the U.S. Public Heath Service, the U.S. Government, from 1932 to 1972, for 40 years, and only was discontinued because someone leaked the story about what was going on. Not to mention many of these men kept having sex, infecting their wives and the children born to them. Many also died.


Well, wouldn’t you know it that I’m watching TV one morning and an attorney’s face pops up on my screen telling anyone who’s son has been given Risperdal to call him and that the drug is being recalled because it’s causing young boys to develop female breasts. Risperdal, a drug with anti-psychotic results, has been widely prescribed to boys with behavior problems, including ADHD and bipolar disorder. How in the hell does this happen? You know the drug companies had to know. Apparently, Risperdal increases the production of the hormone prolactin, which stimulates irreversible breast growth.


After watching the commercial, I also thought of the studies that discuss how Black children, but especially Black boys, are racially profiled or targeted by school staff for punishment more often than any other race or gender of student and punished more harshly. Even the “Johnny come lately” Obama administration has created and rolled out a list of suggestions on stemming the tide of targeting Black children for discipline in school.


But imagine how insidious these schools and drug companies, who make billions off of these drugs, are when it comes to such a a drug actually causing boys to develop breast. And consider that Black boys, who are desperate for role models, have to listen to Barack Obama’s ongoing gay rights messages, including his going to Morehouse, an all-Black boys college, and pushing our best and brightest boys to accept homosexuality, and even using the word “boyfriends” when addressing them.


Also consider the army of gay characters on the Black reality TV shows that rate very high in Black households. Consider young Black males exposure to homosexuality in prison, due to prison rape and situational homosexuality, and the fact that Black men are given longer sentences than any other group.


Then add up the issues pressuring Black males, including drugs, rampant discrimination, a 50 percent high school dropout rate in many predominantly Black schools, and you have Black boys who are mentally, emotionally and physically beaten down, unable to pursue a decent education, which means they cannot take care of themselves and their families, and now you have an effeminized group of males — physically, emotionally, and mentally — with no self-respect. These are ripe circumstances for lowered inhibitions, and abhorrent behaviors like homosexuality.  In fact, many Black men see their heterosexuality as the only thing that’s theirs — and now society is even taking that away.  What’s left?


So, Black man, the next time someone calls you a homophobe, call them a racist and a Black male heterophobe because they don’t give a damn about the genocide you, your children, and your people are experiencing. They have so little respect for you that they don’t believe you are even worthy of standing up for yourself. In fact, they would rather see you gone sooner than later. And, sadly, a lot of Black people feel the same way.


America, the world, is at war with Black men – and you don’t even know it. Just look around.


And what Black man do you know that sits around like Barack Obama trying to push homosexuality onto his people? If you do know one, something’s wrong with him. Genocide is real and has already arrived in your town.

Morehouse, Launching A LGBT Course, Really? These Ni%*$#* Have Gone Mad

By Walter L. Hilliard III –

So, we can’t even get Black History taught on an significant level in our schools and colleges, but we’re okay with LGBT classes?

To most, Black men are threatening for no other reason than their skin color.  Poor Black men are a threat to rob you and educated Black men are a threat on the job because they don’t fit the stereotype and must also be put in their place – their being educated and assertive is threatening to even Black people.


So, first of all when did it become a problem to be heterosexual?  And why are Black people not asking the question of why we are allowing the mainstream, as well as some Black men and women, to “turn out” our young boys and girls?  Why are we not asking why some of our young Black boys are taking on effeminate characteristics?  Why don’t we care?  Why aren’t we asking why our young girls are cutting off their hair, putting on baggy pants, and acting like boys?  Yes, why are we letting the mainstream, who would love nothing better than to see our demise and annihilation, glamorize our boys and girls switching gender roles?  I mean, if I see one more gay Black hairdresser, dancer, or assistant on TV I’m going to go crazy.


So the Effeminatization of the Black Male Train is at top speed with Obama supporting gay marriage, Ben Jealous calling Black people homophobes, and the Huffington Post and other media outlets hustling in an avalanche of gay Black columnist and stories.


Sometimes I want to give up on Black people, and I always try to watch the name-calling because I get so angry, sometimes.  Thus, my anger at Morehouse College.


I mean, what and why would some Negro Morehouse Administrator, college president or otherwise, come up with such an idea?


