Shaquille O’Neal Racially Profiles, Arrests, & Interrogates Kaepernick’s Movement

By Walter L. Hilliard III

Silence speaks loudly, always has, always will.  And Shaquille “Shaq” O’Neal never, ever says anything about Black social issues, especially pertaining to the police.  If he has, I haven’t heard it.

Dead Black bodies lie in the streets while Shaq has built a legacy of “hamming it up” on TV like a child — he’s a buffoon, but his net worth is said to be in the neighborhood of $400 million.  Why is he so quiet about Black issues? Does he need another $400 million before he speaks up on behalf of Black America?  I suspect this Manchild doesn’t even know any better and couldn’t string together a coherent thought about Black social justice and racism if wanted to.  And America rewards Black “boys” who know their place, boys like Shaq and Charles “Stephen from ‘Django'” Barkley.  Riff and Raff are always on the ready when the TNT cameras turn on, smiling on cue, “play squabbling,” and jumpin’ up to git in a quick “coon dance” to keep Massa Ernie Johnson Jr. and the TV audience entertained.

Before Shaq was an honorary cop riding around in police cars with his Po-Po brothers, looking like “Bozo the clown” […] Continue Reading…

Trump’s ‘Race Card’ Playing No Worse Than Hilary’s

By Walter L. Hilliard III

So I watched some of Donald Trump’s 8/25/16 speech in New Hampshire about the differences between him and political adversary, Hilary Clinton.

Nothing really surprised me but I did raise an eyebrow about Trump’s references to “racism.”

As racist as he is, I must say that Trump was right on point about Hilary Clinton and the democratic party having done nothing for inner-cities or African Americans.  Trump said about a third of Black children are still in poverty and Black teens have a 58 percent unemployment rate.   But he was also correct when he mentioned that Hilary and her democratic gang are allowing immigrants into the country who are taking jobs away from Blacks.  This prompted my memory about a story in NY city where a restaurant would only hire Latinos and a occasionally a light-skinned Black person.  He also talked about over 2,000 people in Chicago being shot this year.  The only thing missing from his comments was also calling out President Barack Obama by name, in addition to Hilary.

I have been saying for quite some time that the democrats have been in power, presidential power, since the early 1990s with Clinton being elected two terms […] Continue Reading…

Even Judge Joe Brown Noticing Trend Of Effeminate Black Men

By Walter L. Hilliard III

So I’m scrolling through Youtube looking for a video and I come across Judge Joe Brown getting into arguments with different brothas who were acting unruly in his courtroom, talking back to him and and even swearing.  But he handled all of them — “waxed ’em” all like only Judge Brown can do.

But what really “caught my ear” was when one particular knucklehead in one of the videos was mouthin’ off, flailing his arms, flicking his neck around and talkin’ slick, Judge Brown went at his manhood and started lecturing him and telling him that he was really “acting like a girl . . . standing like one . . . acting like a punk.”

Of course Bro’ man was hot and as he became more and more obnoxious, so did Judge Brown, eventually fining him and having the Po Po escort him out — with the possibility of his being locked up also hanging over his head.

But, again, what got my attention was when Judge Brown pointed out the effeminate posture the young man had taken.  Brown actually continued on and on about how he had been noticing a trend over the last 10 or […] Continue Reading…

Freddie Gray, No Justice, No Peace! Prosecutors Drop Last Three Cases

By Walter L. Hilliard III

Without wasting time about this issue, although I totally value Freddie Grays life – the Criminal Just-us (Black people will be convicted) was never going to hold the officers that killed Gray accountable.

Gray was injured by the police on April 15th, 2015, after being chased by Baltimore policemen on bikes.  He was only 25 years old when he later died in the hospital.

You see, Gray was hurt and his paralysis was setting in when the three White police officers chased, man-handled him, and put him in the van – the issue of the van ride causing his injuries was bogus.  Listen to him moaning and screaming on the tape, and watch them drag him and put him in the van because he couldn’t stand up straight.  Nonetheless, everyone bought into the police and media delusion that the race of the officers was not an issue.

So, right before our very eyes, the criminal justice system, or police and prosecutors, and the mainstream media pulled the okeydoke on Black people.

Okeydoke executed!  Game!  Set!  Match!

