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Ann Coulter ‘Liberals Treat Blacks Like Children’

Well, well, now.


Conservative blabber mouth Anne Coulter, appearing on ABC’s “This Week,” finally said something sensible when she said that gays, immigrants, feminist, and even the homeless have basically hijacked Black’s Civil Rights Movement and that America owes Blacks because of slavery, but owes nothing to these other groups.  Because the US has a history of slavery and Jim Crow laws,  “Civil Rights are for Blacks,” said Coulter.   She added that “Civil Rights are not immigrant rights.”  Coulter was also right when she said democrats have “treated Blacks like children.”  And that “democrats are dropping the Blacks and moving on to the Hispanics.”


Well, duhhhh, but what she said is news for most Americans because they’ve ignored or have been indifferent to the plight of Black people  — racism, poverty, mass incarceration — since slavery.


The problem is Ann is just playing games with folks minds because we all know she doesn’t give a damn about Black people.  She could actually publish a book with the insults she’s levied at Blacks over the years.


I will be evaluating this issue in depth in an upcoming article, but the bottom line is that being Black is not even comparable to being gay because Black people cannot hide their skin color like gays can hide their sexuality; thus, having Black skin makes one immediately identifiable and a target of racial discrimination, including being harassed or even killed by the police for a mere traffic stop, or denied a bank loan or apartment.  When your Black face leaves your doorstep in the morning and goes out into the world, you have to put up with constant overt and covert discrimination because of your race.


Don’t ask me, examine the stats and the facts, watch the evening news, listen to the stories, replay the Rodney King tape.


It is what it is.