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Cosby, A Rapist?  Every Black Man, Famous Or Not, Is Just One Accusation Away From Being Infamous.

By Walter L. Hilliard III –

Yes!!!!  Cosby is FREEEEEEE  . . . for now, anyway.

So Andrea Constand, a former Temple University basketball staffer in 2004, said during that time Bill Cosby drugged and molested her.  (But she also said she went to his home, said she wasn’t feeling well, and requested the Benadryl he gave her.  So which Constand can we believe?  I suppose it depends on who she’s talking to and on which occasion?)

Judge Steven T. O’Neill, who facilitated Cosby jurors having to deliberate for 52 hours over six days (he was really creating the circumstances under which they’d be pressured into convicting Cosby), called a direct witness to Constand’s lies “hearsay” and did not allow her former roommate’s, Marguerite Jackson, direct conversation with Constand — conversation into court, a conversation that would reveal that Constand to be a liar and opportunist who sought and was able to get Cosby’s money and attention.  Jackson claims  she and Constand were watching a report about Cosby being accused of sexual misconduct and Constand claimed she had a similar experience but had kept it to herself for some time.   However, when Jackson told her that the situation she experienced was serious and she needed to report it, Constand quickly came clean and said she really had not been drugged and sexually assaulted, but if she were to claim she had been, she could actually profit from the accusations.  Jackson claims Constand said she was going to “Get money, go to school, and start a business.”

Some time later, according to Constand’s one-time roommate, she saw a report in which Constand was claiming that Cosby did drug and sexually assault her.

But the lies, contradictions, and shenanigans didn’t end there for this trial — “Black Man Ambulance Chaser” Gloria Allred was even kicked out of courtroom, twice, because she was caught mouthing to a witness what to say during the trial.

The fact is, Constand told three different stories about what happened to her to different police departments.  Constand got on the stand (and so did her mother) and was told that she made three different police reports, one to Canadian police, a contradictory story to a Pennsylvania police department, and a third different statement was given to the district attorney who’s tried to convict Cosby — a politically ambitious district attorney who actually won his political race for district attorney based on his promise to go after and prosecute Cosby if he were elected to the position.

Constand also made statements that contradicted her abuse accusations as we came to find out that she had actually visited Cosby with incense, had romantic dinners, and even accepted several cashmere sweaters.  Constand’s statements on the year Cosby supposedly assaulted her were also off by a wide margin.  And she was asked that if she’s a lesbian why didn’t she mention that to Mr. Cosby?  And why was she having so much “quiet time” with Cosby, even spending romantic time by a fireplace?  But even worse, phone records reveal that Constand called Cosby over 50 time, as well as tried to get her parents tickets to a his shows — again, after he allegedly molested her.

And so it is that the Montgomery County White Supremacist DA Kevin Steele and the criminal justice system did manage to drag Bill Cosby into court and put him on trial by illegally overriding laws, sealed records, manufactured lies, collusion, and so on.  Isn’t it just amazing how institutional racism operates when its pawns have been born, bread and raised on racism, including the media, cops, juries, judges, and prosecutors?

Black people have to stop being distracted by Bill Cosby’s criticism of the Black community years ago (particularly his 2004 Pound Cake speech at an NAACP awards ceremony in D.C, a speech in which he criticized Black America for it’s materialistic, self-destructive behavior) as if that makes it okay to let White Supremacy’s Black stereotyping media lynch Cosby based on the biggest 400-year-old lie — that Black men are rapist.  And not only is this fantastical lie ruining the lives of Black men every day, but the media wants us to believe that even one of the world’s richest, most famous Black men decided to not only rape one White woman, the most ridiculous, rarest crime a Black man could ever dream about, wake up, and then dream about committing, but to rape, or molest, 10, 20, 30, 40 or more White women.

Fuckin’ absurd!  What are his accusers smoking?

What are we smoking?

