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Wisconsin BBaller Calls Out Campus Racism

By Walter L. Hilliard III –

So Colin Kaepernick’s courageous stand against police brutality and the mistreatment of Black Americans continues to spread and influence the minds of young people.  Black kids, and some White and Brown kids, are taking a knee and even speaking out against racism.  But most Black pro athletes don’t take a knee or say anything about how Black people are being treated; thus, how ashamed should these grown ass men be when young kids are “taking a knee,” while they are too chicken to do anything.

Nigel Hayes, a senior Wisconsin University basketball player, called out his school’s leaders on Twitter, asking them to step up and take action against the racism minority students are facing.  “Black athletes are loved during competition, but then subjected to racial discrimination in our everyday lives,”he said.  He also mentioned a football game at Wisconsin in October when a fan dressed as a caricature of President Barack Obama (mask) with a noose around his neck.

Sixers Count Sevyn Singer Out For Anthem And Players Ain’t Happy

By Walter L. Hilliard III

So I’m watching NBA analyst Stephen A. Smith doing an interview about the Philadelphia 76ers pulling a Black female R&B singer named Sevyn Streeter from singing the National Anthem minutes before she was set to step on the court. Why?  Because they happened to notice she was wearing a shirt that said “We Matter.”

Maybe you don’t know this but Philadelphia has a racist history, despite the fact that nearly half of the city’s population is Black (44 percent, to be exact).  The city is very segregated.

Sevyn went on social media to tell her story in a video, saying:  “I was angry, extremely, extremely angry, and disappointed and honestly brought to tears by all of it. It broke my heart,” Streeter said. “Honestly, I was very excited about being able to perform the national anthem. I was really looking forward to that.”   The Sixer players only discovered what happened later.

During his interview, Smith rambled on about how the Sixer organization has a “right” to do whatever in the hell they want to and that if the players want some of the billions of dollars coming down the pike from the TV contract, they will, and I’m paraphrasing here, shut the hell up so they can just collect their checks.  This “Negroes need to be quiet when the White man is paying them a lot of money” routine is an ongoing theme with Smith, depending on the day because other times he’s talking about the freedom of speech.

Coon Smith needs to realize that this is 2016, not 1816, slavery’s over, and not all Black people are willing to “stay in their place” because the White people who are paying them might get upset.  Seventy-five percent of NBA players are Black and if LeBron James and the rest of the brothas in the league decide they’re unhappy, they can go find new owners for a new league they can form together.  I’m sure new domestic and foreign owners will line up to step in, work out a new TV contract with the player’s approval — and all other NBA-related businesses will follow them to the new league.  The players are the stars, the driving force behind the NBA and sports media, not the NFL’s owners or the ESPN owners Smith “shucks and jives” for.

I remember Mr. Big Mouth wasn’t so tough when he was made to apologize to America for a comment he made about women not provoking men to commit domestic violence.  The comment was taken out of context by a White female analyst on another show, Michelle Beadle of Sports Nation  Beadle went on Social Media and twisted Smith’s words, leading to a firestorm of criticism against Smith.  You should have seen Mr. Tough Guy Smith whimpering and apologizing like a little bitty puppy dog.  But you better believe that if someone Black had twisted his words and got him in trouble, he would have went ballistic.  And the powers that be at ESPN wouldn’t have cared.

When Smith realizes that slavery is over and stops kissing his White bosses asses, he’ll realize that Black people like Nat Turner, Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jim Brown, and others spoke up or took action to make things better for the rest of us.  And they absolutely expect us to continue doing the same for those that will follow us.

Remember Mr. Stephen A. Smith, you can run from responsibility, but you can’t hide forever.

Shaquille O’Neal Racially Profiles, Arrests, & Interrogates Kaepernick’s Movement

By Walter L. Hilliard III

Silence speaks loudly, always has, always will.  And Shaquille “Shaq” O’Neal never, ever says anything about Black social issues, especially pertaining to the police.  If he has, I haven’t heard it.