The case was always a farce, and now prosecutors have dropped the cases against the remaining officers because the courts would not convict the […] Continue Reading…

Unaware of Racism, Naïve Janelle Monae Believes ‘Love,’ Fans, & Money are Most Important

I recall watching the great writer Ishmael Reed mentioning how he’d frequently go to a local diner in California – a diner where he was usually the only Black person there but everyone there was very nice to him. However, he made the mistake of once taking a Black friend who was visiting him to the diner and he couldn’t believe how horribly the White employees and patrons treated him because he showed up with another Black person. It’s like the old true story of how one Black person moving into a White neighborhood may be okay, but as soon as two or three Black families move in, “For Sale” signs start going up in the yards of White homeowners. […] Continue Reading…

Trump Equals Chaos, Chicago Rally Sign of Things to Come

By Walter L. Hilliard III –

“I’d like to punch that guy in the face . . . . Get ’em the hell outta here.”  This is just some of the language Donald Trump has used during the Republi-Con primaries, capturing the imagination of America’s most racist elements — when, in actuality, he’s just another rich guy who doesn’t give a damn about the White middle class or people of color.  How does he get away with this?  It’s an old trick — drill the masses for 12 years in grade school on American White History and Civics Classes, with patriotism thrown in as common theme, for good measure, but of course, and then use the mainstream media to reflect Whiteness and brainwash everyone that minorities, especially Blacks, are their problem — not the Wall Street Corporate Welfare Piggies.

And so it is that on March 11, 2016, a near riot broke out at a Donald Trump rally in a gymnasium on the diverse campus at the University of Illinois in Chicago.   In fact, Chicago Police talked with Trump and Trump decided to cancel his rally, as TV images painted our TV screens with clans of cops and screaming protesters for […] Continue Reading…

MSNBC’s Joy Reid, Al Sharpton, & Melissa Harris Perry Get their N-Word Wake-Up Call

By Walter L. Hilliard III –


The real MSNBC has reared its ugly head, and we, Black America, must face yet another story of another “Black man (or woman), down.”

However, some Black folks need to be down, out, and buried.

So, first it was Toure– gone.  Joy Reid, gone (well, her show was, but she still does mammy-style fill-in work).  Next, Al Sharpton’s nightly show, gone, as he was banished to the weekend TV slums along with Melissa Harris-Perry.  And now we come to find out that Harris-Perry is out of a show.  But she saw the handwriting on the wall: the big wigs ignored her emails and her show had been bumped a couple of times for election coverage.  I have always said that once President Barack Obama was on his way out, so would the gang of Uncle Toms at MSNBC, the fake liberal network.

Melissa Harris-Perry is the latest victim whining about how she’s been treated by MSNBC, her show picked on, lately, only to be cancelled.  Harris-Perry, exhibiting the schizophrenic paranoia of an Obama Flunky who’s time has come,  (she’s being discarded by mainstream media, like her lame duck president), had the nerve to tell the NY Times, […] Continue Reading…

Super Critic Chris Carter Tells Rookies To Have A Fall Guy, ‘An Empty Can Always Makes The Most Noise’

By Walter L. Hilliard III


Yes, it’s true – just look around and you’ll see that it’s always “the empty can that makes the most noise,” the one who has “perpetrated a fraud” more than the people they criticize.

And no “empty can,” or ex-Black athlete outside of Black Athlete Plantation Overseer Charles Barkley, has bashed more Black athletes for their White Sports Media Masters than Chris Carter. From Vince Young, who was Blacklisted for crossing a White coach trying to ruin his career, to Ray Rice, Carter continues making the rounds to all of the sports talk shows to eviscerate the character of any Black NFL player who makes a mistake, saying all the things the White analyst want to say, but usually can’t because they may be called racist.  Not that this really stops most of them, anyway.

So a video is making the rounds showing Carter at the NFL’s annual rookie symposium telling the rookies: “Just in case yaw not gone decide to do the right thing, yaw’ll got a crew . . . have a ‘fall guy’ in the crew.”

Yup! Yaw should have known Carter, a former drug addict who has taken on a “holier than thou” persona […] Continue Reading…

Video Of Cosby On Black History, Motivation For Set Up? Sinbad Said Cos Was Disliked — Too Powerful

Baltimore’s Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake Must Keep ‘Cleaning House’ And Bring In New Cops

By Walter L. Hilliard III

So, unfortunately, Baltimore’s murder rate has spiked at 43 for the month of July, the highest number since 1972 when there were 45 homicides, according to the Baltimore Sun.  There have been 187 deaths in the city through July of this year, up from 119 as of this time last July.  And according to 32 pharmacies in the city, 300,000 doses of opiates were stolen during the rioting.  Some believe these drugs have emboldened addicts, and the perception or reality of a lack of police presence has motivated gangs to flex their muscles with one another.

What’s going on here?

What’s going on is Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is being “hung out to dry” by angry cops and a White power structure — politicians, business owners, and the power elite, you know, the folks with the money who really run all cities, states, and our federal government.

And down Rawlings-Blake will go because the people of Baltimore have mixed feelings about her.  She hurt her image with Blacks when she called the protestors and rioters “thugs,” but she may have helped herself when she fired the Black Police Chief Anthony Batts, which she should have done.  He was being […] Continue Reading…