Yes, Cosby has unfairly criticized the Black community at times, but he has given millions to the community, including Black universities, in particular.  He has also given us a historic show, The Cosby Show, that changed how many around the world perceive Black people.  My biggest criticism of Cosby has always been that if you’re going to criticize Black people, then also call out Hollyweird for its racism.  Don’t pick on poor Blacks, the most vulnerable, while weaseling your way out of standing up to your phony White executive buddies in Tinsel Town.

Let this be a warning to all Black men — that if they, White supremacy, America, it’s masses, media, and criminal justice system could do this to Bill Cosby, imagine what they can do to you and me?  Well, actually, we all already know — the system has been railroading Black men (usually with forced plea bargains, even when innocent) for 200 years, and you never hear about most of the brothas they buried under the prison.  In fact, cases overturned by DNA are twice as likely to involve Black men who have been wrongly convicted.

So if Bill Cosby is a rapist, the first question you have to ask is who is he raping?  (White women?  Hmmm . . . really, I don’t know any Black man that has ever raped a White woman, especially a rich one?)   Where is he raping them?  (Wellllll . . . I wonder what kind of woman goes alone to a man’s hotel room or house?  Maybe an actress or someone looking for favors Cosby could do for them.)   And if he’s a millionaire, why does he need to drug and rape women when he could simply buy their cooperation?  (Uhhh, many of them actually did get money and other favors — and some came back, over and over, again and again, to get raped?  Lie!  Lie!  Lie!)  And why didn’t any of them go to the police until years and years later?  Decades later?

Is it because, maybe, they weren’t raped?  Where are the witnesses?  What kind of luck must a rich Black man have to rape, drug, molest, etc., 10, 20, 30 or more women — practically all White women, and not a one get up and go to the police?

Fucking absurd!

If Cosby or any man raped a woman, I’d be the first in line to send his ass to prison (and why does anyone that supports Cosby even have to say this at all, duhhhhh?).  But when the accusers and the system is a manifestation of White supremacy, a system that shoots Black people down dead in the streets, and still denies culpability, well, it’s like believing in what a room full of bank robbers teaching an ethics class have to say.

Let’s just tell it like it is:  racism is a mental illness — it’s a distorted perception, delusion, blaming the victim, denial, and fears or phobias.  These are hallmarks of racism and they characterize the psyche of White supremacy to a T, especially in the case of how it has socially engineered the White masses to perceive Black people.  Thus, as I’ve said before, you could only be mentally ill to believe that a Black man in or out of Cosby’s shoes could rape, drug or molest 30, 40, 60 White women (the few Black women are sprinkled in like pepper so White America can say the issue is not “racial”) in America, the most racist country on the planet and in the history of the world, and not one, not a one, women get up and go tell the police at the “alleged” time of the rape.

Silly boy, silly girl, no way!


Trump’s ‘Race Card’ Playing No Worse Than Hilary’s

By Walter L. Hilliard III

So I watched some of Donald Trump’s 8/25/16 speech in New Hampshire about the differences between him and political adversary, Hilary Clinton.

Nothing really surprised me but I did raise an eyebrow about Trump’s references to “racism.”

As racist as he is, I must say that Trump was right on point about Hilary Clinton and the democratic party having done nothing for inner-cities or African Americans.  Trump said about a third of Black children are still in poverty and Black teens have a 58 percent unemployment rate.   But he was also correct when he mentioned that Hilary and her democratic gang are allowing immigrants into the country who are taking jobs away from Blacks.  This prompted my memory about a story in NY city where a restaurant would only hire Latinos and a occasionally a light-skinned Black person.  He also talked about over 2,000 people in Chicago being shot this year.  The only thing missing from his comments was also calling out President Barack Obama by name, in addition to Hilary.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid, Al Sharpton, & Melissa Harris Perry Get their N-Word Wake-Up Call

By Walter L. Hilliard III –


The real MSNBC has reared its ugly head, and we, Black America, must face yet another story of another “Black man (or woman), down.”