Dead Black bodies lie in the streets while Shaq has built a legacy of “hamming it up” on TV like a child — he’s a buffoon, but his net worth is said to be in the neighborhood of $400 million.  Why is he so quiet about Black issues? Does he need another $400 million before he speaks up on behalf of Black America?  I suspect this Manchild doesn’t even know any better and couldn’t string together a coherent thought about Black social justice and racism if wanted to.  And America rewards Black “boys” who know their place, boys like Shaq and Charles “Stephen from ‘Django'” Barkley.  Riff and Raff are always on the ready when the TNT cameras turn on, smiling on cue, “play squabbling,” and jumpin’ up to git in a quick “coon dance” to keep Massa Ernie Johnson Jr. and the TV audience entertained.

Before Shaq was an honorary cop riding around in police cars with his Po-Po brothers, looking like “Bozo the clown” on a ride-along,” this rich Black guy, this NBA Hall of Famer, was born a Black boy to a Black mother and father.  And it was Black people who gave their lives so that he could integrate with White corporate America and make the millions of dollars he has made.

When sports talk host Rich Eisen asked Shaq about Colin Kaepernick’s flag protest, he rambled on and on about the following:  “My father was a military guy so I’m all about the flag and the military . . . has this always been something he wanted to do, because there’s always been social injustice against the African American community since I was a little boy . . . ? Has this always been his thought process . . . ?  When you do things like this, you can offend a lot of people . . . whatever path you choose, make sure you’re passionate about it . . . we as people just need to respect each other  . . . one bad piece of fruit in the fruit basket should never taint the whole fruit basket.”

I would ask Shaq when is the right time to protest, exactly?  In his case it would be never.  In fact, Shaq said everything but “I don’t give a damn about the police shooting no damn Niggaz.”  But we definitely got the message.

It’s also funny that Shaq and Charles Barkley have spoken out on behalf of the gay community, but not Black people. Black people “get their a@$ to kiss.”

Shaq also distanced himself from Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, whose name was Chris Jackson when the two played together at LSU.  Abdul-Rauf also sat  in 1996 during the National Anthem because of his being a devout Muslim (he later made deal with NBA to stand in prayer with his head bowed).   Shaq said, “I only saw Chris on game days . . . I talked to him a couple of months ago . . . it was very, very short.”

Shaq finished up his interview with Eisen promising that if he loses a bet they made regarding his favorite team’s performance this year, he would come to Eisen’s show in a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader suit with pom-poms and a blonde wig and bend over with his butt in Eisen’s face.

Gross!  And what is it with this coon’s proclivity for dressing in wigs and women’s clothing?  He’s done it for years.  Check the Internet.  No wonder so many of young boys think they’re girls.

Yup, Shaq is who you thought he was — a buffoon to the tenth power.

Unaware of Racism, Naïve Janelle Monae Believes ‘Love,’ Fans, & Money are Most Important

By Walter L. Hilliard III –

Why is it that Black people can accommodate any other group or belief but the belief in Blackness or Black Unity?  It’s probably because Blackness often causes fear in the minds and hearts of the White mainstream.  In fact, many even laugh about two Blacks talking at the water fountain appearing to be a gang meeting to White folks, but there’s more truth to it than not – and that’s sad.

Trump Equals Chaos, Chicago Rally Sign of Things to Come

By Walter L. Hilliard III –

“I’d like to punch that guy in the face . . . . Get ’em the hell outta here.”  This is just some of the language Donald Trump has used during the Republi-Con primaries, capturing the imagination of America’s most racist elements — when, in actuality, he’s just another rich guy who doesn’t give a damn about the White middle class or people of color.  How does he get away with this?  It’s an old trick — drill the masses for 12 years in grade school on American White History and Civics Classes, with patriotism thrown in as common theme, for good measure, but of course, and then use the mainstream media to reflect Whiteness and brainwash everyone that minorities, especially Blacks, are their problem — not the Wall Street Corporate Welfare Piggies.

