Morehouse, Launching A LGBT Course, Really? These Ni%*$#* Have Gone Mad

By Walter L. Hilliard III –

So, we can’t even get Black History taught on an significant level in our schools and colleges, but we’re okay with LGBT classes?

To most, Black men are threatening for no other reason than their skin color.  Poor Black men are a threat to rob you and educated Black men are a threat on the job because they don’t fit the stereotype and must also be put in their place – their being educated and assertive is threatening to even Black people.


So, first of all when did it become a problem to be heterosexual?  And why are Black people not asking the question of why we are allowing the mainstream, as well as some Black men and women, to “turn out” our young boys and girls?  Why are we not asking why some of our young Black boys are taking on effeminate characteristics?  Why don’t we care?  Why aren’t we asking why our young girls are cutting off their hair, putting on baggy pants, and acting like boys?  Yes, why are we letting the mainstream, who would love nothing better than to see our demise and annihilation, glamorize our boys and girls switching gender roles?  I mean, if I see one more gay Black hairdresser, dancer, or assistant on TV I’m going to go crazy.


So the Effeminatization of the Black Male Train is at top speed with Obama supporting gay marriage, Ben Jealous calling Black people homophobes, and the Huffington Post and other media outlets hustling in an avalanche of gay Black columnist and stories.


Sometimes I want to give up on Black people, and I always try to watch the name-calling because I get so angry, sometimes.  Thus, my anger at Morehouse College.


I mean, what and why would some Negro Morehouse Administrator, college president or otherwise, come up with such an idea?


Apparently, Morehouse Safespace coordinator Marcus Lee partnered with Yale’s Jafari S. Allen to create the LGBT course and they were assisted with the launch by the Sociology Chair’s Michael Hodge.  So this is what older Black men have to offer young Black boys?  Why does Morehouse allow these kind of role models to teach young Black boys LGBT courses on their campus?  If I were an educated bank robber, should I also be allowed to teach courses on how to rob banks?  Where does it all end?


From reality shows highlighting gay Black men to the prison industrial complex targeting Black men to the gay police bullying Black athletes and entertainers to apologize – mainstream America, out of its conscious and unconscious fear of Black men, is rapidly teaching our young boys to change their sexuality.  And Black leadership, playing politics and the money game, is handing over our sexuality as fast as they can, including the Obama’s, Sharpton’s, Dyson’s, Harris-Perry’s, Jealous’, and others.


Our leaders are hucksters and traitors.  They could care less if our boys become girls and nary another Black child ever be born again as they laugh their way to the bank, smile their big watermelon smiles on MSNBC, and get their pats on the head from their mainstream plantation owners and producers.

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