However, some Black folks need to be down, out, and buried.

Typically, Networks ‘Use’ Black Shows to Grow, Then Ship Them Off to Black Networks

Opra and Sweetie Pie'sBy Walter L. Hilliard III –


We could go way back when to discuss how the Fox network “used” “In Living Color,” “Martin,”etc., as well as other Black shows, like other networks have “used” Blacks, to build their network, then dumped the shows and their Black audiences.


More recently, Black shows being “used”:  “The Game,” canceled by the CW (owned by CBS and Paramount) and later moved to BET; and Queen Latifah’s (producer) “Single Ladies,” discontinued by VH1 and picked up by the Centric network (targets Blacks) – both are owned by Viacom.


But what’s even more offensive is how the Queen of Mainstream TV, Oprah Winfrey, needed Black shows to save her network, OWN (50-50 shared ownership with the Discovery Channel), which is pretty funny because she typically ignores Black people and issues like racism.  So when her network was tanking, the Black show “Sweetie Pie’s” (features former Tina Turner backup singer Robbie Montgomery and her restaurant business) was just about the only bright spot.   Next came Iyanla Vanzant, and eventually Tyler Perry and others.  Actually, there are about 13 Black shows featured on the network.  And mark my words, once Oprah reaches the top again, she’ll ditch her “Black strategy” and her Black audience.


Thus, whether it’s picking cotton or other forms of Black exploitation, Black bodies are always providing ways for White families to make a living or get rich.  For example, despite all the money Black shows are bringing into OWN, think about all the pictures you’ve ever seen of Oprah’s staff and you’ll see very few Blacks.  Also consider the criminal justice system and look at the great lives judges, attorneys, prison guards, cops, healthcare services and others have — and you’ll see how  Black lives make White privilege and supremacy possible.


And they call us lazy.


Noooooooo, Not Another Black Weed-Smoking Pimp . . . Captured With A Watermelon!

Bullock and McCarthy

By Walter L. Hilliard III –


So I randomly wake up one morning and my TV happens to be on HBO, and a comedy named “The Heat,” released in 2013, comes on.  Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy, the star of “The Identity Thief,”  and Marlon Wayans are featured.  (By the way, Wayan’s talent is grossly underutilized.)


The movie opens with an FBI swat team, led by Bullock, breaking into a house with two criminals hiding guns and weed – one of the criminals was White, the other Black (I’m thinking the Black guy was meant to be the “real” criminal and the White guy was thrown in for good measure?).


In the next scene, McCarthy’s character appears on a street corner, doing a stakeout, watching a trick picking up a prostitute down the street.  And, but of course, all but one of the prostitutes on the corner behind the White one negotiating with the trick, are White (I mean, if you made most of them Black, that would be racist, right?  Well, to be quite honest, I was actually feeling like I was beginning to see a pattern here — one Black prostitute with five White ones thrown in for good measure?  Why not just have all of the prostitutes be White?  But you see, Hollywood would see the scene as being inauthentic then because how can you have a group of prostitutes standing on a corner and not have at least one of them be Black, right?).


Well, suddenly, McCarthy pulls off in her undercover cop car, stops at the corner, gets out of her car and walks up on the negotiators and arrests the guy after taking his cell phone and calling his wife.


In the next scene, McCarthy drives over to a bunch of guys, all White and one Black, sitting on a wall. The Black guy happens to be the only one smoking a joint, and he happens to be the pimp of the prostitute she previously encountered.  After a conversation he asks her if she’s racist (no, she’s not, really, but the producers of this film are). She responds, “Nine out of the 10 guys I fuck are Black guys.”  But, as if that wasn’t enough, after she chases and catches the brotha, he asks her what did she throw at him to knock him down — and she says a watermelon.


Well, one might think that today’s Hollywood is way past making movies with White cops chasing Black, weed-smoking pimps speaking Ebonics – something we could see during a scene between “Starsky and Hutch,” and Huggy Bear in the 1970s – but obviously we’re not.







