Don Lemon Says Al Sharpton ‘Is Not My Leader’


Don Lemon, Laura IngrahamBy Walter L. Hilliard III –


Why would Don Lemon, the light-skinned, “always criticizing Black people” Media Social Climber go on a conservative talk show and trash Al Sharpton?


Well, because he’s a Media Social Climber, stupid!


So Lemon, on conservative Laura Ingraham’s radio talk show, runs off at the mouth and says, “Many people think that African-Americans are monolithic and they speak with one voice and that there is one leader . . . I have nothing against Al Sharpton, I have no beef with him, but I don’t agree with everything that comes out of Al Sharpton’s mouth and Al Sharpton is not my leader.”


So, Lemon’s playing the ol’ “Black people are not monolithic” Card. However, isn’t the reality that we’re all Black, all were enslaved, all continue to be racially profiled by the police, banks, and everybody else – so why in the hell is it so difficult to agree that: “Hey! Get your damn foot off of our neck!”   That’s Commonsense Monolithic!  Lemon’s comment is a feeble-minded “White people gon’ get us” type of answer that Black people who have “Assimilation Flu” give, taught to them by the mainstream to make them feel like they have a shot at actually being “accepted” by Whites.


Thus, Lemon is a damn Wannabe!


Now, let’s get this straight, I’m no Sharpton fan. In fact, I probably despise Sharpton more than anyone except, maybe, Lemon, because he totally sold out Black people for an Uncle Tom president, Barack Obama, who does for everyone, except Black people.


But I will say this, at least Sharpton has done something for Black people – Lemon just showed up gay at CNN and got a job because of his sexuality, not his talent, obviously, and then got him a White boyfriend, kind of like a Black man becomes successful and gets him a White woman . . . uhhh, I guess that’s what he thought he was doing?  Also know that CNN loves him because he’s everything they want in a Black man, a non-threatening homosexual with a White boyfriend who will put him in his place if he gets out control.


I mean, are you realizing what’s going on in the media — that White men and women are so threatened by Black men, especially angry Black men, that they would send out an army of gay Black men as analyst, hosts, and guests.  Just watch MSNBC and CNN and you’ll clearly see what I mean.






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