Brady Cheats, Minor Criticism, Bonds ‘Allegedly’ Used Steroids And He Suffers ‘Media Lynching’

By Walter L. Hilliard III


Barry Bonds suffered a Media Lynching at the hands of the mainstream media for allegedly using steroids, but Tom Brady, who is White, has been treated with “kid gloves” since he’s been accused of cheating, having the equipment guys illegally deflate game footballs to his liking. And we cannot say it’s not that big deal because he’s a quarterback and his entire performance depends on his throwing the football; thus, if he’s specifically changing the game ball to his liking, outside of the rules, that’s wrong.

Same Ol’, Same Ol’, CEO Raising Salaries to $70,000 a Year, But ‘No Blacks Allowed’

By Walter L. Hilliard III


Not long ago, the Reverend Jesse Jackson called out Apple, Google, FaceBook and others for their lack of diversity, but nothing really ever changes and what good are a few well-placed tokens if there is no cultural change by bringing in scores of minorities, especially Black, and “growing” their presence through hiring?


The reality is that White business owners, hiring personnel, and otherwise, idea of diversity is and has always been “White women,” gays, often Asians– and everybody else, “to hell with you.”  Just like Affirmative Action (signed into law in 1961 by President Kennedy; expanded to include sex in 1967) was used to support Black upward mobility, initially, Whites added White women to limit Blacks opportunity and promote opportunities for White women, including their getting the contracts some of their husbands or other Whites and minorities once received.  Not to mention, corporate America and colleges using “diversity” to get around addressing Black inequality issues.


So what do I care if CNN, MSNBC, and the others are glamorizing some CEO named Dan Price, owner of Gravity Payments (Seattle-based credit card processing company), in a room where there’s not one single Black person (at least I didn’t see any cheering among those employees present or in his workplace when he took cameras on a tour?), when over half of the students walking onto college campuses will predominately be students of color by 2017?   I’ll tell you what– how about the media do a story of a White CEO who promotes lots of qualified Blacks (they always say “we can’t find them) to executive and upper-management positions?


Like I said:  “The Same Ol’, Same Ol’– Okeydoke.


Enough said.

Kevin Hart’s ‘Cooning’ Enable’s ‘Get Hard’s’ Racist Director To Do What He Does

Walter L. Hilliard III


“Get Hard,” starring Kevin Hart and Super Cornball Will Ferrell, reflects a resurgence of explicit media racism, ushered in with the election of President Barack Obama in 2008. And Hollywood, maybe the most racist American media institution, continues to reveal how shamelessly racist they really are through the eyes of “Get Hard” Director Etan Cohen in his directorial debut.

Born to a family of Orthodox Jews, Cohen’s choice to direct such a movie reflects the hypocrisy of at least Hollywood’s Jewish community and their racist attitudes towards Blacks. In fact, most of the studio heads working in Hollyweird are Jewish. So you don’t have to ask them what they think of Black people— their television shows and films speak for themselves.

“Get Hard” is a film about a rich White guy who has committed a crime and has to go to jail. So what does the White guy do? He finds a random Black man, who happens to be washing his car, to teach him how to survive in jail.

I figured that Cohen had a history of racism so a little bit of research revealed that he gained his experience in Hollyweird as a writer for crass, racist shows like “King of the Hill,” “Beavis and Butt-head,” and “Tropic Thunder,” a movie in which Robert Downey Jr., who is White, played a Black character or, I should say, played a character in “Blackface,” literally.

You know, I write a lot about how racist Hollywood is because Hollywood is, well, very racist. But what has always bothered me is that so many Jews are behind this industry’s racism— so many that even a Jewish writer made light of how “Jews run Hollywood” in an article years ago.