Are Will and Jada Smith Letting Hollywood ‘Homosexualize’ Their Children?

Willow SmithBy Walter L. Hilliard III –

What has Hollyweird done to Will Smith?   I cannot tell if his daughter, Willow Smith, is a boy or a girl when I look at picture of him — or her?

Will comes from a decent, two-parent home and from what I know of his background, he was a good kid.  But it appears that his Hollywood experience is similar to the old story of the Midwest girl going to Hollywood and getting “turned out” by the wolves (in the case of Smith, his value system was “turned out”), being abused on the casting couch and ending up on, what’s that place? — Hollywood Boulevard — and then she starts Ho-ing, like Will has done by way of some of his movies, and now he is allowing Hollyweird to “turn out” his children.

Yes, Will, it appears, has become an Intellectual Ho, selling his soul to the Hollywood Devil who hates Black people, thus, he’s become an “acceptable” Negro, joining the Scientology cult – giving them his money, instead of the needy Black community – playing gay roles, leaving his children intellectually unsupervised, and devoid of a Black Social Consciousness, never talking about racism and how Blacks are treated in Hollywood or America.

Yeah, I know who you are, Slick Willie!

And, he’s not being a man to Jada Pinket-Smith because she’s also running buckwild. I mean, have you seen the anorexic-looking Jada since she’s become more and more a part of Hollyweird?

I had been thinking that Will, and Jada, were letting Hollywood turn their kids into homosexuals, having seen strange looking pictures where I couldn’t tell what their gender was. In fact, I went ballistic when I saw his daughter, Willow Smith, had a tongue ring, originally known as being a lesbian sexual stimulation tool.

What the hell is wrong with Will and Jada?

But, as I’ve touched on, this is the same Will who was brought to Hollywood by Quincy Jones (also brought lesbian Queen Latifa to Hollywood), whom some have said was the facilitator of a Black homosexuality rink, and so Will ends up doing a film playing a homosexual in “Six Degrees of Separation,” only to be talked out of kissing another man (he used a body double) by Denzel Washington. However, in an interview, Smith later said that his only regret was that he didn’t kiss the man in the movie. But he did kiss the White dude in his movie “Hitch,” trying to satisfy his inherent drive to submit to White men, the power brokers, in Hollywood, to show he wasn’t homophobic.

What about being a role model to Black boys, Will, showing them how to be strong, heterosexual Black men? What’s wrong with that?

This man, again, whom I’ve never heard talking seriously about racism, is Hollywood’s bitch. And what he fails to realize is that when he’s gone, the Black community will not be impacted because he has had no socially redeeming value to the community other than the private stuff he’s done at his school (in the name of diversity, which means fewer or no Blacks).

Come on Will, kissing the behinds of Hollywood folks who cannot stand Black people . . . ? That’s weak!


TV One & Roland Martin’s Shameless Pandering to Gays to Maintain His High Profile

Roland MartinBy Walter L. Hilliard III –


One could say that TV One’s “News One Now” show host Roland Martin enjoys hanging out with flaming gay Black men and listening to them make not-so-subtle references to their love for male sex organs (yes, it’s the truth, and it’s been done repeatedly in the same show), but I think he’s really just morally bankrupt and simply pandering to gays to get rid of his anti-gay label.


You probably remember Martin was attacked by gay groups for tweeting that someone should slap CNN’s Pierce Morgan, or any man, for being enthusiastic about seeing soccer star David Beckham in a an underwear commercial. Martin was suspended and eventually let go by CNN, so it appears that he now feels the need to overcompensate and have a flaming gay Black man on his “News One” show, teaching our young Black boys how to act like women. And of course Martin laughs and jokes with the gay dude as he “pushes the envelope,” making homosexual references out of any and everything discussed on the show.


So is this show really a news show? Of course not.