Apparently, Morehouse Safespace coordinator Marcus Lee partnered with Yale’s Jafari S. Allen to create the LGBT course and they were assisted with the launch by the Sociology Chair’s Michael Hodge.  So this is what older Black men have to offer young Black boys?  Why does Morehouse allow these kind of role models to teach young Black boys LGBT courses on their campus?  If I were an educated bank robber, should I also be allowed to teach courses on how to rob banks?  Where does it all end?


From reality shows highlighting gay Black men to the prison industrial complex targeting Black men to the gay police bullying Black athletes and entertainers to apologize – mainstream America, out of its conscious and unconscious fear of Black men, is rapidly teaching our young boys to change their sexuality.  And Black leadership, playing politics and the money game, is handing over our sexuality as fast as they can, including the Obama’s, Sharpton’s, Dyson’s, Harris-Perry’s, Jealous’, and others.


Our leaders are hucksters and traitors.  They could care less if our boys become girls and nary another Black child ever be born again as they laugh their way to the bank, smile their big watermelon smiles on MSNBC, and get their pats on the head from their mainstream plantation owners and producers.

The Braxtons, Church Girls? Now Really Though?

By Walter L. Hilliard III

The “Braxton Family Values” will soon return in for yet another season.  But I’m trying to figure out what family values they practice, such that the producers would name the show what they did?

Okay, I love Toni Braxton.  I mean, who doesn’t love “Unbreak My Heart” or “Another Sad Love Song”?   Sure, we know Toni recently went bankrupt, again, but she was ill and most of those who like to criticize her couldn’t sell over 40 million records or win six Grammys.  I also love all the Braxton sisters.

But did you know that Toni and her sisters were raised by a preacher who left his wife, their mother, for a younger woman?

Well, you do know this if you watched the show last season.

Whatever the case may be, I have come to a point where I can no longer ignore the fact that Toni and hers sisters, like so many other preacher’s kids, have some serious issues for a family of siblings that are supposed to represent a Black church family and a strict religious upbringing.  But this is a point I always make: hypocrisy is running rampant in the Black Church, including the fact that you might think you’re at a hip hop concert in some churches.  Not to mention that you can go to a MAC machine in many churches to get some “paper” to pay your tithes.  And as if this wasn’t bad enough, there are churches that even want you to bring in your tax returns so they can see how much money you make a year.

But I digress

Anyway, one cannot help but wonder what’s wrong with the Black church when considering the attitudes and behaviors of the Braxton sisters on the show.  As if the exploits and reprehensible behavior of the Eddie Longs and Creflo Dollars of the world wasn’t bad enough?

Well, anyway, let’s see what kind of things I learned watching the Braxtons . . .

. . . Toni, who told the world she usually has to do a Number Two before every show (too much information . . . uhhh, yeah-AH), said she’s going to pose nude for Playboy, I suppose in the tradition of her recently showing her booty’s beauty in Vibe Magazine and other media venues throughout her career

. . . Trina, the lush with the DUI, does threesomes with her serial-cheater husband (a ponytail wearing Rico Suave), and had the nerve to pull down her panties in front of her hairdresser and sister to show the hairdresser how to masturbate (Wow!  I mean, really . . . how is she going to pull down her draws and . . . never mind). 

. . . Tamar, this is the whiny, materialistic sister who constantly argues with her husband about wearing sexier clothes so she can “drop it like it’s hot,” as she likes to say  every five seconds.

. . . Tracy, the fusin’ cusin’ sister that told Tamar to kiss her a–, was said to have been raised by a pack of Hoodrats.

. . . As if all this wasn’t enough, another sister,

. . . Towanda, is married and puts up with a husband, the father of her children and “loser,” as she calls him, who doesn’t work, sleeps with other women, and moved into Toni’s house with Towanda and the kids after they were evicted from the house they were renting.  Oh, by the way, Tamar calls Towanda’s husband a babysitter who drives the car she, Tamar, bought Towanda.  But Towanda, in the angriest state I’ve ever seen her, insists he’s a good father.   Also, Towanda said, “I wish someone would ask me to do Playboy . . . I’d show a little ‘T and A.'”

“Braxton Family Values” is an example of the problem with religion and the bible-quoting, church-going folks — hypocrisy.  But they judge everyone, quoting the bible like they know their name, and then carrying on like heathens.

And hence the problem with the non-churchgoing (not every Sunday) crowd — they cannot stand the hypocrisy and would never do half of the things the churchgoing, bible-quoting folks do.  And these folks do it in God’s name and in and around his house.  But they judge you for not going to church much.

Go Figure?

Geeeeese!  Black folks.