And so many of the agents, producers, etc., are Jewish that one wonders if Jews, as a group, of course, are even more racist than the gentiles or Whites in Hollywood. I mean, how often do we hear about the holocaust and even how Jews participated in the Civil Rights Movement. In fact, some Jewish writers are complaining about the movie “Selma” not showcasing Jews who directly supported the Civil Rights Movement.

Nonetheless, the question must be asked, where are the so called good Jews and why don’t they hold the others accountable?

Because they don’t give a damn. So why do they get so upset when Minister Louis Farrakhan calls out the Jewish community for its history of exploiting the Black community, including during slavery?

I would say I expect little out of Will Ferrell and it doesn’t surprise me that he’d do a racist movie, but I have to also say the same about Hart, who is Hollywood’s biggest Uncle Tom since, maybe, Martin Lawrence and even Eddie Murphy. When you’re a Black man who’ll let another Closet Gay, Shaquille O’Neal, hump on your butt for a comedy skit, well, you’re a whore who will do anything to coon for Hollywood. Even fellow comedian Mike Epps called him out about his “feminine” behavior and the fact that he let Hollywood “play him” like they do so many Black men willing to “go along to get along.”

Like Steppin’ Fetchit, Bojangles, Eddie “Buckwheat” Murphy, Martin Lawrence and other lesser known Black comedians, they were all willing to “sell their souls” for money, but not a one them, as far as I know, especially regarding Murphy and Lawrence, ever had or has anything to say about anti-Black racism or do anything about it.
So what good are they to the Black community?

Barkley Outspoken On Behalf Of Gays Against Indiana Senate Bill 101, But Tells Blacks To “Kiss My A#*”

By Walter L. Hilliard III

Can you believe it, Charles Barkley, the Black man that said Trayvon Martin, a child, did something to cause his own death, is at it again.  According to Barkley:  “Discrimination in any form is unacceptable to me.  As long as anti-gay legislation exists in any state, I strongly believe big events such as the Final Four and Super Bowl should not be held in those states’ cities.”  Reggie Miller, another ex-jock, also added his two-cents on behalf of gays, but let me ask you a question:  When have you ever heard, in your entire life, Reggie Miller say something about anti-Black racism?


But I want to know who wrote that statement for Barkley because he’s intellectually illiterate and although he’s always speaking out on behalf of gay rights, he recently told Black people to “. . . kiss my ass.”


Barkley was responding to the passing of a new Indiana law, Senate Bill 101, signed by Governor Mike Pence.  The bill is believed to be anti-gay because it supports people’s right to express their religious beliefs within state and local governments in Indiana.  But why is it okay for gay-rights groups to continue pushing gay laws, but the religious community cannot?


So Charles Barkley is solidifying his position as a gay rights spokesmen (I guess he’s too old to get into anymore bar fights).  Why?  I’m sure gay White men targeted him like they targeted Barack Obama some years ago.  However, they know he serves their purpose even more so because he’s pretty stupid and wouldn’t see them coming (to use him as a “tool” for manipulation) and he’s a macho ex-jock with a high profile.  These gay White men are always looking around for Black men to help them advance their cause because the threatening image of a macho, heterosexual Black man gets America’s attention, good or bad; thus, if you can get a Black man (like Barkley, Michael Sam, or Jason Collins) to push gay rights, you “effeminize” the threat and help America equate their gay cause with Blackness, the Civil Rights Movement, and the phoney notion that some gay White man is no longer a benefactor of White Supremacy and he’s, in fact, discriminated against– just like a Black man.


Puhhhhleeeeze!  But that’s what they think and it’s working because most people don’t understand the complexities of racism and White supremacy.



Barkley is a spoiled, rich ex-athlete who mainstream media “uses” as their go-to guy when they need a dumb high-profile Black person to tell Black America to shut up about racism.  Now he’s first out the box, giving statements on gays?  I know one thing for sure, if Black gays asked him to give a statement about White gay racism, he’d call the police on them– after he cussed them out.  What he’s figured out is that the mainstream media puts a microphone in his face when they need an Uncle Tom.  They don’t run to Minister Louis Farrakhan because he’s too intelligent and could lecture them on racism.


