I Knew O.J. Wasn’t A Killer, But Fuhrman Still Trying To Frame Him

I Told You OJ Didn’t Do It!

And so racist cop Mark Fuhrman, a convicted felon and liar, on Fox News, but of course, is first out of the gate to negate a new story that a serial killer killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

Clay Rogers, the brother of now captured serial killer Glen Rogers, is part of the Investigation Discovery network’s “My Brother The Serial Killer,” a film in which discloses that his brother bragged that he was going to “take her down,” referring to Nicole.   Clay says that Glen told him O.J. paid him to steal a $20,000 pair of earrings he had given Nicole and to “kill the bitch” if necessary.

But I’m wondering why does a racist like Fuhrman gets book deals and so much TV Time?  And he had the nerve to call the Investigation Discovery network the “Clueless Channel” for airing the story about the serial killer.  Not to mention that Fuhrman’s opinion about the film, discounting the serial killer’s story, mentioned things like the blood and socks, evidence he was accused of planting.  He sounded like he was recounting all the things he did to frame OJ.

“As a nation, are we this stupid that we fall for these media blitzes and this attraction…that we fall for this…stale crime,” says Fuhrman.

I say:   “Liar!  Liar, pants on Fire!”  Fuhrman was proven to have called all Black people Niggers and talked about beating Nigger gang members in alleys.

Rodgers, on death row in Florida, claims he’s killed as many as 70 people, and provided receipts to police at the time of the murders, having been caught for another two murders.  Rodgers was working on a house next door to Nichole’s, partied with Nicole, and claims to even have walked through Nicole’s house to put together an estimate.  A criminal profiler says Rogers knows things about the murder that, including the sequence, only those close to the case would know.

The only thing that bothers me is that O.J., although I don’t think he really wanted Nicole killed, may have hired this deadbeat to enter and steal from Nicole.  But word from the cell block is that O.J. is pretty happy about the new movie.

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