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5 Ways To Make Black History

By Walter L. Hilliard III


1.  Be Black. No more denial about who you are.  You’re Black, not multi-this or multi-that?  When Officer Harassment stops you, he doesn’t care if yo’ mamma’s mamma’s mamma — or yo’ daddy is light or White.  And, besides, denying your Blackness ain’t cool, it’s silly.  Ain’t nobody a 100 percent anything anymore so just because your mother or father is of another race doesn’t mean you’re any more multi-racial than any other Black person.


2.  Be Down with Team Black. Being Pro Black isn’t about being anti-anyone or anything else; it’s about working on behalf of Black people in need — and we all need.  Truth be told, there are some White folks more down with Team Black than Black folks.  They understand our plight more than some Black folks do, and they know that we are all “connected.”

You can try to “fit in to get in” with the other folks at work, hoping for a pat on the head or to feel like you’re “better” because you think you’ve crossed some sort of Color Line.  However, it’s not only about being phony when you’re priorities revolve around White folks validating you, it’s cultural suicide.

And don’t ignore Black people in your workplace (a lot of Black people do); speak up when someone says something racist; help your people when they’re being discriminated against; and mentor the young Black folks.  Many of them are so crazy acting because we’ve failed them, we haven’t raised them right or helped them.


3.  Leave the Plantation. There should only be two kinds of Black people working on the American Employment Plantation: those Black folks planning to leave, and those leaving today.  Everything in life is what you think it is.  If you think you cannot leave your job, then you can’t and you probably never will.  If you really think you can, you will.

If something inside of you — maybe your Soul Brotha Spidy Senses — doesn’t pick up on several of the ways you and/or your talent is minimized or undervalued on the American Employment Plantation, then you are already defeated.


4.  Energy. Cut back on the fried foods, the Soul Food, or cook and eat in new, healthier ways.  Cut back on the drinking and leave the drugs alone.  Racism already makes us crazy so why in the hell would we be doing drugs?


5.  Stop Being Scared of Everything.  Have you seen all those folks take to the streets in Egypt and those other middle east countries?  So what’s wrong with Black folks doing the same?  Why are we so damn scared of White folks?  If you scared, say you scared — then demand justice until you get it.

Our Civil Rights glory days are so long gone we cannot even remember them.  But when are we going to demand something be done about our being the last hired and first fired, the prison Industrial Complex, double and triple unemployment?  When are we going to demand Hollyweird and these Black networks (Blackyweird, Buffoonerywood) show us respectable images?

You’re only hear on earth for a short period of time, and you can’t take all your stuff or your job with you when you die — so stop running from a bogeyman who’s only chasing you because he knows you so damned scary.

And stop talking about what you’re gonna do one day and just do what you have to do to be successful.

Quincy’s Daughter, Rashida Jones, Tells Reporter ‘I’m Ethnic’ When Told She Looked Very Tan

By Walter L. Hilliard III –


“I’m ethnic.”

Yup! That’s what super producer Quincy Jones daughter, Rashida “Identity Issues” Jones, told a White female Hollyweird reporter during an interview when the reporter complimented her on her tan.

As you may or may not know Quincy is Black but his ex-wife, the mother of Rashida, is the White Peggy Lipton, who starred in “The Mod Squad” in the 1960s and 70s.

Listen, the only reason so many so called biracial or  multiracial people in America say “I’m bi-racial” (or “I’m ethnic,” which I really haven’t ever heard anyone else say), especially when they have a Black parent, is because they can’t  “pass.” But some still try to pass as White, obviously. They don’t say they’re Black because American society teaches everyone that being Black is bad – nobody wants to be Black, so it’s no surprise that when you Google Rashida you see she only dates White men. There’s also pictures and reports that she had a nose job.


On the other hand, her sister, Kidada Jones, identifies as Black. Both sisters have commented in interviews that Kadida, who appears to be slightly darker than Rashida, discovered that she wanted to identify as Black because she was usually treated as being Black, or, as I say: “She was getting the Nigga Treatment” from Whites.

And this is the key — you may deny you’re Black all you want to but mainstream America is going to treat you as if you’re Black. To be discriminated against as if you’re Black, but deny it, is a set up for psychological issues. Look around, Black people come in all colors, including, as they say, “light bright and damn near White.”  I don’t know any Black people who are 100 percent anything?