GOD Is Good

GOD Is Good

I’m not a religious person, but I am a spiritual person who believes deeply in GOD.  I don’t go around quoting the bible or saying “Praise the Lord,” but I do give praise, daily – several times a day – for all that I have and all that I know the Lord protects me from.

And after I’m done thanking my Higher Power, I get to work, trying to create what it is that I want out of life.  I don’t feel I have to “fellowship” or convert evildoers who do not believe what I believe, nor do I judge the women I date based on their religion.  Sure, I may take a second look if a woman told me she didn’t believe in God or a Higher Power, but it’s not for me to judge her

However, most religious zealots spend their lives judging others based on their religious beliefs and practices, ignoring the very scriptures they’re supposed to be “living.”  And that’s the problem with people who hide behind religion, using the bible and or God, or whomever their Higher Power is, to place themselves on a pedestal, superficially above their insecurities and doubts.

Preparation & Responsibility

Many years ago, I sat in a college classroom at Kutztown University enjoying my exchanges with a “hippie throwback” professor who had fallen and was unable to climb out of the long gone ‘60s.  But his brilliance taught me a thing or two and laid titles on my views about a corporate-run American society struggling to stay on track on a runaway train driven by Wall Street and ignored by politicians.  And here we are today still licking our wounds after that train crash.

Yes, during and after college I was afraid, very afraid.  So I decided I’d had enough of self-important politicians speechifying about voting for them and decided that I’d go out into the Community and “do” what we vote for politicians to do for us.  Many moons and successful grassroots programs later, I still have little desire to talk with politicians.  I mean, have you ever talked to a politician (they’re all the same) and then have them give you that look like, “Uhhh, I’m sorry, what’d ya say, I wasn’t listening?”

My Life Response:  “Uhhhm, sorry, I was simply asking you to get your ‘career’ out of my way so I can continue working.  Thank you.”

Activism and real grassroots programming is what’s missing in America.  And Barack Obama is viewed as Rock Star and a Messiah because too many of us have been “dressing in the dark,” waiting for someone to open up our minds and shine their light onto aspirations we don’t believe we can act on.

The thing about excuses: if you have them, you’ll use them.  Community and personal responsibility will always be our only saviors. Barack is not going to save us.

We all loved Michael Jackson for his talent and charity work, but he refused to grow up and take on his responsibility to be a man, always blaming his father, Joe Jackson, for his abhorrent behavior and unhappiness.  Swim around in your sorrows and life makes you pay.

Bottom line: after high school, you can start a family, fight in a war, or do anything you want to do so stop blaming your parents for your shortcomings.

Many of us are hiding our greatness in church pews and behind mates, but we will always be the leaders we are looking for.


Will Smith, a multi-billion dollar entertainer and businessman, said:  “If you stay ready you ain’t got to git ready.” Does Will know what he’s talking about?  Well, eleven or so of his movies have earned over $300 million, EACH, and every rap album he’s made has gone gold (500,000 sold) or platinum (one million sold).  And to think of all the rappers who had laughed at Will and said his rapping style was corny.  Ha-ha – I’d tell you their names, but . . . I can’t remember them.

Anyway, we should admire Will more for his community service projects, such as the New Village Academy he started in Calabasas, California, giving students with limited opportunities a chance to succeed in life.   

Big Willie, or so he calls himself, said that what separates him from others is that he will not be outworked by anyone. “If we were both on treadmills,” said Will, “you’ll fall and give up before I will, or I will die on the treadmill.  While the other guy is sleeping, I’m working.”

What could you accomplish if your work ethic matched Will’s?

You Can Run from Your Greatness, but you Cannot Hide from Your “Self.”

There will never be anyone like you – your work can never be duplicated.   And don’t let fear, a self-fulfilling prophecy, hold you back.   

What if Martin Luther King had ignored his desire to change America and said, “Nahhh, it’s too dangerous, I’ll just play it safe and chill in my church?”  Thus, there would be no Barack Obama.

And Dr. King didn’t have two brains. Would Martin accept your excuses?  I know your mama and friends are tired of hearing your excuses:  “But mama . . .”

Are your dreams going to join the millions buried in the graveyard?

How do you awaken:  “Good morning, Lord!” or “Good Lord, it’s morning!”

And don’t let the unhappy people “gift you” their miserable reality.  Misery doesn’t just love company, it wants to move in.


Your Reputation Is Based On Your Preparation.

The harder you work, the luckier you get.