What Black man in his right mind would enjoy being on a Black news show with a gay Black man making constant homosexual act references, and laughing about it? A member of the Black misleadership class, of course, who could care less about being a role model to young Black boys who are watching the show. Martin, like the rest of the high-profile, check-snatchin’ Black Misleadership Class has become desperate to stay relevant. He’s taken a step down from CNN to TV One but doesn’t realize that if he hadn’t bought into CNN’s anti-Black messages in the first place, he wouldn’t be so insecure and desperately hanging on to television like some Media Whore.


All I can say is Martin is just one notch below a drug dealer because he makes a good living and doesn’t need to “sell” his poison to his people at all.


So, Black people, welcome to TV One and the continued proliferation of derogatory, genocidal Black images meant to poison yet another generation of young Black people.  The only question is who’s worst:  Kathy Hughes and Alfred Liggins, Hughes son, who runs her network, or BET and Viacom?


Fox’s New ‘Empire Strikes Black with Gay Black Director Lee Daniels, More Gangsterism, Homosexuals = Genocide

DanielsBy Walter L. Hilliard III –


While online, I recently came across yet another new show headed our way, a pilot drama called “Empire.”   The new pilot, a typical format, is a mixture of violence, music, and . . . yep, once again, Black male homosexuality.  Whether it’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” or a gay makeup artist on “The Braxton’s” bobbing his head and catfighting with Tamar, there’s always room for the Black male homosexual.


I continued reading . . . and saw the name . . . Lee Daniels!




Not Lee Daniels!  The gay Black director – with the White boyfriend – that has shown the world how much he hates Black people by bringing us “Precious,” using a Mamie caricature, and “Monster’s Ball,” featuring a White racist having rough sex with contemporary Mamie Halle Berry, who also played in a movie called “The Rich White Man’s Ho”– I mean, “The Rich Man’s Wife.” Yes, the same Lee Daniels that brought us “The Butler,” continuing to proliferate subservient images of Black people, images continuing the racist legacy of Steppin’ Fetchit and Bojangles. The same Lee Daniels that wants to do a gay super hero movie with a a Black man and a White man, he says.


And facilitating the rise of the “Black genocide loving” Daniels, who co-wrote and co-produces “Empire, is Fox – yes, the Fox network who reigns over the Fox news department that uses Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, and others to degrade Black people, daily, has also hired contemporary slaves, who will do anything for a dolla, Terrence Howard, Taraj Henson, both of whom brought us the pimp movie “Hustle & Flow,” and Timbaland (will produce the music) to proliferate yet another drama pilot to indoctrinate another generation of Black youth with a poisonous cocktail of guns, music, prison, and the now standard homosexual, a son in this case.


Are you following me — are you noticing the continued Black Male Homosexual theme in TV, movies, and society, brought to you by Flip Wilson as Geraldine and made into a big-screen institution with Tyler Perry’s Madea character, appearing in film after film?


I just don’t understand what has happened to Black people whereby they let people who hate them, especially their Hollywood Oppressors, teach their sons to be homosexuals, whether it be “Love & Hip Hop” or the drag queen RuPaul parading around in makeup and heels like the gays and/or drag queens on the other 20 or so Black reality shows over the last five to 10 years.


Unfortunately, Black people love the pimp-playing Howard and the hoochie-playing Henson, so I’m sure the show will rake in Black viewers, as well as Whites who want to sit in the American Coliseum and watch Black people continue to lead the charge in their own demise.


What is this infatuation the White men who run Hollywood have with glamorizing gay Black men or Black drag queens?


I’ll tell you what it is, it’s the same ol’ bitch ass fear they had when the Black bucks got off of the slave boats and they knew they couldn’t compete so they started to plan and carry out their evil doer ways, from whippings, to cutting off the genitals of Black men – and putting them in jars – and lynching them.