Come on Rashida, your daddy is Quincy Jones, and he’s really the only reason anyone other than your family cares about who you are. Your mom is wonderful, too, but it’s been awhile since she’s been on TV, as far as I know?  And if you were to identify with your daddy’s race, it doesn’t negate your mother in any way.  A Black man has the power to create a child of any color and a Black man created you. Quincy Jones soul and career is intertwined with Black culture; you’d think that would make you proud and want to be seen is his “light,” however, it’s obvious that even the greatest music producer in the history of the world, your father, still wasn’t enough for you to want to be Black – and even try to pass as White or, as you say, “ethnic.”


Kidada, props to you, you get it (at least she once did; now I notice she straightens her once curly hair). Your sister Rashida doesn’t, and that’s a shame. I will never understand how some Black people’s self-esteem is so low that they wouldn’t be happy to tell the world they’re Black – and the fact that America has so many issues with race makes me even prouder to be Black because who wants to be part of a group that doesn’t like or want them?



Well . . . Rashida does.

Weak, Bougie A@# Spelman College, Who Cosby Put On The Map, Disses Him For Mainstream Masters

By Walter L. Hilliard III


(After I wrote the following piece, news outlets reported that a L.A. prosecutors decided not to pursue charges against Bill Cosby regarding a 40-year-old molestation/rape allegation from one of Cosby’s accusers, who claimed she was underage when he attacked her. Their reason was that the Statute of Limitations had run out.)


Rape is wrong. And drugging or sexually assaulting women is wrong – of course it is. But doesn’t something bother you about scores of White women being paraded across your TV screen accusing a Black man of rape, a Back man they were trying to “use” to advance their careers? And don’t you find it equally suspicious that following the plethora of White female victims are a couple of Black women, thrown in for good measure, like salt and and a little bit of pepper to complete the seasoning? Something’s not right . . . this all happened too fast and furiously. And the Black comedian who got the ball rolling, Hanibal Buress, now has a career that is taking off in all the White comedy clubs. In fact, the media talks about Buress as if he’s a Super Hero: Mr. Bring A Black Man Down.
Yeah, something doesn’t pass the Racism Smell Test.


Cosby’s 38-year-old daughter Evin Cosby said: “Drugged- you {Beverly Johnson] can remember the whole damn day but you were drugged? Just sayin. Memory- you can remember you looked at (allegedly) each other, people were starring allegedly, remembering your home address, allegedly? The name you called him allegedly? But you were allegedly drugged ? . . . . Spelman College should be ashamed of themselves. Morehouse College is a all BLACK school for men. Does anyone remember 4 Black men that were SENT to PRISON because a fellow Spelman student said she was raped. Well…… This Spelman woman was caught and turned out she lied about being raped after these men had their faces posted on the cover of ever news paper and held in jail. Someone please look up this article it was called Rape of the Spelman coed and it was in emerge magazine. Shame on YOU Spelman. You need to go to Sister’s Chapel and talk about this article revisit how many other innocent MEN that have been WRONGFULLY accused!!“

Bill Cosby’s “The Cosby Show,” which aired from 1984 to 1992, changed television history and how Americans of all races perceived Black people. For once we were being portrayed as more than comedians, servants (although TV Legend has it that Cosby initially wanted his role as Cliff Huxtable to be a chauffeur and his wife, Claire, a Latina plumber or carpenter; but Camille, his real life wife, said no way) and criminals. Nonetheless, we can all forgive Bill for not being perfect, especially because he’s done so much for the Black community, including giving away millions to Black colleges, in particular.


However, I have to say that it really doesn’t surprise me that the all-female Spelman College, supposedly the Black Harvard (yeah, you know Black people are always comparing themselves to their White overseers), is now following the lead of mainstream America and dissing Cosby. Imagine that, the bougie Nigrazz at Spelman, who have collected tens of millions from Cosby and his wife Camille, are now suspending a visiting professor program that was created by Spelman for Cosby and his wife — after they gave the school $20 million in 1996, the year an academic center was named after Cosby and his wife Camille.


