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Obama Gives Romney A Beatdown

Obama Wins!

Well, for whatever it’s worth – I called it, Barack Obama won, getting 303 electoral votes (needed 270) to Mitt Romney’s 206.  Even though I don’t believe the race should have been as close as it was – and it was only close because of race; minorities stayed away from Romney in droves – the fact that the Republicans were primarily responsible for tanking the economy in 2008, as well as their indifference towards minority groups and women, really hurt the Republican cause.

So the RepubliCons went down in flames and their Voter ID push, and other obstacles, didn’t work.

In regards to battleground states, , although the race was close in all, Obama won Virginia, Florida, Ohio, new Hampshire, Colorado, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Nevada, only losing N. Carolina 50.6 % to 48.4 %.

The old school guard, Donald Trump, called the election a “travesty” and a “sham” because Barack Obama whipped his guy, Mitt Romney.  Funny.

And showing her determination, a young Black mother, with contractions five minutes apart, rushed into her voting center to vote, then returned to her car and drove herself off to the hospital (uhmmmm . . . where’s Poppa Bear?; never mind).  She said she wanted to set an example for her unborn daughter.

Republicans are going to have to redefine and/or overhaul their party by facing their racial demons, at least to the point that they can sincerely work with minorities to bring minority voters into their party.  Latinos are the group they may have their eye on, but Florida’s Senator Marco Rubio, for example, is not enough and doesn’t appear to really relate well to the diverse Latino population outside of Florida’s “White” Cubans (at least they see themselves as such).  In fact, a Media-Latino Decisions poll says Obama won 75 percent of the Latino vote.  Other polls show the president received 70 to 79 percent Latino vote support, depending on what your looking at.

I’m no Obama fan, but I’ve always said choosing him is better than Romney running the country.  But what’s intriguing is that in 2012, why is it that Black interest still have to ride in the back of the Country Bus?  Why is ignoring Black people’s problems, while acknowledging gays, conservatives, women, Hispanics, and others, a winning proposition?  Or is it?  We don’t know because Obama never acknowledges us; and he only acknowledged Trayvon Martin after outrage started building and guilt slowly entered into his consciousness.

So my question is: will Obama do something about the Black-on-Black violence in these cities (send in the National Guard), our double and triple unemployment, as well as 50 percent of our teens being unemployed, the million Black men in prison (and high Black female population), and the 28 percent Black poverty rate

Or maybe he’s even more entrenched in his mindset to ignore the issue of Race?  And if Black people lack the common sense to demand better — giving Obama 96 percent of their vote — then they shall not have better.  Too bad for our children.  You’d think we’d be better role models after 500 years.