I could go on and on, but let me just say this, and I hope you never forget it: the men in Hollywood are a reflection of the perverseness of racism and the fear of the Black man’s sexuality, intelligence, and reproductive strength to produce a Black child with any color woman. And their indulgence in trying to “homosexualize” the Black community is equivalent to the level of fear and hatred they have for Black men. But the one thing they cannot overcome, no matter what they do to Black people, is God, and like my mamma always said: “Every dog has his day.” Every . . . dog . . . .


Yes he does.



Gays Win, Blacks Lose, Grammy’s Gay Marriage Glamorized as Black Artist’s Talents Dissed

Mklm Lws GrammysBy Walter L. Hilliard III –

If 25 years ago I would have shown you a rap movie script that said in 2013 rap and R&B music would be dominated by White rappers and White R&B singers, and that a White rap group, who had a popular gay marriage song on their album, would win all of the top rap categories at the top music award show, then sing their gay marriage song on that show, while a Black lesbian female, who was formerly a socially conscious rapper, would preside over a gay wedding, as Black rappers just sat in the audience, spayed and neutered, and “took it,” you’d probably say – “That’s ridiculous, unbelievable! Too far-fetched, even for a movie.”

But it just happened.

And here we are after the 2014 Grammys and Black people are still riled up about White rappers Macklemore and Ryan Lewis dominating the rap categories with three Grammy wins over rappers like Kendrick Lamar, Jay Z, Kanye West and Drake.

So what are some of the details of this script-like, nightmare music reality?

Yes, it’s true, White rappers Maklemore and Ryan Lewis really did beat out Black rap titans – Kendrick Lamar, Jay Z, Kanye West and Drake for Grammy awards. These White rappers also performed their own gay love song, “Same Love,” which was heavily promoted by lesbian Ellen Degeneres, and did so while the once socially conscious Queen Latifa – and Hollyweird Mammy for some time now – married 33 gay and straight couples.

Whoa! Did you here what I said? It’s almost too much to digest how White gays have infiltrated the macho-ist of all art forms, rap, and used Grammy-anointed White pop rappers and a Black lesbian to knock out Black bravado in a 12-round Grammy night fight.

Black . . . Man . . . Down, and out for the count!

I say to these racist, Black man-, Black-people-hating gay infiltrators: “F*^# You!!! You Black male Heterophobes.”

There’s nothing more they hate than an aggressive, angry, masculine, heterosexual Black man, a man who loves women. So don’t you think for one second, when they saw the opportunity, they didn’t target the epitome of Black music masculinity, rap, like they do everything else Black men dominate, and try to destroy or effeminize it. And to think, when macho athletes and entertainers like Kobe Bryant, Isiah Washington, or Tracy Morgan say what gays believe is offensive to them, they make them apologize, publicly, down on their knees groveling for forgiveness.

And catch this, the Uncle Toms over at BET (yes, Uncle Tom-ism gets worse when a Black-owned company becomes White-owned) gave Macklemore and Ryan Lewis a BET Award win over Jay Z and Kanye West, too.

In regards to the award losses the Black community has suffered recently, I’d like to say to young Blacks, the so called progressive and liberal Blacks, and the Black Misleadership class – “That’s watchaw gits for always sucking up to the White gay community and helping them hijack our Civil Rights movement by equating gay rights with Civil Rights. So stop complaining about how Black folks was robbed at the Grammys because White acts dominated the Rap and R&B categories.”

Gay rights are not civil rights and the Grammys is a mainstream organization that reflects the racism in society. Black people and their music or artistic talent, their movements, and their labor have been “used” or infiltrated by White America since forever – in the name of “We will never let you rise.”

I’ve been talking about this issue from the beginning: White America and gays care about gay rights but could care less about Black people or their Civil Rights. And the gay rights movement is really about White gays, not gay Blacks, who are also misguided and serve as puppets. Thus, my aforementioned assertion continues to be validated and show that Black leaders and White America’s constantly comparing gay rights to Black people and their Civil Rights movement is just another co-opting of Black people’s suffering to enhance White supremacy and White privilege.