I have tried to like Black Sororities and Fraternities, but every time I feel comfortable acknowledging the good work some of them do, I’m reminded of the bad and the ugly, too. All Black people know that whether it’s a Cadillac, a big job working with White folks, or a Black Frat or sorority, Black folks are always using these avenues to belittle the rest of their community. “I drive a . . . I work at . . . and I’m a member of . . . .


Cosby also put Temple University in Philadelphia on the map. And how did they repay him, forced him to resign from their board. But you’d expect that from a predominantly White university. But when a historically Black University like Spelman treats Cosby bad, well, what gives?

So, what’s going on here, over 20 women saying Cosby raped them? Women who were in the entertainment industry? Women who sought him out to help boost their careers, ended up alone with him – and say they were raped, many having had sex with him more than once? Over 20 women and no one decided to tell the police, and all happen to say they were all scared to tell? Has anyone in the media considered that these women have all been sitting back listening to the same lines, the same stories, watching other women on TV who were “show business,” all getting one more shot at being on TV, on CNN. listening the “script.” And the mainstream media refuses to question these women when they lived in a “casting couch” culture ruled by White men? But a Black man ends up as the media Date Rape Poster Child?


And you know what that means for the rest of us, right? We can go to h#^ as far as they’re concerned. We all know the stories: “Black people can’t get along.” “Black people always hatin’ on one another.” Even Fred Sanford, the junkman said: “Getchu a Black lawyer and getchu some time in jail.”


Like I always say “bougie is as bougie does.” So pay attention.


ILL Spending Bill Continues Corporate Greed By The ‘Piggy Banks’

WarrenBy Walter L. Hilliard III –


So congress is passing a $1.1. trillion spending bill that’s already passed the House of Representatives and will also pass through the Senate, despite outspoken mavericks like Elizabeth Warren threatening to “try” and stop it.

The problems is that the RepubliCons, with the help of many DemoRats, have put in a provision to roll back parts of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act that’s supposed to stop the Piggy Banks from continuing to make risky decisions or bets and still be bailed out, if they lose money or collapse, by the us, the government. Yes, the government can bail the Piggy Banks out again by giving them our tax money like they/Obama did after they nearly tanked our entire economy in 2008.

The reality is that our government, the DemoRats and RepubliCons, remain in bed with Wall Street, tied together through things like the “transplanting of officials,” whereby government and corporate executives go back and forth, taking jobs in one another’s industries, making the all a part of the same gang. This is also happens with government officials and/or congressmen taking jobs as lobbyist and then going back and bribing their former colleagues to pass bills, or otherwise, that support corporate greed.

The People lose again – Game! Set!! Match!!!

Preparation & Responsibility

By Walter L. Hilliard III


Many years ago, I sat in a college classroom at Kutztown University enjoying my exchanges with a “hippie throwback” professor who had fallen and was unable to climb out of the long gone ‘60s.   But his brilliance taught me a thing or two and laid titles on my views about a corporate-run American society struggling to stay on track on a runaway train driven by Wall Street and ignored by politicians.  And here we are today still licking our wounds after that train crash.


Yes, during and after college I was afraid, very afraid.  So I decided I’d had enough of self-important politicians speechifying about voting for them and decided that I’d go out into the Community and “do” what we vote for politicians to do for us.  Many moons and successful grassroots programs later, I still have little desire to talk with politicians.  I mean, have you ever talked to a politician (they’re all the same) and then have them give you that look, like, “Uhhh, I’m sorry, what’d ya say, I wasn’t listening?”


My Life Response:  “Uhhhm, sorry, I was simply asking you to get your ‘career’ out of my way so I can continue working.  Thank you.”


Activism and real grassroots programming is what’s missing in America.  And Barack Obama is viewed as Rock Star and a Messiah because too many of us have been “dressing in the dark,” waiting for someone to open up our minds and shine their light onto aspirations we don’t believe we can act on.


The thing about excuses: if you have them, you’ll use them.  Community and personal responsibility will always be our only saviors. Barack is not going to save us.


We all loved Michael Jackson for his talent and charity work, but he refused to grow up and take on his responsibility to be a man, always blaming his father, Joe Jackson, for his abhorrent behavior and unhappiness.  Swim around in your sorrows and life makes you pay.