Coming from a non-religious perspective, although I do pray and believe in GOD (but I’m not a “religious” person, per se, and I haven’t been to church in awhile), my concern has always been that homosexuality is inextricably tied to sexual and other forms of a abuse, based on research.  Additionally, when has it become okay to glorify a behavior, particularly among gay men, that many of those men had “put upon them” because of sexual abuse?  Most of these men struggle emotionally because gay rights groups tell them their behavior is wonderful when they want to change their behavior.  If a woman became promiscuous after being raped, society would not glorify her promiscuity– they’d urge her to seek counseling and work through her issues.  So why is it okay to tell a man who was molested to embrace his homosexuality and move on?


I am a former mental health therapist and the number of gay men who’ve been sexually abused is staggering.  The push for gay rights is just another way White men who are gay, operating within a system of White supremacy, are able to expand their oppression of everyone else by empowering themselves as if they are a legitimate “protected class” like Blacks.  And in the meantime they go on practicing racism like the rest of the mainstream, having increased their power.


As for Barkley, well, let’s just say:  “An empty can always makes the most noise.”



Eric Holder Says Darren Wilson Is Free! Why Mike Brown’s Case Really Never Had A Chance

By Walter L. Hilliard III

So Eric Holder’s investigators found that Darren Wilson did not break the law.


First of all, Eric Holder is a Black man who has risen to the top of an institutionally racist criminal justice system that statistics tell us, factually, treats Blacks differently than Whites: Blacks get more prison time for the same crime; Blacks are racially profiled, arrested, and convicted more often than Whites for the same or similar crimes.  Yes, White cops, juries, judges, prosecutors, etc., all treat Blacks differently than Whites.  Again, the statistics are available and overwhelming.

So, the question you must ask is what kind of Black man makes it to the top of a racist criminal justice system? An Uncle Tom to the 110th power . . . times a gazillion. Thus, if Holder were an honest, fair-minded Black man who pointed out racism and went after bad cops on any significant level, he would never have been promoted to be the nation’s Top Cop, and that’s the truth. Whether you’re a Black Man Working or the US Attorney General, White folks don’t allow outspoken Blacks to be promoted through or to the top of their organizations.  It’s all about maintaining White Supremacy.  Also, as a former trained, experienced investigator (not criminal; DPW), I can tell you that investigators can “easily” manipulate the outcome of a case, including how to conduct their investigation and what evidence to collect; how to frame their questions (including asking “leading” questions); and the manner in which the suspect is questioned or interrogated.  Investigators can also dictate the outcome of an investigation based on what they don’t ask, as well as simply not document certain information.

So what type of result did Black America expect to get when you could literally turn on your TV and see mostly White investigators walking door to door in a low-income Black neighborhood where many people may not be keen to the manipulation going on when questioned by an experienced investigator. Anyone with a piece of commonsense knows that most White men, in particular, hate to hear Blacks talking about racism, and so how open to listening to Black people talk about how a White cop executed Mike Brown in the middle of the street do you think they were?

In regards to the actual events of the case, let’s not over complicate things and just consider the indisputable fact that at some point, Mike Brown’s back was turned and he was running away from the car as Darren Wilson was firing away. So at some point Brown is going to turn towards him because he’s being shot and shot at; thus, Wilson was already in the wrong and executed this kid in the middle of the street.

So what in the fuck is that phony, bougie, social-climbing, Uncle Tom, Barack-Obama clone, double-talking, fake ass Attorney General Eric Holder talking about when he says the federal government did not find Darren Wilson guilty?

Of course he didn’t. I said that as soon as I heard they were coming in to investigate. But let some White cop execute Holder’s or Obama’s child in the middle of the street and see what in the hell they have to say, then?