I remember – after agreeing to do a presentation for a few teachers – pulling up to the high school and asking my friend if there was a basketball game that night because of all the cars.  Needless to say, I discovered I was the only game going on that night when I walked into an auditorium full of every teacher in the school.

I paused to smile at my friend, with revenge in my eyes, turned to the crowd, and gave one of my best presentations ever.  I was prepared.

Talk Isn’t Cheap, It’s Free

Talking too much is like Novocain, it numbs your sense of urgency to take the action your subconscious mind needs to help you develop the habits that will make you successful.  If talking alone made success a reality we’d all have everything we wanted.  “Don’t talk about it, be about it.” Waiting is a trap:  “One day I’m gonna . . .” 

“. . . You gonna, what – die?  Well, you got that right.”


When you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail, and our world is the lesser for it.



10 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Relationship.

What is it that sometimes comes and goes like the wind, and other times, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to hold onto it long enough, or you can’t get out of it fast enough?

Well, if you said relationships, you’re correct.  And your prize is in the mail.

Not long ago, while working as a marriage education facilitator, I discovered that couples – married and unmarried – can greatly improve their relationships by frequently practicing a couple of basic tips.

But these tips are only beneficial if you’re really serious about improving your relationship.

Remember that when you work on changing yourself, others may decide to change, too.

  1. Listen, Listen, Listen! I know it’s hard, but when you’re arguing with your mate, don’t focus on what you’ll simply say next.  Just listen.  By zipping your lips, you’ll “flip the script.”
  2. Compromise. Love is give and take.  What difference is there between you and a child if you have to have your way all of the time?
  3. No Name-Calling. Never!  Never!  Never!
  4. Write a Note. Write and leave your mate a note explaining how you feel about a devisive issue.  This is also a good technique to use if you and your mate cannot seem to stop arguing.
  5. Set Aside Discussion Time. Set aside some time each week when you and your mate can discuss relationship problems.
  6. Try a Mirroring Technique. Repeat back to your mate, everything he or she says, in your own words. You want to let your mate know that you’re listening.  This will provide the platform for a “safe” discussion about your relationship issues.
  7. Do Things Together. You and your mate must spend time together, participating in activities that you both love.
  8. Get a Life. Besides having things that you do with your mate, you must also have time to do things apart from your mate.  Whether it’s visiting friends or just playing basketball with your buddies once a week, you have to spend some time apart.  This renews your energy and increases your appreciation for your partner when you come back together.
  9. Look Into the Mirror. When you and your mate have an argument or a problem, ask yourself:  “What role do I play in this problem situation?”  Stop pointing the finger at your mate all the time.
  10. Improve Your “Self.” Always strive to improve yourself mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.  Take time out to enjoy your hobbies.  If you spend more time on improving yourself, you’ll spend less time worrying about your mate’s shortcomings.

Essence Affirmative Action?

Essence Magazine Editor-in-Chief Angela Burt-Murry has been fending off an avalanche of complaints because she hired a White fashion editor, Elliana Placas, leading many to believe that the magazine has “sold out,” ignoring the fact that the fashion industry excludes Blacks and other minorities.  It’s also important to note that Essence is pretty much the only significant magazine catering to Black women.

However, Essence is owned by Time Warner, and I suspect that Burt-Murry’s motivation may, in part, have been to avoid any backlash from upper management and others because of the hostile “conservative” atmosphere against Black Americans right now.  She may also simply be the type of Black person that, like many White Americans, wrongly doesn’t “see” race and believes in a post racial America. But I believe she has to know better?

Michaela Angela Davis – a former editor a Vibe, Honey and Essence – wrote on Facebook:  “It’s with a heavy heart I’ve learned that Essence magazine has engaged a White fashion director . . . the fashion industry has historically been so hostile to Black people – especially women . . . .”

I agree with her, however, my main issue is that a White fashion editor doesn’t know what it’s like to be Black, and I doubt that she has done any significant personal introspection to help her understand the Black experience beyond working around a group of Black coworkers at Essence.  She hasn’t grown up with Cousin Ty fresh “out the joint,” and I know she hasn’t been stopped by the police because she’s Black, or called a Nigger from a high-up college dorm window, and so on.  These kind of experiences stay deep down your soul and are revealed through your work.

But, ultimately, the question to Black women, to Black people, is when are we going to stop allowing mainstream industries to stop ghettoizing us (and taking our money) and, in the words of Public Enemy’s Chuck D, “shut ‘em down.”