Bottom line: after high school, you can start a family, fight in a war, or do anything you want to do so stop blaming your parents for your shortcomings.


Many of us are hiding our greatness in church pews and behind mates, but we will always be the leaders we are looking for.


Will Smith, a multi-billion dollar entertainer and businessman, said:  “If you stay ready you ain’t got to git ready.” Does Will know what he’s talking about?  Well, eleven or so of his movies have earned over $300 million, EACH, and every rap album he’s made has gone gold (500,000 sold) or platinum (one million sold).  And to think of all the rappers who had laughed at Will and said his rapping style was corny.  Ha-ha – I’d tell you their names, but . . . I can’t remember them?


Anyway, we should admire Will more for his community service projects, such as the New Village Academy he started in Calabasas, California, giving students with limited opportunities a chance to succeed in life.


Big Willie, or so he calls himself, said that what separates him from others is that he will not be outworked by anyone. “If we were both on treadmills,” said Will, “you’ll fall and give up before I will, or I will die on the treadmill.  While the other guy is sleeping, I’m working.”


What could you accomplish if your work ethic matched Will’s?


You Can Run from Your Greatness, but you Cannot Hide from Your “Self.”


There will never be anyone like you – your work can never be duplicated.   And don’t let fear, a self-fulfilling prophecy, hold you back.

What if Martin Luther King had ignored his desire to change America and said, “Nahhh, it’s too dangerous, I’ll just play it safe and chill in my church?”  Thus, there would be no Barack Obama.


And Dr. King didn’t have two brains. Would Martin accept your excuses?  I know your mama and friends are tired of hearing your excuses:  “But mama . . . .”


Are your dreams going to join the millions buried in the graveyard?


How do you awaken:  “Good morning, Lord!” or “Good Lord, it’s morning!”


And don’t let the unhappy people “gift you” their miserable reality.  Misery doesn’t just love company, it wants to move in.


Your Reputation Is Based On Your Preparation.


The harder you work, the luckier you get.


I remember – after agreeing to do a presentation for a few teachers – pulling up to the high school and asking my friend if there was a basketball game that night because of all the cars.  Needless to say, I discovered I was the only game going on that night when I walked into an auditorium filled with every teacher in the school.


I paused to smile at my friend, with revenge in my eyes, turned to the crowd, and gave one of my best presentations, ever.  I was prepared.


Talk Isn’t Cheap, It’s Free.


Talking too much is like Novocain, it numbs your sense of urgency to take the action your subconscious mind needs to help you develop the habits that will make you successful.  If talking alone made success a reality we’d all have everything we wanted.  “Don’t talk about it, be about it.” Waiting is a trap:  “One day I’m gonna . . . .”


“. . . You gonna, what – die?  Well, you got that right.”




When you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail, and our world is the lesser for it.


White America, Especially, Made Me Proud Protesting The Mike Brown Shooting Yesterday

Walter L. Hilliard III


I have to say I’m very proud of the strength of diversity shown yesterday by all Americans, but especially White Americans, who showed out in force in places like NY, Seattle, and other cities. Maybe there is hope for America when mostly “younger” Whites – as well as those in their 20s and 30s — are showing up to protest the police murdering Black men, especially those who are unarmed.
CNN reported that there were protests in over 150 cities.  I also believe many of these protestors were part of the Occupy Wall Street Movement.
Obviously, the power of social media was the primary factor because the Mainstream, Lamestream media said nothing to encourage people to take to the streets and protest.
However, when you want to believe youth, White youth in particular, “gets race-ism,” more so than their parents – you then see picture after picture of White college students in “Blackface,” doing Compton parties.
Go figure?
Will most “older” White Americans have an issue with their White daughters bringing home Black boyfriends? Maybe? Are mainstream Americans overcoming their implicit or explicit bias regarding how they view Blacks? Maybe? Maybe not?
Nonetheless, thousands of diverse Americans showed up and showed out yesterday and I’m proud of them.
Maybe America will become the Melting Pot it always claimed to be? I hope so.

Prosecutor Robert McCulloch, An Unrepentant Racist, Blabs On About Why It Was Okay To Kill Brown

Ferguson, No IndictmentBy Walter L. Hilliard III


“Profoundly disappointed,” said Attorney Ben Crump, speaking about Mike Brown’s family’s disappointment about the jury’s decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson.