A day after the Grammys, CNN had a gay White male couple that got married at the Grammys on. This couple repeated the “gay rights is Civil Rights” mantra and discussed how a Grammy casting director/producer contacted them to be a part of a big event that they really didn’t know much about, initially. I was actually channel surfing because I tried, but couldn’t, watch the Grammys straight through because they’re so anti-Black, in terms of their lack of Black winners and Black live performers; however, I eventually found my way back to the show and saw Queen Latifah conducting the marriage ceremony between gay and straight couples.

No wonder the world hates America – the hypocrisy, especially in terms of how Black people are treated. When you’re White, the world is yours; you can be straight, gay, poor, or a murderer and shoot a Black kid while he’s walking home with an iced tea and Skittles – and have a jury of delusional White chicks let you walk free.

Yes, being gay trumps being Black in this country. America can accept homosexuality, embrace it, glamorize it – but when it comes to Black people, racism prevails. And even more disturbing, a lot of Black folks have bought into the “gay rights is Civil Rights” lies, too.

And Black rappers should be aware that what Macklemore and Lewis did is very racist, very anti-Black, covert and intentional — doing what few others have been able to do, indoctrinating the Black Bravado-driven Black rap industry with homosexuality, aligning themselves with Black rappers, befriending them, and being elevated by fellow Whites and gays in the entertainment industry.  Believe me, Macklemore and Lewis have experienced a great deal of rejection from Blacks in the industry, being White rappers, as they “came up,” so don’t be fooled by the perceived humbleness.   The are very well aware of who they are, where they’re at, and what they’ve done.  Yes, this was all very calculated.  They decided, for themselves, like all White men do, what’s good for Black men, Black rappers, and that it was time for rap to accept gays and/or gay rights.  They have no respect because they’re White men and they believe that they are better than everyone else and can do whatever the hell they want to do.  Do you think Macklemore and Lewis would walk into an industry run by Blacks — Black owners or executives, rappers, etc. — and push a gay song?  Not in a million years, but because the music/rap industry is owned and run by Whites, in addition to being supported by a White-owned. gay-friendly media, they know they can do whatever they want to do.

How “White of you” Macklemore and Lewis.  You have some nerve.





Lee Daniels, Gay Black Director, Hollyweird’s ‘Servant Boy’ for Pathologizing Black People


By Walter L. Hilliard III

To pathologize a group of people is to characterize them as medically or psychologically abnormal. And what happens when the abnormal becomes normal to the victim, too? White men are used to getting what they want in America, even if they have to lie, cheat, and steal. Just see Wall Street if you don’t believe that. And if they don’t get what they want from Black people, they fire them, arrest them, or stop them in a store or their cars, even when they’re not doing anything illegal. They’ll also start a war with a country like Iraq – where they even made up lies about Weapons of Mass Destruction – or bomb Libya until they get what they want.The problem with Black people is we think everything White people do is right and/or good for us, too, whether it be how they discriminate, their sexual habits, how they believe greed is a business priority, and even their belief that Black people are inferior – “Yes, Mr. White Man, you’re right, Black people are inferior.” The “White man’s ice is definitely colder.”

Yes, racism has got Black folks twisted.

Daniels and OprahAnd speaking of being “twisted” and Black in America, the thought the thought that naturally came to my mind seeing Oprah’s face plastered on my TV screen next to Tyler Perry’s made me wonder why she, like Hollywood, infatuated with glamorizing gay Black men and/or drag queens like Perry, RuPaul, and director Lee Daniels? Better yet, why does Black America appear to care less about the mainstream media’s assault on the minds of young Black boys with effeminate male images? It seems that Black people’s role models are disproportionately buffoons or gay men. Black boys deserve the opportunity to have strong, angry, heterosexual role models growing up just like young White males do. With all of the hatred directed at Black males from society, to attack their sexuality is nothing more than blatant genocide.