Twelve, that’s 12, shots fired by Officer Wilson, and down goes Mike Brown. Twelve shots at an unarmed Black teenager.

But Who Were The Three Black Uncle Toms On The Ferguson Jury Who Gave Racist Prosecutor A Decision Not To Indict (the three Blacks could have blocked decision)!!!!?

I’m sure the rats are hiding or running for their holes.

So one of the first scenes I see after the McCulloch press conference, which was a charade, is the police pointing shotguns at protestors breaking windows on a police car. Why? Let them break the windows. You murdered a Black teenager, isn’t that enough? Can’t they bust a couple of windows? I guess not.   My thoughts were “What if these crazy ass cops shoot someone else, what’s going to happen then?” The cops just can’t help themselves. They’re just so used to stopping, harassing, beating, shooting, killing Blacks that it’s normal.   Obviously, the police believe the protestors should just go home and sit on the couch and say, “Sorry Mike.”

And why are the more rowdy protestors called “outside agitators,” “troublemakers,” and “opportunist” from out of town? The so called troublemakers, I guarantee you, are Black and Brown men who have experienced the worst harassment from the police most of their lives. Police brutality is anti-Black culture.

So then Barack “I’m Not The Black President” Obama comes on TV to speak right after what we all knew would happen – Prosecutor McCulloch announces to the world that Darren “Black Teenager Killer” Wilson will walk free. This clown, Obama, keeps talking about a “segment of our community (decoded: Black people) . . . doesn’t trust the police.”


Well, Duhhhhhh!

How worthless is that?

But I also wanna know who were the “star” Black witnesses the proud, racist prosecutor happily referred to as the African American witnesses who said Mike Brown was charging Officer Darren Wilson. Who are these liars?  (And, yeah, I know, like Chris Rock said, “There are Black folks and there are Niggaz . . . and Niggaz always gotta mess it up for the rest of us.”  None of them just happened to have anything to say until the police investigators showed up and started prodding, confusing, bribing, encouraging, facilitating, double-talking, and leading them in another direction, towards supporting Wilson’s story.  Investigators know how to get the story they want.  Happens all the time with the police – stories that favor their officer’s account just pop up out of nowhere, kinda like random guns found on victims the police have killed. But, nahhhh, cops wouldn’t plant guns or change stories, would they?

Sure they would.

And do you know this racist, McCulloch, had the nerve to say young White men are also shot by the police when a reporter questioned him about the police killing Blacks.


You know what, I’m not even going to waste any more breath arguing over the juvenile, murderous logic of a prosecutor defending an American police and security force that allows White cops to continuously murder over 10,000 Black people the last 15 to 20 years. In fact, the police, along with their Federal Government (Department of Justice) enablers, actually, and systematically, cover up or don’t even report the data on how many Black people they murder. The reports also lists victims, in terms of their race, as unidentifiable – knowing their Black – to hide the real numbers.

Just consider one question: If Black cops were shooting and killing young White men and women by the thousands over the last two decades, would White folks allow it?

Of course not. Now let me take the breath I choose not to waste somewhere else.



Ferguson Grand Jury Decision Coming, Brown’s Dad Used As A Pawn To Keep The Peace

Michael Brown Sr.

By Walter L. Hilliard III


“I don’t want my son’s death to be in vain,” said Mike Brown’s dad, obviously missing the entire point: that unless there is outrage, nothing will change. “Power concedes nothing, it never has and it never will,” said Frederick Douglass.

Those protestors that looted, cursed out cops, tore up a few things are portrayed as hoodlums and “agitators” is the word you here all the time on the news. But had they not hit the streets and become rowdy, would anyone care? Would Al Sharpton, sent by his Liberal White friends to “call for calm,” along with other church leaders and those who get money from the “system” to serve as go-betweens.
Black people have been talking to White folks about stopping police shootings for centuries and nothing has changed. So what are people supposed to do, continue talking? If Black cops were killing White teens, what would White America do?

You already know the answer.

So why are Blacks supposed to remain calm, sing “We shall overcome . . . somedaaaaay,” again and again?