An even deeper question to ask is how do you know when someone doesn’t like you? Well, don’t ask them because they’ll usually lie to your face. What you must do is simply observe how they treat you. So, Black people don’t needOprah, Perry to hold long discussions with their oppressor; all they have to do is face reality by looking at the facts. And what are the facts? The facts in America are Black people are mistreated in America, from racial discrimination in the workplace to the proliferation of stereotypical movies and TV shows put out by Hollywood to Blacks being the last hired and first fired, or not even being told about an available job. These are yet a few of the realities for Black people in America.

And so it is yet another racist American institution – Hollywood and ts love for Black buffoonery, pathology, and subservient Black images – that likes to use a Black person to proliferate it’s racism, such as in the case of allowing Lee Daniels to direct movies like “Precious,” “Monsters Ball,” and “The Butler.” We all know that the mainstream media loves to use Black people to say the racist things it wants to say but can’t, at least not as often as it would like to. In politics, think of how Herman Cain was “used” by the RepubliCon Party, which is known to hate Black people, to spread it’s political brand of racism. And look at how Hollyweird uses the likes of Will Smith (“The Fresh Prince”), Martin Lawrence (Shenene), Eddie Murphy (“Buckwheat”) and countless others to make sure you know Black people are silly and love woman’s clothing. These artist characters are part of Hollywood history.

But we already know that since we arrived in 1619 the plan was to vilify us to justify all the bad things that have happened to us.

Thus, it is not a coincidence that Oprah “Oblivious to Racism” Winfrey is good friends with the leading purveyors of Black pathology, those like Tyler Perry and Lee Daniels. And she coddles these men like babies and gives them more attention or national airtime than she does the poor Black kids who are victimized or murdering each other right down the street from her in Chicago.

So now Lee Daniels is talking about his next movie being an interracial gay super hero couple – yes, a White dude and his Black boyfriend, his “bottom bitch.” But don’t you find that interesting that a Black director wold be behind Hollyweird/s first gay super hero movie, especially when there are thousands of Black stories yet to be told, but this is the story Daniels and Hollywood pick? So, in all actuality, you shouldn’t be surprised – you should expect these Black male heterophobes to do exactly what they do.

Well, not at all – as I said, the Hollywood and the mainstream media loves to “use” Black people, pathologizing them, to do its dirty work. It’s part of what I call the posterizing of pathology, or Black people, usually Black men, being used as the poster children for peculiar or negative behavior. Mike Tyson was quickly anointed the poster child for Date Rape, Muhammad Ali for Draft Dodging, Barack Obama is seen as the First Gay President, Barry Bonds is the Face of Steroids, and so on.

But what most people don’t get is that there’s a reason for mainstream America’s 400 year record of pathologizing Black people as the epitome of all bad behavior. You see, Black life is not important, otherwise we wouldn’t have these image problems directly introduced in the American psyche by the media and Hollyweird. Everyone knows that the best defense is a good offense; hence, the Gay Mafia, LGBT community’s assault on White and Black America – while using Black people and their Civil Rights Movement to “normalize” homosexuality in America. But I want to know what big racial diversity program these gay groups have completed that makes them think they have the moral authority to use or bully Black people to benefit their homosexual agenda?

So the gay community is using Barack Obama, Al Sharpton, gay Blacks, Lee Daniels, Ben Jealous, Oprah Winfrey and others to advance their gay agenda, even though the Gay Mafia, doesn’t give a damn about Black people. And they have the nerve to make Black athletes, entertainers, and politicians apologize if they say anything they deem as anti-gay.

Don’t argue with America about racism, just look at their behavior and understand that Black man and Black woman, they don’t want your Black face around. And Lee Daniels and his “twisted” work is yet another trick in a 400 year history to get rid of you. And who knows more about self-hate than us, a persona placed in us by our slave masters that has never gone away.