Until those in power in White America, including the media, accept that Black lives are just as important as White lives, nothing will change.
Like Trayvon Martin’s parents and other Black parents whose children are murdered in cold blood by the police, Mike Brown’s parents are being used by the government authorities and local businesses to calm down Black folks so they don’t tear up their property. Trayvon’s and Mike’s parents, although my heart goes out to them, are being used as pawns in a bigger game, a game of chess that seeks to maintain power and “keep the Niggraz under control.”

Cops Are Killing Blacks And American Banks & Businesses Are Killing Black’s Finances

Predatory LendersBy Walter L. Hilliard III


If it isn’t the criminal justice system allowing private companies to overcharge prisoners (and Black men, who are about six percent of the US population, make up nearly 50 percent of the prison population, and most are poor) for phone calls, food, clothing, etc., or the car dealers, landlords, and mortgage companies and banks (predatory lenders) over-charging Blacks – it’s the NFL and NBA over-fining Black players like Ron Artest (lost about $4 million for fight), Adrian Peterson, and the San Francisco 49ers Aldon Smith owing more of his $1.1 million salary to his team than he even makes because he was suspended.  So, when he returns to the team, he’ll be playing for free.

And, oh, by the way, let’s not forget the Check-Cashing and Rent-to-Own criminals.

Let’s also consider that most Black homes are headed by single Black women raising children, so they’re struggling mightily while dealing with the aforementioned financial burdens.

Talk about economic slavery, Black people can’t catch a break – but we’re supposed to be lazy and all ways getting over on “the system.” Nahhh, the system is getting over on us.

So for the last 400 years, it’s no wonder that most Blacks are unable to overcome a system of White supremacy that is still practicing a contemporary financial version of Jim Crow.

We should also remember that over 30 percent of Black children are in poverty, over half of the Black men in many cities aren’t working, and because of historical discrimination, White wealth is about $100,000 and Black wealth is around $5,000.

Black people should never be quiet about racism and let Mainstream America off of the hook until they get their “hooks” out of our damn pockets. And we also pay taxes, spend billions, and die for this country, nonetheless, we cannot even be treated like everyone else who isn’t Black.



Why do I talk about Race, Racism?  Because Black folks are dying — and how you gon’ win a damn fight if you don’t even know you in a fight because you layin’ on da ground, knocked da f*#* out.  And I’m yellin’, like a couple others, for our people to wake da hell up and stop being afraid to talk about racism because Mainstream America don’ scared you half ta death?



Just a thought.

Bill Mahr Disses Minority Men As Having Nothing To Offer White Woman In Catcalling Video

Catcalling VideoBy Water L. Hilliard III


So I’m watching liberal racist Bill Mahr on HBO, seeing if he has any guest I’m interested in because he makes me cringe, however, it’s hard to find a news show that strays from the major or cable news network norms.


Well, 40 seconds or so into the show, he comments on a picture of Shoshana Roberts, an aspiring actress who is filmed in an anti-harassment video walking through Harlem while receiving 108 catcalls from mostly Black and Latino men.  Mahr says “Why is it that the guys with the most confidence have the least to offer,”  while his picture of Shoshana shows the face of an obviously dark-skinned Latino or Black man in the background catcalling.


But doesn’t Mahr understand that these men would have more to offer if White men like him weren’t so “threatened” by the sexuality and intelligence of these men and stopped discriminating against them — they’d then have the education, jobs, and money to offer women more.


The group sponsoring the video, Rob Bliss Creative Ad Agency and Hollaback! (hmm, sounds like their stealing a hip hop culture line to relate to young people), later apologized, kind of, admitting that most of the White guys who catcalled the young lady, were edited out.  Yes, the White guys were edited out.  This was also verified by a Hollaback! feminist lesbian who’s always on CNN and MSNBC pretending to care about justice for the Black community.


The Hollaback! website also looks like they’re trying to manufacture a social movement to stop street harassment.   Is it me, or do these or do these White feminist, lesbians and soccer moms need a hobby?


And the LGBT community, which is run by Whites, are always acting like they’re friends of Black folks.


. . . My Black — never mind!


But what I’m wondering is why didn’t they make a video about the harassment Black people face from store security guards and the police?


Because that would be “too much like ‘right.'”  And the harassers would be White men harassing and actually killing Black and Brown men.